Turns Out The Internet Will Survive Without Me

Heading into the holidays, I remember thinking that I just needed a break. I needed to relax and spend the day in my jammies without worrying about status updates or retweets. I got my wish. Granted, it came in a flu-like haze of aches and sleeping for hours on end. There was a day in there somewhere that I am pretty sure Emma made all of her own meals and probably Abby’s meals, too.

Turns out that completely tuning out taught me a lot.

The most important thing that I learned is that the internet will survive without me.

Our Facebook page which went without status updates for days on end was still there when I finally checked back in and posted something.

We managed to gain new Twitter followers without a single tweet. Sure, more than half of them were spam bots and strippers, but beggars can’t be choosers, right?

I re-discovered my love of mindless iPad games.

I found the show Glee.


I became consumed by it, watching the first three seasons in the span of two weeks. I would sneak upstairs under the guise of “doing laundry” and completely immerse myself in the lives of Finn and Rachel. I fully admit there was something somewhat masochistic about watching about a show where I know one of the main characters tragically died in real life. It didn’t matter, though, because the pull of watching Cory Monteith and Lea Michele *literally* fall in love before my eyes was enough for me.

I began dreaming about the characters and staying up way too late trying to watch just one more episode. Thanks to Puck, I even started to find mohawks appealing. I found myself reliving the feelings of high school when your entire life is ahead of you, and you feel like nothing will ever be as important as your feelings right then.

The internet and the happenings there were the furthest things from my mind, and it was nice. To completely disconnect. To totally disengage. To just simply be in my home, with my family. I don’t know what this means for me moving forward, as I will eventually run of out of Glee episodes to watch. And holiday vacation mode is definitely over what with the return of the alarm clock and school routine.

Maybe it just means that for a little while I unplugged. And discovered that I can. And more importantly, that I should.



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  1. It’s so true, isn’t it?? I unplugged as well and it was awesome. I caught up on reading actual books instead of blogs. I was relaxing so much I thought it would be hard to get back to my bloggy world but I actually missed it and was raring to go! Everyone needs a break…and Netflix! It’s so addicting – in the best possible way 🙂

    • We said the same thing Allie…it was actually really nice to get back into blogging! 🙂 And yes, Netflix+me=addict! 😉

  2. It IS nice to unplug once in a while. I haven’t done it in a while, but maybe I should. I did take a break over the holiday and didn’t look at my blog. I did read other people’s blogs but I didn’t even think about writing on mine! It was a semi-unplug. It felt great!

    • A semi-unplug is good, too Michelle! 🙂 Lisa and I both took a break, and it was exactly what we needed to re-energize ourselves! 🙂

  3. I hear you! I unplugged for a lot of the holiday – except caught up on my blog on the posts that were for me – (since I use my blog as a journal/family recorder) and didn’t worry about anything else. There’s a balance there I need to achieve this year as I realized too many things were taken over blog reading and commenting-I got hooked on downton abbey- and it felt great!!

  4. I know the feeling well and did the same thing this past holiday and now doing it every so often weekly, too, because sometimes you truly just need a break. I decided I needed to find more balance this year and I totally indeed on this end to find it and get it done!! 🙂

  5. I so agree! On Glee being fabulous and on unplugging. I found it so nice that most bloggers took a break over the holidays – so much less pressure! I’m trying to unplug more – already read three books in 2014 because of it.

    • Could not agree with you more Dana! I was really glad to see so many people taking a break, too…almost made it seem easier to do it ourselves! And Glee is just the best. Ever.

  6. I’m sorry to hear your break was necessitated by feeling crummy, but I’m glad you took it! I took time off too (and also ended up sick. Boo!), and I really enjoyed unplugging and focusing on the family. Of course, now that the kiddos have been home all week because of the Polar Vortex, I’m glad I can take them to daycare today after just a two-hour delay. They are driving me NUTS!!

    • It was probably a sign that we had been working too hard, right Nicole?! I definitely felt like I was ready for the kids to go back to school, but being unplugged helped me enjoy the time with them better, too! 🙂

    • Shocking, right Jen?! I was surprised, too, but it is good knowledge for the future that my every waking moment does not need to be spent online! 😉

  7. I think it’s good to unplug once in awhile. Otherwise you can go insane. I generally try to unplug over the weekends. I’ll still occasionally post, but it’s not as frequent as I do during the week. And heck, sometimes during the week I wake up one day and I’m like, “I just want to veg in front of the TV when the kids are in school..”

