Would You Rather: Listen To Where The Streets Have No Name Or Beautiful Day?

I think we can all agree that as far as iconic bands go, U2 totally ranks in the top 5.

I would be willing to say even the top 2, but I feel like that could possibly offend The Rolling Stones, so I’ll say top 5 and avoid Mick Jagger’s rage.



I was driving Team BFF (that would Emma and Lucy for those playing along at home) to a birthday party recently, and we were listening to my ancient (seriously, y’all, it is like the test version of the original) green iPod when Bono’s melodic voice began to come through the speakers.

Lucy and Emma very innocently asked “Who is that singing?”

SSSSSCCCCCRRRRREEEECCCCCHHHHHH went my car tires as I slammed on the brakes and veered into the nearest empty parking lot.

This was a conversation that could not occur while attempting to operate a motor vehicle, OBVIOUSLY.

I explained to them the gift to music that is U2 and then we spent the rest of the car trip listening to the entire collection. They kept asking if we could turn on the radio, but I kept at it, so they could be properly exposed and fall in love like I did so many years ago. For some reason, they both suggested that maybe Miss Lisa could be the one to pick them up from the party…I guess they didn’t realize I hadn’t even gotten to the “B sides” yet.

After I relayed this story to my own Team BFF Dose Girl (that would be Lisa for those of you playing along at home), we agreed that anyone who is not a fan of U2 must not have ears. We then took a trip down memory lane talking about the songs we love. Spoiler alert: It is ALL the songs, by the way.

We decided that instead of just asking our Dose Peeps whether they would rather listen to U2 or rock themselves to sleep every night in a corner (because the answer is totally obvious…listen to U2, of course), we would narrow down the song choices for you.

We went back and forth on this one a lot y’all. It involved many phone calls very important blog meetings and a lot of listening to samples of the band’s greatest hits on their Wikipedia page. We finally narrowed it down to the two choices.

So, without further ado…

Would you rather listen to Where The Streets Have No Name


Beautiful Day?

We know the answer is both. We get it. But just pretend for a minute you *had* to choose. Your ancient iPod could only hold one song. Which one of these would you pick?





Would You Rather: Listen To Where The Streets Have No Name Or Beautiful Day? — 85 Comments

  1. Where the Streets Have No Name – hands down!!! I absolutely love U2 (like any human being on the planet!) and have such great adolescent and teen memories of listening to their songs. The video for “Streets” was one of the best ever. I remember thinking how lucky those people were to have seen U2 singing from a rooftop!
    Obviously the boys need to hear some U2 ASAP!!!

    • You need to start them on a steady U2 diet right away Allie…don’t let them suffer like our girls did!
      The video is also one of my all-time favorites as well!! Love it! πŸ™‚

  2. Ugh. Really. You’re making me pick between the two of them? I sort of feel like this is asking me which one of my children I love more. Unfair! Of course I love them both equally! If you are making me choose, which you clearly are, I’ll pick Where The Streets Have No Name because dude…VINTAGE.

    • HA HA HA NJ! You totally made me laugh out loud with this comment and inspired my FB teaser, too! πŸ™‚ And I agree. Vintage. No question.

  3. We are both (my husband and I) huge U2 fans and this one is a tough choice. Love both songs, but I guess I would choose Where the Streets Have No Name if I indeed had to choose, but seriously just felt a bit older hearing that your girls didn’t know of this group nor did they even really like them when they did find out who they were!

    • It was pretty depressing Janine, I won’t lie. Lisa and I both felt like we had probably failed somewhere along the way.

  4. My all-time favorite U2 songs are One and With or Without You. I fondly remember long trips in a youth group van belting out With or Without You at the top of my lungs. Badly. Very badly. If I had to pick between these two, I’d go with Streets. But it was a close call! And my daughters WILL be indoctrinated into the house of U2!

  5. Ug, you remind me of my college roommate who also wanted to “educate” me on the greatness of U2. She knew all the songs by heart, so she would just sing them (while clutching her Sun Studios drum sticks) without the tape deck.

  6. Where the Streets have no name definitely! U2 is definitely one of those bands that will span the test of time…loved them back then and still love all those old songs today!

  7. Between the two, ‘Streets Have No Name’. But if I had to take one U2 song to a deserted island, it would be ‘One’. Every time I hear them play it live, I weep uncontrollably. The story of how that song was brought to life is in the documentary ‘From The Sky Down’. I urge you to buy or rent it.
    And I agree, the top three concerts I attended were all U2… ZooTV at Yankee Stadium, Madison Square Garden one month aftet after September 11th, 360 Tour at Heinz Field, Pittsburgh.

