We Have A “Cat”astrophe On Our Hands

In a moment of mothering weakness, it is possible that one of the Dose Girls (Ashley) may have promised her children that she would consider adding a pet to the family for Christmas.

Of course, the other Dose Girl (Lisa) thinks this is a fantastic idea. After all, why should she be the only one to be aggravated able to experience the joy that comes from having an animal shed all its fur all over the place?

After much discussion about what particular pet may be the best for our family (and vetoing Lisa’s helpful suggestions of a pot-belly pig or a pygmy goat), a cat seemed to be the most logical choice.

Until, that is, we read a certain blog post by our amazing friend Stacey at Nurse Mommy Laughs. Stacey makes us laugh on a daily basis with her fantastic blog. Because of a certain, little book we all happen to be in together, we have actually gotten to know Stacey really well in the blogosphere. She is everything that is wonderful about blogging. Kind, generous, supportive and an all-around fantastic person!

So, Stacey, fell victim to smiling children who beg and plead that everyone should have a pet. She caved and promised her adorable girls a kitten of their very own.

She wound up with two, because of course who can possibly resist the fluff balls of furry cuteness that await you at the animal shelter.

What happened next is the stuff of urban legends, y’all. Except every single word of it is true. After Ashley read this blog post, she immediately called Lisa to read it to her. Together, we cried with laughter and also immediately decided that we MUST share it with our Dose Peeps!

Here is just a quick peak at the goodness you have in store for you…

I have discovered a trait of mine that is not flattering. Shocking, I know.

Whenever a child of mine falls ill, I end up allowing them to eat junk food, and with that said – most of the wicked, wicked comfort food makes it into MY mouth before it hits their sick tray. Why if I know I’m doing this, don’t I stop?! Let me open up a box of Wheat Thins and ponder that…

We know you cannot wait to click over for yourselves and read the rest of her hilarity, so without further ado…


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