Come On Feel The Noise

Lucy had her 10th birthday party this weekend.



Whew. Sorry about all of the yelling. My ears have not adjusted back to normal living after surviving two hours of what was essentially a preteen rave.

Oh yeah, baby…Lucy had a disco/dance party to ring in her years in the double digits. It was an all-out bash for the big 1-0!

It was something else.


Seriously, if you think it’s loud when you walk by Abercrombie & Fitch at the mall, you would not believe the amount of noise that 22 girls make when they are dancing to Daft Punk.

The girls all grabbed their best sequined mini skirts and got ready to boogie down! [Note: preteens will not know what you are talking about when you ask them if they are ready to “boogie down”. They will just smile and look sad for you.]

We danced the night awayΒ (well, okay…the afternoon. They *are* only ten)Β . The disco ball had us seeing stars and the fog machine helped obscure the fact that the girls’ hair was sprayed electric colors. I’m sure their mothers were thrilled about that.

Disco Par-TayDo you know what a preteen finds more embarrassing than her mother throwing down with some wicked dance moves under the glittery light of the massive disco ball? NOTHING, that’s what. Sorry, Lucy. When Lady Gaga comes on, I’m powerless to resist.

Before we knew it, it was time for refreshments. We replenished with some delicious carbs in the form of chocolate cake and rehydrated with water and juice boxes. We needed sustenance for the second round of the Cupid Shuffle.

Blowing out the BIG Candle

Yeah, the firecracker candle is a toughie.

Here’s proof that fun was had by all! (except our eardrums, of course):

This video took exactly 52 seconds to make (I actually timed myself) using a free new app called Magisto. I made it on my phone before I even left the party! (You can also use the website on your computer at if you’re like Ashley and have a flip phone.) You just pick the photos and videos you want to use, decide on the editing style you like, select the music and… BAM. Magisto does the rest! They even send you an email when they’ve finished creating your video. (That took about 5 minutes). Pretty snazzy for 52 seconds of work while I was waiting for my husband to pull the car around, amiright?!!

I really hope Lucy opts for the disco rave next year, too. I’m already practicing my cabbage patch, so I’ll be in top form when the time comes.Β 

Magisto will be at BlogHer PRO ’13 October 22-23. Visit their space at the conference to learn more. This video was made as part of a sponsored program for BlogHer and Magisto. All opinions on how easy Magisto is to use as well as all references to hearing loss are strictly our own. I SAID… ALL REFERENCES TO HEARNING LOSS ARE–oh, never mind.


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  1. This is like totes cool!!! wait I’m not allowed to talk like that right b/c I’m a momma, doggone it…. well ssssssshhhh don’t tell ’em. I love the video. MacKensie turns 10 in December, ideas ideas… πŸ™‚ awesome post & Happy bday, Lucy. (BTW- what’s the cabbage patch? y’all teach me that & I will show basic clogging steps- see…power of dance step swapping!)

  2. That looked like every 10 year-olds dream come true! Nice job mama!!! I said NICE JOB MAMA!! I also am in desperate need of a video app like that. You rock sister.

    • Thanks, Allie….I SAID, THANKS ALLIE! πŸ˜€
      We had a fun afternoon, and making the video was a snap. I couldn’t believe how quickly I was able to do it! I’ll do them for all our little outings now!

  3. That’s awesome! I am totally going to check that out. I don’t make many videos because of the pain it is…and I need to make more. Thanks for sharing! Sorry about your hearing loss….and kuddos to you for getting your “boogie” on!

    • I’ve spent hours editing video footage and having photos spin in from the side and fade out, etc. I love doing stuff like that, but it takes so long I don’t do it often. Now, this app does all the hard work for you and you just sit back and enjoy. It’s so much fun!

  4. What an awesome way to celebrate the big 1-0! Love the video too. Will definitely check it out. I need to capture some of my girls finest dance parties. My 18 m/o can already shake it like a Polaroid picture and big sister has some serious moves too. No idea where they get it from. Defnitely not me!

    • They are my kind of girls, Nicole! I’ve been known to settle my kids’ arguments via a Dance Off. That’s just how I roll.

