How Are We Going To Keep Our HolidayZen This Season?

The holiday season is officially upon us. And it is our official goal this year to keep ourselves organized and stress-free.

Fine. That is probably like wishing for Santa to bring us a unicorn or something.

We really just want to get through this month without rocking in the corner and crying about how hard it is to get everything done.

We are starting that process on Wednesday, December 4th with a special Twitter party we are co-hosting on behalf of The Motherhood for the #HolidayZen campaign.

We will be talking about everything from holiday activities that stress you out to ways that you can spend quality time with your children during this busy season.

Here are the details

What: Research shows that the average American spends 42 hours on holiday activities at this time of year. In the midst of traveling, decorating, buying gifts, and hosting and attending holiday parties, it can be a challenge to find a few relaxing moments to yourself.

Join us for a Twitter party sponsored by The Century Council and its Talk Early program, a leader in the fight against underage drinking, to share suggestions for slowing down, managing holiday stress and finding holiday zen this season.

When: Wednesday, December 4, at 1p ET / 12p CT / 10a PT

Where: We’ll be on Twitter – follow the #HolidayZen hashtag to track the conversation. More details here:

Hashtag: #HolidayZen

Prizes: We will randomly award five prizes throughout the party, from all eligible correct responses to trivia questions. Each prize includes a $50 VISA gift card. (No purchase necessary. Entrants must be legal residents of the 50 United States + D.C. 18 years of age or older. Void where prohibited.)

Hosts: @TalkEarly, @theMotherhood, @theMotherhood25, @CooperMunroe, @EmilyMcKhann

TwitterPartyPostImageWe would LOVE to see all our Dose Peeps joining in on the conversation!

 This is a Twitter party sponsored by The Century Council and its Talk Early program, but all opinions and references to rocking in the corner and crying over how hard the holiday season is are our own.


How Are We Going To Keep Our HolidayZen This Season? — 74 Comments

  1. Ohhhh, I really hope I can join! This would be my first Twitter party, and what better way to rock in the holidays than with the Dose Girls & Dose Peeps!! As for finding holiday zen, I like to get out for some cold weather runs to help relieve my stress. Works like a charm and helps offset the copious amounts of Christmas cookies I inhale every year!

    • Since we LOVE being part of your firsts, we are *really* hoping that you can make it, Nicole.
      Exercise is a great way to increase holiday zen!! (you would know about that better than we do!)

  2. Isn’t it crazy, when you think about it, that a time that is supposed to be enjoyable and about celebrations and family, is so full of stress? Eve and I will try to stop by for the twitter fun on Wednesday!

    • It really is. We’re supposed to be enjoying being with friends and family and we’re all a stressed out mess! It’s not right! We’ve got to take back the zen!

  3. Aw man, this Wednesday is story time at the library! BOO! We don’t usually finish up until 11:45am CST and then head out for lunch. . . .maybe I can bribe the kiddo to leave early so I can participate in the twitter chat! LOL! Seriously. . .I might do it! 😉 This really sounds fun and I need all the ZEN advice and inspiration I can get!

    • We all need some zen this time of year!! You are *so* right!! We hope you can make it, but if not…rock on story time!! 🙂

  4. What a fantastic idea! I have circled it on my calendar and shall definitely pop in for a tweet or ten. Will there be eggnog? While I won’t be in the mix for a prize as I am Canadian and living in Canada I shall be beyond delighted to attend. Looking forward to a Dose of tips for less stress. See you there!

    • Yay!! It wouldn’t be a twitter party with out Kelly!! (and rats on the not being able to win a prize. We will have to make it worth your while by making sure you get tips to bliss you out for the whole holiday!!)

  5. I have it on my calendar, but Del is off and that is the same week we are closing on my house. So, I don’t know for sure that I’ll be able to take part in it. However, I want to be for sure because I love Twitter parties!

  6. Bummer, I will miss the party! Instead I will be at the outlet mall with my friend and her daughter trying to finish our Christmas shopping. I will need all the zen I can get so I will try to telepathically tune in to your party from the J Crew Factory Store. Have fun!!

    • We will be sending you zen vibes for sure, Mo!! (and did you say FINISHING your shopping?!? I haven’t even started!! Now you know why I need more zen!!)

  7. Sounds fun gals especially the rocking in a corner whining about how hard Christmas is. I’m with you on that one 🙂 I will actually be at a holiday related event during that time. I’ll have to check out all of your #HolidaZen tweets because I sure could use some.

    • Yes!! When you’re free you can go back to see the tweets! We could all use a little more blissful zen during all the hustle and bustle!!

  8. You girls and the awesome stuff you do sometimes make me wish I was a mom too…so that I can join in you know. Also notice I said sometimes. Yea. Not right now because I haven’t had my morning coffee yet and I can’t handle the thought of being a parent.
    But hey! Sounds fun. Enjoy! 🙂

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