    Scandal is a good show to veg on. Or Parenthood. Or Grey’s Anatomy. I watch too much TV…

  8. I so needed to read this today!!! I hope you’re on the mend and feeling much better. . maybe it was a way of the universe telling you to take a break by forcing one on you?? I am seriously contemplating taking a hiatus myself (hopefully I don’t get sick!) blogging & social media is just so overwhelming and time consuming at times. It used to be so much fun for me and now it’s like a chore I dread. But I’m sooooo scared that I will lose all the momentum (read: followers) I’ve gained or miss some big opportunity! 🙁 But I know the Internet will go on without me as well. . .and whatever was meant for me will come back in time.

    • I won’t lie. Our numbers are down since the break, but not in such a way that we are feeling panic about it. And honestly, it was worth it. I think both Lisa and I were starting to feel the way you described…just totally overwhelmed by it all. The good news is that if you take a break, your loyal followers will stay. 🙂

  9. I didn’t completely unplug over the holidays, but I stepped back. And you’re right, life continues on. That seems equally comforting and disturbing to me for some reason. I hope you’re felling better and welcome back!!

  10. Unplug….that is a foreign language lol. I did give up my blog for the holidays and rested but I could not stop being nosy on instagram and Facebook *sigh* I tried giving up the internet but it kept calling me back.

    • It is hard to go full throttle disconnect Kita…I definitely still played on the internet, don’t get me wrong! 😉

  11. I found that I unplugged for the Holidays and decided that I liked it so much that I wasn’t going to come back. It’s been nice to take all the “social media” unnecessary needs out of my life. I tweet when I want to or update a status when I feel like it. It’s been kind of nice to not have to make sure I had my 3 posts done every week.

  12. Unplugging and getting back to “nature” is good now and again 🙂 I cut out some online games on my break and found it to be good. Really haven’t gotten back into them either – which is better!

    • So good! I kind of replaced my social media addiction with the Skip-Bo app on the iPad, so I don’t know that I came out ahead, but whatever! 😉

    • I am a TOTAL Gleek Nellie. It is kind of ridiculous. Last Sunday I watched from 11:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. straight. I am not quite halfway through season 4 now.

  13. My husband is in the Netflix realm right now! He’s totally soaking up the fact that we can actually enjoy Netflix shows now.
    I’m glad you got the time to unplug. Sorry you had to do it while you were sick, that wasn’t no fun I’m sure. Glad you’re back to feeling good though.
    I do think we all need to unplug from the big world of the Internet and enjoy our time with our families, local friends, and just be ourselves prior to what life was like before we got sucked into the world of the Internet. I personally would miss your company online if you choose to unplug more often, but I definitely would understand it.

    • No worries Crystal…I won’t do it too much, I promise! 😉 And I agree with your hubby. Netflix is the GREATEST!!

  14. The Rooster and I did the same thing with Breaking Bad. We finished the last 2 episodes last Friday and I’m still weepy that there are no more to watch.. I feel like I lost my line on meth and my best friends all at the same time.

    • A good friend of mine just did it with Breaking Bad, too. That is next on my list. I feel like I may need a break after Glee before I dive back in! 😉 And I am cracking up at your last sentence!

  15. Isn’t it great how that works out? I post every Friday, but I write a lot more frequently than that. I just have found that the once-a-week post works for me in finding balance in my life. In any case, there are days that I, too, need to “tune out” of social networking–and sometimes even take a forced break from writing for a day or two–because I need to decompress and focus on life. I always tell myself: Social media and blogging will be there when you get back, and so will all of your writing ideas. Glad you had a good break, although you weren’t feeling well. 🙁

  16. Unplugging is so necessary. Sometimes we miss the things that are happening around us because we are so immersed in the internet world – we miss something in real life.

    Love Glee! I had stopped watching for a while because I would DVR everything and one day everything was deleted and so I was lost and thought I’d catch up with it later and it’s been like 2 seasons and no catching up …just yet! But I will…

    At night in my bed, is my unplugged time! I watch shows that I’ve missed all week on Hulu Plus or YouTube videos from my favorite YouTubers. It’s my “me-time’


    • Watch Glee again. You won’t be sorry. I mean until you get to The Quarterback episode…which I am not to yet, but already kind of cry thinking about!
      I am definitely a TV at night kind of girl, too…it is totally *my* time! 🙂

  17. This is so true! I remember when I had the twins, I assumed my blog would just shut down since I wasn’t posting anything for days and weeks on end. Turns out it’s okay without me, albeit slower than usual, but nothing that can’t be picked up right where I left it.