  5. First off, Happy Birthday to Lucy!! This party looked like so much fun and I definitely cannot resist Lady Gaga either! Thank you for sharing this app here and so going to look into it, too!! πŸ™‚

    • When “Applause” comes on my shoulder just start shimming. It’s totally involuntary much to Lucy’s chagrin! (She doesn’t mind rocking out with me in the privacy of our home, but she draws the line at a public display of mom dancing)

  6. Most awesome 10-year-old birthday bash ever! Can I enlist you in party-planning assistance when the time comes? Lucy looks like she had so much fun. Girl after my own heart!

    • You’ve got it, Bev! But something tells me with all of your creativity, you won’t be needing any help at all! πŸ˜€

    • That’s the spirit, Karen!! While I’m always on Team Dino, in this case I am totally Team Mom Dancing! πŸ˜€

    • It was great, Deirdre! I think the bakery did a great job on the cake. You can’t really see well from the picture, but the disco ball was very glittery. It was awesome!

    • Hahahaha. We moms have got to make sure to pass along our tips and tricks about the lingo the kids use today. If we don’t help each other out, nobody will. πŸ˜€

    • I am locked and in and ready to go, Melinda. I’ve been through it with Bobby, but something tells me that the mood swing of a preteen girl is another animal altogether. YIKES!! πŸ˜€

    • It mixes up the videos and text…swirls things in and out….all sorts of cool stuff. They have several different editing styles to choose from, too. It makes a cute video for basically no effort at all on your part except making a few clicks!

    • Thanks, Kita!! We had to celebrate the decade in a way that was worthy!! Sequins and glitter were not optional! πŸ˜€

  7. That looks like an awesome party! And I was going to ask if that was a firecracker on her cake. Did she ever get it blown out, or did she just wait until the icing snuffed it out?

    • It was a firecracker candle, Kristen!! And you are right…you can’t blow that one out, you just have to wait until it extinguishes itself! That took about 30 seconds!! The party place supplied it and we had no idea what was going to happen. That was the brightest “one to grow on” candle we’ve ever had!! πŸ™‚

  8. Good party! I hope she wants to do it again next year, because otherwise it would be hard to top that. Like the disco ball on the cake and really like the fireworks candle.

    • I hope she does too, or all of my practicing for next year’s line dances will be for naught. That would be a crying shame, John!! πŸ˜€

  9. You are the BEST MOM ever! What an awesome party and the girls all looked like they had so much fun. Your daughter will never forget her 10th birthday. What are you going to do to top it when she becomes a TEENAGER! ACK!!

    • Hahahaha. We may just have to lay low and bide out time until it’s the Sweet 16th. Ashley and I already have plans of doing a joint party for Lucy and Emma then since their birthdays are a month a part. I’m quite sure glitter will be involved. πŸ™‚

    • Since my entire existence is embarrassing (according to my teen, anyway) I may as well enjoy myself by dancing!! The kids need *something* to tell their future therapists, after all! πŸ˜€

    • BENETTON SWEATERS!!! (that wasn’t even yelling…that was just excitement!!) Hahahahaha. YES!!!!!
      I will tell you, one adorable girl came to the party with fully crimped hair. It was the BEST! I think my over-enthusiastic compliments about it freaked her out a bit. (Or maybe that was just my dancing).

  10. Happy Birthday to Lucy! Looks like you all had a blast! πŸ™‚ I’ve already got 1 in the double digits (turned 11 this year) and 1 turning 10 next year…where does time go… *sigh*

    • I know!! My littlest “baby” is now 10! How did that happen?:) Well, at least I got to get my groove on! πŸ˜€

  11. Oh that girl is just SOOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!! That smile… ahhh….

    I WANT TO COME TO THE NEXT PAR-TAY!!! You and I can totally dance the hustle and the sprinkler and hammer dance!!! Oh, Lucy would just LOVE for me to be there, I just KNOW it!!!

