You Ate WHAT?!?

When you are trying to eat healthy and perhaps take off the extra pounds you put on eating an entire 9×13 pan of cookie brownies by yourself on Christmas Eve, it can be hard.

If you are like me, and you live for snacking then it can be extra hard.

Thanks to Lisa and our friend Kat Biggie I found the world’s greatest nightly treat.

Skinny Cow divine filled chocolates. Specifically the ones filled with delicious caramel.

Now, even with them being on sale and the 5% discount from my Target Red card they are not cheap. So, I tend to be very selective with them and only eat them every single night occasionally.

Cut to yesterday.

I walked in to our living room and saw 2 empty packages sitting on the coffee table.

My heart started to race a little, and I felt myself get a little faint.

Emma and Abby looked up and smiled and told me how delicious they were!

I reminded them through clenched teeth gently that those are *Mommy’s* snacks and ARE NEVER TO BE TOUCHED BY ANYONE ELSE they should ask if they can share.

Everything was okay until I opened the pantry last night after the kids were in bed for my special nightly chocolately goodness.

The box was empty, y’all.

They ate the last 2 packages in my entire home.

There was no chocolate for me to enjoy.

Hold me.


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  1. Hsha, oh no! Sam has totally eaten something of mine that I was looking forward to eating in several occasions. I kinda look like that little girl in the last image when that happens 😉

  2. Oh, please give me your address. I have some you can have! I got them from my Influenster box (the chocolate/peanut butter kind) but I really can’t eat them because they have TBHQ in them, and that messes with me.
    Boo! Not fair!
    You can have all of mine ever.

  3. I’m allergic to chocolate so cannot relate at all to this but the other day I looked like that little girl there when I discovered that hubs had eaten all of the leftover pizza. I had designs on that for lunch…

  4. I hope you find a better spot for your stash. I finally found a cabinet that no one has discovered…yet. And…WHY have you been holding out on me???
    Skinny Cow chocolate added to weekly (who am I kidding – daily)shopping list. Check.

  5. 1) love the BB meme. 2) I hide Garrett’s popcorn from my family on the rare occasion the bestie goes to Chicago and brings some home for me. I mean.. it’s not like I can go to Target and buy more, right??

  6. Good funny column Ashley. I liked your videos that went with it, they were perfect.
    Speaking of Target, got any stories to tell us about the problems they have? Did you have to change your debit/credit card?

  7. Oh no!! My youngest is a chocolate fiend. We went to BJ’s wholesale club last week and saw a giant box of Weight Watchers Triple Chocolate Browne Bites. There were 80 in the box. They were ton in less than a week and I only got about 4 of them. 🙁 Next time, I’ll put them on the top pantry shelf where the children cannot reach them – maybe.

  8. Haha! I know how you feel! Skinnycow is the BEST! My husband knows not to touch them or any Chobanis without asking first. In fact, he pretty much doesn’t eat anything from our kitchen without my specific approval first.

  9. I bought myself some Lindt chocolates for Santa to put in my stocking at Christmas. I’ve been very careful about rationing them and only eating one at a time. I’ve even heard the boys say, “No! You can’t eat those!! Those are Mommy’s!” But then Frances had to push the envelope and she asked, very sweetly, if I would share with her. What could I say?!?! Now I’ll run out a day sooner, and I feel your pain, Ashley!

  10. I treat myself to ice cream every now and again. So those big containers of Whoopie Pie ice cream should last quite a while. Imagine my face when after a particularly challenging day I’m looking forward to my Whoopie Pie….and gone. And I look in the trash….and there is is. And Pi says,”I just had one bowl- I’ll get you more. No big deal.” Except you took THE LAST BIT OF MY WHOOPIE PIE AN DIDN’T REPLACE IT IMMEDIATELY.
    Feel your pain, I’m with ya.

  11. Skinny Cow treats are too good. I can’t have them in the house (or the car, or my office). I kid you not, I ate an entire box of their heavenly crisps in one day. I can no longer be trusted.

  12. LOL. I think it’s no exaggeration to say this is the biggest problem we face as a nation today. haha. It almost makes me think the Unabomber was on to something. No one ever took that last piece of beef jerky he was saving for snacktime.

  13. I definitely thought I had it hidden away…but turns out my kids aren’t afraid to climb pantry shelves like Spiderman! 😉

  14. You need to hide your stuff! That’s what I do. Otherwise people WILL eat it and I’ll throw a tantrum.

    I also have a chocolate drawer. Most people know to stay out, otherwise mom gets mean.

  15. When I go to look for something and I find out that one of my boys ate it – END OF THE WORLD! I’ve started hiding my food. It’s like I”m back in college living with broke, hungry roommates.

  16. I have been buying chocolate lately….and eating it. I would blame it on “that time of the month” but it’s been happening ALL month. I have never been a SWEETS person, EVER. Now, I can’t stop. Ugh! At least I can go and find some of these skinny cow treats to be a “little” healthier about it!

  17. ROTFL!!! This is too funny and the visuals don’t help either. So sorry. My hubby has done that to me before….with food that I’ve been looking forward to eating…fantasizing all day… only to find out that he ate it.

  18. Oh, my friend, I feel your pain completely! I am the exact same way with Chocolate Crunch and caramel rice cakes and every color freeze pop except blue and if my kids even think of touching my steam in the bag edamame or Kashi Go Lean Almond Crunch. I will go Tasmanian Devil on the little angel that dared eat the last one.

  19. In the same way college students should never drink the good booze, kids should never have the good candy. They can’t appreciate it properly.

  20. I totally hide my “mommy treats” from the kids! And I would never offer to share! I hope those boxes have been replaced and you are back to your nightly dose of chocolate. My gosh – what would we do without chocolate…

  21. After nearly 12 years together, the Husband has figured out not to eat what I deem as “my snacks”. It didn’t take much (mostly because he doesn’t like them), but there were a couple times when I found him giving them to the kids…those weren’t pretty moments. Here’s hoping you were able to quickly get a resupply!

  22. Oh I am right there too…I could definitely eat a pan of cookie brownies. A nibble here, a nibble there, before you know it, they’re gone! I guess I should try the Skinny Cow chocolates!

  23. If they’re still breathing and not traumatized, I’d say you reacted well. Way to not hurt anyone!

    Seriously, I think one of the toughest things about being a mom is never knowing if your stuff will still be there when you go looking for it. And to have a craving, know you have something to satisfy it, and then find out someone else ate it? Definitely grounds for some high volume and unsavory words.

    And now I want a whole pan of brownies all to myself.

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  25. Oh how I know this pain. Even though I have 2 children, I actually feel a sense of dread when my husband likes something special that I love. I know its the end. I love those skinny cows too!!

  26. I love the Skinny Cow snacks. They are totally delicious and because they are so small they don’t have a lot of calories. I know they aren’t exactly the healthiest snack, but I really love the ice cream sandwiches.

  27. wow, i am a chocolate fiend and i’ve never seen skinny cow chocolates. i have seen skinny cow ice-cream bars. i think they’re skinny cow. anyhow they are amazing and i would also end up eating the whole package versus just one.

  28. Oh god. That really sucks it was your kids that ate them because if it was your husband you could’ve punched him. Gently… mostly. Jerks! Take it out of their allowance. 🙂

  29. Ha…I feel the same way about those delicious Skinny Cow chocolates. I like the peanut butter ones. And I totally hide them from my children. If they find them and ask me if they can have one, I look at them like they’re insane, because they are. They are all mine!

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