    So sorry to hear that you had the flu! I can’t stand being sick. But I like your positive attitude. Netflix movies are awesome, especially one show right after another lol.

    • One show after another is truly the way to do it Nina! 🙂
      And I totally agree with you…our Dose Peeps are AMAZING and gave us some time off and still came back when we did! WOOHOO!!

  18. Going unplugged if you plan it right, can be a good thing. You can use HootSuite to pile up your tweets for a few days. You don’t have to post to FB, it will survive without you. If you have your blog posts already scheduled, then all is good. Just take a break. Life goes on, you can step off the Information Highway for a few days and the world won’t end. I promise. You know, you survived it, and more importantly, it survived without you. Have a blessed day.

    • Thanks Vicki! It was a great break, and we definitely both came back refreshed and ready to tackle 2014! 🙂

    • SHASHI?? Are you dissing my Glee?! 😉
      I have totally done that with SVU, too before…that show is completely addicting! 🙂

  19. I unplugged for a looong time (too long, really), and came back with a newly invigorated desire to blog and connect. Hiding is fun, too, especially when you’re marathoning a show! Take whatever time you need, when you need it. Whatever you feel is probably the right decision, you know?

  20. I swear I did not know you were not watching Glee! Since most of our favorite characters left, and after the final Finn episode, we have not continued watching it. But…I agree with you about “unplugging.” I had the same experience – sick all through Christmas – and Christmas came and went without a hitch, without me doing all the crazy last minute shopping and making myself crazy – saved me a bundle of money, too! Saba did all the cleaning and last minute shopping while I laid in bed with what felt like death most days! But…I did discover Breaking Bad – and that’s not all bad. In fact, your photo of the “6 seasons in 6 days” just about hit the bullseye for us. We already discussed, but Breaking Bad will be even more addicting than Glee – count on it! (But hopefully you can watch it while totally healthy and not feeling bad!). Agree – we all can and more importantly, should, unplug every now and then!

    • I plan to watch until The Quarterback episode and then I am done. I know that I will not be able to continue without Finn. Period. I almost skipped right to that episode after Season 3, but went ahead and started season 4.
      Breaking Bad is next on my list!! 🙂

  21. Unplugging once in a while can be very refreshing! You were missed though. 🙂 I make it a point not to get into shows on Netflix… I watch enough television as it is!

  22. To show that not just the internet but your words will go on without you I should let you know that for Christmas my father-in-law got me a book called I Just Want to Pee Alone, and guess who I found in there? That’s right, those adorable Dose girls! So for me, you were even more present during your absence! I loved the story in their btw.

    • NO WAY!!! Cannot even begin to tell you how happy this comment made us Angela! As soon as I read it, I grabbed the phone to call Lisa and read it to her, too! LOVE IT! 🙂 Thank you!

  23. What a great post! Sometimes it is so easy to get caught up on all things social-media we forget about real life, about just being in our own and taking things in! While we all missed post and status updates I am so glad you took some time to just unplug! Good for you! ~Leah~

  24. You gotta unplug sometimes! It can be difficult, but it gets easier each time you do it. When you start to re-engage in “real life”, “online life” gets its proper place back, and you see what in “real life” needs fixing, attention, love, etc. that you were (unwittingly) ignoring. It is so easy to get caught up in blogging and Twitter and Facebook, and, and, and…The lines blur, the priorities shift, and you forget what you wanted out of life, the purpose behind the blog in the first place, etc. Stepping back is sometimes the only way to move forward again. I am glad that you got the chance to unplug! Do it again when and if you need to – You know that we’re behind you, and we get it. We have to do it, too! 🙂

  25. Total Gleek here. I got addicted to it through Netflix as well. Oh the Rachel Finn saga. My heart is broken since he is gone, and gone entirely too soon. I agree we all need to unplug occasionally it is a reminder to us that we can just breathe. As far as games.. Candy Crush is from the devil I am beginning to believe..

    • Candy Crush is totally the devil. And yes, the Finn/Rachel storyline is devastating me, especially because I know what is coming. 🙁

  26. This inspires me. Everyone needs a break and I didn’t even take one over the holidays. Or after I had Des. Or when I was really, really sick AND I had just had Des. And in truth, that did nothing for my healing. It only prolonged it.
    So power to you. No one would ever go anywhere if you needed a break. I promise you that!