    I will totally wear the sparkly mini-skirt too. I’ll find one… do you think they might have that in the older women’s section at Kohls? I will MAKE her party a HIT. Let me talk to her… πŸ˜‰

    • Chris, consider this your official invitation to the next PAR-TAY!! Whoo Hoo!!
      We will all don matching minis. Surely we can find something at Coldwater Creek, right? We will just have to bedazzle our own culottes if it comes to that. ALL the kids will be thrilled!! πŸ˜€

  12. Holy wow! Thanks for the mini lesson on magisto app–I am DEFINITELY going to check that out! I need things that give a lot of help because I love all that stuff and have no idea how any of it works! I still am trying to understand photoshop. Lol. Your daughter’s party looked so fun and I was oogling over the cake–how did they do that disco ball? Was it made of cake? They did an amazing job. Way to go on a super stellar party! I’d be so thrilled if I were Lucy! Great great job and wonderful ideas. See, pinterest should be taking lessons here. Boogie down, Mama!

    • Aw thanks, Karen! πŸ™‚
      Definitely check out Magisto! It’s super easy and it does all the work for you! Fun!
      The glitter silver part of the disco ball was fondant and there was rice crispy treat under that to give it the shape. I thought they did a good job with it! (and most importantly, it tasted good!)

    • Hahahahahahaha! Bobby already has a policy about that for middle school. He told me that any dance I volunteered for would be a dance he would skip. I can respect that! πŸ˜€ (so I just sign up for refreshments!)

    • Somehow her young little ears escaped unscathed! It was like the Justin Bieber concert all over again. I think these things are just not meant for old ladies! πŸ™‚

    • Oh, you nailed it! Lucy and her crew are BIG TIME squealers. It’s INTENSE! I don’t think I squealed either. My mom would have put the kibosh on that. πŸ˜€

  13. You are the coolest MOM ever!!! What an amazing party – I love how happy Lucy looks in all the pictures.
    The video is awesome but I’m pretty sure it is way above my level – maybe if I play around with it I could get a picture and video together – or I could just hand the phone to one of my boys and let them take over!

    • Aw! Thanks, Kim. I do have to say, Lucy had a great day. πŸ™‚

      Magisto is super easy, Kim. You could totally do it. You just pick the photos and videos you want to use and that’s it. You don’t have to do anything technical. It does the whole thing. (But handing it over to the boys is ALWAYS a good idea!!)

    • Oh, we get SO uncool SO quickly, don’t we Stephanie?! We seem all normal but then BAM…we are a severe embarrassment. Who knew?!

  14. You have created a real treasure of a memory for your daughter and you. I do wish this was around when my guys were turning ten. So cool. Love the party idea too. The “away from homes” are the best – easy on the prep and easy on the clean up! I SAID EASY ON THE PREP AND EASY ON THE CLEAN UP …
    love it.

    • Hahahahahahaha. YES!!! I’m with you. The “away from home” kind of party is the greatest!! I don’t have to stress about cleaning my house and there is no clean up at all. That’s a total win!

    • I can’t wait, Tamara! We will have a BIG shindig! Obviously Doctor Who will have to be represented. It will be EPIC!!! πŸ˜€

  15. What a super fun party! Oh how I love actual disco.You know, the 70s stuff I’m sure was not played at Lucy’s party. It looks like an incredible time. Makes me miss those days. Sniff.

    One last thing….

    Girls rock your boys!

      • Hahahahahahahaha. Yes! I knew what you meant! You’re right, they didn’t play any of the old songs, but that would have been awesome!! Plus I could have shown them how to do The Hustle! πŸ™‚

  16. Happy birthday to Lucy! Looks like a fun party…disco ball, neon hair and all. (And if shipping wine between states was legal I’d send you a couple cases…you’ll likely need them over the next decade!)

  17. Happy 10th birthday to your sweet Lucy! She and Emma and the rest of them look adorable! I will have to tell my almost 10 year old about Magisto! She is the videographer in the family! When you give a kid a smart phone….

    • Thanks, Ilene!! DEFINITELY tell your daughter about Magisto. She will love it! It’s perfect for the smart phone because all of your videos and photos are right there and BAM…they make you a cute edited video without really having to do anything!! πŸ™‚

  18. Ha! I was halfway through the video wondering what program you used so thanks for posting that…I’m going to visit them for sure. Looks like a great party and those dimples – oh my goodness the girls are cuties!

  19. I thought I commented on this but it must not have gone through. First, Happy Birthday, Lucy! Second, Belle can never see this post. I cannot get a birthday party in for her. Between our schedule and the mean girl brigade, it is near impossible. Lucy is so lucky!

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