    • One is an incredible song Dwayne. We wholeheartedly agree with you. Super jealous that you have seen them live 3 times…they are my dream concert!!

  8. Beautiful Day! I love U2! I grew up off of these. (Of course, I was weird black girl) LOL! I was also an imaginary member of the band. You didn’t see me in the videos?

    • That was you?? I have been wondering who that was! You are SO LUCKY! Tell us, seriously, is Bono just smokin’ hot in real life?! πŸ˜‰

    • So that was you! I was the lone black guy at that show. I tried to wave at you but you didn’t see me…

  9. I can say I had reasonably close seats to see them in concert once – and free tickets too since I went with a friend who at the time was a music reviewer for the local paper! Either song will work but my all time absolute faves are…drum roll…With or Without You and In The Name of Love. Ahhhhhhh Bono.

  10. Tough, because I always loved Beautiful Day and it always reminds me of my ex-boyfriend. Oh wait. He was a turd. Where The Streets Have No Name, definitely! I like its epic movie quality that has me all riled up and thinking I can do awesome things.

  11. Geez. This really is hard! I think I would have to go with Where The Streets Have No Name. Listening to U2 brings back a lot of good memories for me because my father loved U2. I hear them singing, and I think of him.

  12. I would have to go with Streets. U2 is a great band, glad you are exposing the girls to good (non-Taylor Swift/Justin Bieber/One Direction) music. Maybe you can sneak some Rolling Stones in.

    • Robert gives them all the Rolling Stones exposure they need! πŸ˜‰ I need to stick with U2 and Dave Matthews Band types!

  13. Can’t really answer the question but want to tell you I like the picture of your i-pod. Takes a licking and keeps on ticking.
    I also like that you didn’t turn on the radio for them. Your parents did it to you so its only fair you do it to Emma and Lucy.

  14. Beautiful Day..hands down if I had to choose 1 but I love both of them.

    Do you guys like REM? Or am I the only one that enjoys them?
    Shiny Happy People holding hands…come on!


    • Love REM. One of my best friends in college named his car Stipe. He was a super fan! Losing My Religion is my very favorite REM song!

  15. “Beautiful Day” fo’ sho. However, my other favorite songs are “(Pride) In The Name Of Love,” “Walk On,” and “Mysterious Ways.” And “All I Want Is You.” And the best version of “One” ever is the one they did with Mary J. Blige. Holy smokes, it is gorgeous.

    • Yes times a million to all the ones you listed here. I listen to Mysterious Ways all the time! I don’t think I have heard that version of One, but I am going to find it right now! πŸ™‚

  16. Okay, I will answer Where the Streets Have No Name to follow the rules but truthfully, The Sweetest Thing is my all-time favorite U2 song. Sexiest song ever: All I Want is You.

  17. My college roommate was OBSESSED with U2. Ski had actually never heard of them until living with her, but trust me, I was schooled.

    I’ve got to vote for “Beautiful Day” here.

    • Oh, I would imagine you were! πŸ˜‰ Hopefully not by having her sing out loud to you like Denise’s roommate did! πŸ˜‰

    • All devices capable of playing music must have U2 on them! πŸ™‚
      Beautiful Day is really moving up in the vote count!

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  19. U2 is absolutely classic. I’m going to have to make sure that my kids know who they are. (Which shouldn’t be too hard, the 4-year old already loves the Talking Heads). I mean, really, β€œAll I Want is You” is such a classic heartthrob song. But if I’m choosing between these two, it’ll have to be β€œBeautiful Day”. I love how upbeat and happy it is. Sometimes you just need that, you know?

  20. OMG, NO!!! This has raised a near-existential-crisis with me. Seriously. How can you do this to me? I mean, it seems obvious that I would pick Where the Streets Have No Name, duh. I am a total nostalgia junkie, and it transports me to my youth. But then… Beautiful Day is my total pick-me-up song for when I’m grumpy. Which, um, is often. If you’d said With or Without You, I’d have a clear winner. But you didn’t so… the winner is… (sob) Beautiful Day!

    • HA HA HA Stephanie!! Love that we gave you so much angst over this one! There may be a future WYR for U2 ballads, which will clearly prove easier for you! πŸ˜‰

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