    • Thanks Tamara! The Dose Peeps rock the free world, and we appreciate how loyal you are! 🙂 Consider a break when you need it…it really does help. Maybe when you hit Disney?

  27. Ashley, I’m sorry you were so sick. With a fever that high and being delirious you probably should have been in a hospital. (I’m assuming you were delirious, otherwise why would you watch a show called “Glee” with a character named “Puck”?)

  28. Welcome back! It’s nice to take a break! Sucks that you were sick to make you take a break though. I hope you are feeling better!
    I have to say I love Glee and I am a total Gleek! This last season has been a bit weird probably because of no more Finn. I won’t say anymore in case you are not there yet.

    • I have to be honest. I plan to stop watching after I finish The Quarterback. I am about halfway through season 4 now. I don’t think I can watch without him.

  29. Oh I know how you feel….it was so nice to be on vacation and not have to do many updates, changes, follows, posts, etc. It was quite refreshing in fact! Did not find any series to watch this vacation…but found the Flu…Grrr.

  30. We must be on the Martian mind meld because i was thinking the same thing when I stepped away from social media for 2 weeks and a bit, what with weather and all. I think we all need to remind ourselves we got on just fine without it before.

    • We are totally on the same page Jill! Isn’t it crazy how not all that long ago we didn’t even have social media?!

  31. I almost always gain more followers when I take a break from Twitter for a day or two… I’m not sure how I feel about that! I did the same thing with Parks & Recreation when I was sick just before Christmas – how was it not in my life before?!

  32. Hopefully the next time you unplug it will be done in perfect health so you can fully enjoy the benefits! I sometimes think that we worry so much about status updates and tweets because we know we are supposed to, that we collectively are creating this vortex of stress. Unplugging is a great antidote.

  33. Amen! I did the same thing fortunately without the flu though. I enjoyed reading a book and family time. Other than checking email, I wasn’t posting on Facebook or twitter unless it was in response to someone. I think I always felt this pressure of keeping up and fear that if I took too long of a break no one would come back to read my blog. I’m trying to shut my computer off after 8 pm from now on and focus on other priorities. The beauty of Netflix is you can watch a whole series in a weekend, just ask my daughter 🙂

    • Your daughter and I would get along famously Dawn! I do think that the beauty of the holidays was that so many people were taking blogging breaks that it seemed totally like it would be wrong not to take a break. Know what I mean?

  34. Unplugging is so great. I got addicted to my iphone when my baby was first born. Prior, I was so against holding your phone at every possible minute, and now, I kind of do that. Boo, it is one of my resolutions to get away from the phone addiction.

    PS. Is Matt Laur short??

    • One of the reasons I have not gotten a smartphone is that I know that would happen to me Crystal!
      P.S. Yes, kind of. Surprising, right?

  35. I’m so bad at unplugging, but it’s definitely worth it every once in awhile! Sorry you were sick, but it’s a great excuse to watch all the seasons of a show, right?

  36. The other day- another no school day- I actually had a sweet dream about spending the ENTIRE day AND night away from my laptop…. it was almost like liberating myself from the pressure of it all and simply focusing on just JUST the balance and attention of my children and my home and my husband. Oh, I dreamed… and I failed.

    This? This post has inspired me to do it. DO IT. I don’t know when, there’s never really a good time is there?

    I can’t imagine how easy and fulfilling and peaceful it would be to not ‘feel that pull’ to keep up with it all…

    Thank you for the push… I need it!

    • Just do it Chris. Like Nike says. You will be really glad you did…I promise…and I never promise something I don’t believe! 😉

  37. My break was unplanned too. We took in a foster dog right before Christmas and had to spend the majority of our time housebreaking her and teaching her basic obedience. Hard work, but it was nice. Glad you’re feeling better and that you’re back. Cheers!

    • You are a brave soul for doing that…I can only imagine how difficult that must be, especially at the holidays…but oh how lucky for that dog…and you! 🙂

  38. Well, I’m sad that you were so sick and miserable but happy that you had a much needed internet break!!!
    I haven’t watched Glee (and many other shows) because I know that I would get sucked in and as it is I can barely keep up with the shows I like to watch. (partly because people need rides and dinner and….just kidding, sort-of)

    • I definitely understand Kim. The only reason I was able to sneak it into the mix is because so many of my regular shows are on hiatus right now. Otherwise, yeah, NO TIME! 😉

  39. Oh my gosh I love glee with all my heart. I love it so much that a do a during show text fest with one girlfriend of mine where discuss everything as it unfolds and then I have to do a post-show text fest with another girlfriend because once is not enough.

    • I can totally see that Robin. It is all I think about. It is all I want to talk about it. I am in love with it!

  40. Ha! “Puck on Glee made Mohawks seemed appealing!” Yikes! We need to stage an intervention! (However, we DO love Glee over here! I binge-watched Orange is the New Black which was pretty interesting. It almost made lesbian-prison-sex seem appealing.

    • I have heard that Orange is the New Black is really good! I need to add that to my list of new shows to check out! And seriously, sorry, but am I not right about Puck?! 😉

  41. I think unplugging is awesome! I rarely do it for a concentrated amount of time but more randomly. For example, I’m not feeling well and I don’t think the world will end if I don’t get a blog post up tomorrow. If it does end, I’ll assume it’s unrelated.

    That’s funny about Netflix. We watched all the episodes of Dexter in a couple of weeks and then since we don’t have cable went out and bought the DVDs that weren’t already on Netflix! 🙂

    • Normally, that is how it has been for me, too Carli. Not really for an extended period of time. This was definitely worth it!

      Dexter is another show I have on my list to watch! 🙂

  42. Good for you for unplugging! It can be really hard to do, but it’s so worth it some times. And not just for the whole “I love my family and want to spend time with them” shtick. There are times when it has to be about unplugging from reality and recharging your engines. Just don’t do it too often or we’ll all go into remission!

  43. I’m glad you had a good time unplugged! I’m just sorry it had to come with the flu. Massive yuck. Sometimes I think I need to do the same thing. It’s probably good for all of us.

  44. I did the same thing, took a break for most of the holiday. It was always what I did during my time in the corporate world so it only felt natural to do it here. Yet I was still surprised how many people were still going heavy. Cheers to you! Glad you are feeling better.

    • Totally agree Carla! It was definitely a nice break…but we were surprised at how many people were still blogging, too!

  45. Oh man, I dream of this day but worry about if I could actually let go. I have high hopes for an entire weekend of being unplugged soon.

    I took a break over the Christmas holiday from blogging and publishing, but I did a lot of behind the scenes stuff and writing for the new year. It felt good to not have to hit that publish button.

    I’m several seasons behind on Glee. I almost don’t want to catch up.

    • Working behind the scenes is always good, too…it is nice to do prep work and then feel raring to go when you get back to blogging! 🙂

  46. Glee is one of the only shows I’ve watched in years. And maybe only 3 or 4 episodes – but that’s a lot for me! As you know, I’ve been semi unplugged since August. It’s not a bad way to be. It’s also nice to know that in this world, there is always the option to plug in a little more or a little less for that matter.

  47. SO happened to me last month. I was officially “Offline” for three days and I don’t think the internet noticed at all!
    Also when you’re done with Glee you should totally start Breaking Bad. Or if you have watched it already then how about Once Upon A Time? Watched that too?! Supernatural? No! Fine, I give up!
    Enjoy Glee 😀

  48. Yes, yes, YES to all of this! I find myself abadoning the Internet a LOT and it doesn’t bother me one bit! I take that time to really relax and enjoy those around me. I used to be really into social media a while ago, but now, I don’t really think about it much. The Internet WILL go on without me…and I WILL go on without it! Happy New Year Ladies!

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  50. I’m glad you found some joy in your sick time. And that you discovered some peace in doing less. Isn’t binge-watching wonderful and awful? I totally have no self-control in this area. I’m working on it. (Well, not really, but I just finished the series I was watching and haven’t started another one yet and it’s been at least five hours so I’m doing great, right?)

    I’m glad you’re feeling better and I hope you find a way to fit a little unplugging into your regular, non-fever, life.

    • I have always been a binge-watcher, too Robin! It is a sickness, but I am not really willing to admit I have a problem! 😉

  51. I unplug very rarely, but I love tending to social media. I’m just weird like that. I always balance out my life and don’t let my blog consume my time, so that may make it easier on me. That may change later down the road but hopefully I can continue this content balance I have going.

  52. Unplugging can be SCARY because it feels like we could lose everything we’ve worked so hard to create, you know? Because the internet moves so quickly, we inevitably feel like we’ll be missing out or get behind. But your experience shows that it doesn’t have to be that way. Taking a break not only keeps you sane, but also makes you BETTER in the long run.

    • Totally agree with you Katie! It is just SO HARD to feel like you might miss out, but continuing at break neck pace just leads to pure burnout!

  53. I know exactly what you mean! I had intended to take a week off over Christmas, but my break started earlier than I had planned because two of my kids and I got the flu, too. Of course, the flu was no fun, but it was very liberating to not have the internet/blog stuff hanging over my head!

    • UGH Lisa. That is just awful that you all got it! The nasty virus we had went through our entire house as well. I am glad you got a break, too, although I am sorry it came at the expense of being sick!

  54. So glad you got some much needed time to decompress. I, too, have found that sometimes you just need to step away in order to not lose it completely. But I’m happy you’re back too! (Oh, and for futures notice. Don’t get into Gossip Girl. You’ll never return…)

    • Thanks Kendra! My sister is addicted to Gossip Girl, too and has warned me against it…which of course totally makes me want to run out and start watching it! 😉

  55. I’m so glad you got the chance to do that…even though sometimes it comes in the form of “not-really-our-choice” aka being sick, it’s such a great mental “breather” to step back. And if you want my honest opinion, you couldn’t have chosen a better way to spend your time than by catching up on Glee. As a former high school show choir girl from the midwest, this show was the answer to my prayers–just a couple decades too late–by making choir look cool. Hahaha. Here’s to many more episodes for you, and I hope you keep watching. 🙂

  56. I did a “sort of” unplug…I didn’t write posts or spend much time on social media but I did a bunch of back end work and blog organizjng projects. I was happy to get back to the blogging part when it was time. Of course, I am also thrilled that those big projects got done so I don’t have to worry about them anymore and can focus on the actual blogging again!

    So glad y’all are back, I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us this year!

    • Working on the back end stuff seems like what we are always putting off, so I am glad to hear that you got it done!! Good for you! 🙂

  57. I looooove finding a series and getting hooked on it! I’m currently doing that with Criminal Minds. I record it and have mini-marathons while the kids are at school….of course the kids haven’t GONE to school since before Christmas. Darn Polar Vortex!

    Glad the Internet survived without you but even more glad that you’re back! 🙂

    • That Polar Vortex was the enemy against mothers everywhere, right?! I have heard Criminal Minds is really good, so I will have to check it out! 🙂

  58. Gleefully happy that you discovered Glee. I spent my holidays Sherlock – as in Sherlock Holmes. Love, love, love him.
    Hope all illness has fled and that you are all up and thriving again.
    I think we all need to unplug and just be every once in awhile.

    • Sherlock is pretty awesome, so I can see why! Glee is just amazing. I feel like a teenager waxing poetic on her schoolgirl crush whenever I talk about it, but I just love it so much!! 🙂

  59. It’s nice to have a break but shame it was because you were ill. Flu, an evil nasty thing 🙁

    Blogging etc has to take a backseat sometimes, which is what we forget. I’ve not been around much due to studying and work priorities but it’s good to be checking everyone’s blogs again. I really enjoy your posts.

  60. Oh, I feel you ladies on that one! I just came back to blogging from my Christmas break and didn’t wanna come back! And sure enough, just like you said…everything was still there, just like I left it! 😉 Glad you’re feeling better! Our entire house was sick as dogs during the weeks of Christmas and New Years, even our daughter(who doesn’t even live with us anymore)…go figure!

    • Isn’t it strange how it is all still here waiting for us, right?! 😉 I am so sorry about the curse of the Holiday Illness 2013 hitting your house, too…it was just the WORST!!

  61. being unplugged is such a glorious experience. and the internet really is like a loyal friend. it’ll be there for you when you return. truthfully, i won’t fully unplug when i’m on vacation, but it’s still nice to go on a hike or adventure and be away from the emails and lure of social media.

    • I agree Catherine…I didn’t totally unplug, just did it on my terms…like a lot of Googling pictures of Cory Monteith and Lea Michele! 😉

  62. Wait, you FOUND the show Glee? You mean when we were tweeting about it you had JUST started watching the entire series? Woman, you be crazy!! And where have you BEEN? 🙂

    • Yes. I know. It is sad. I often miss things until later. Like Glee. And smartphones. I am now almost finished with season 4, which means I am getting closer to The Quarterback episode. 🙁

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