Move Over Miley Cyrus…There’s A Dose Girl In Town

The fact that this is sponsored content does not diminish the fact that we are about to introduce you to an app called Zya that is definitely going to be your next addiction. You’re welcome.

I may have missed my calling, you guys.

I’ve always suspected it. In high school, I was in show choir, had roles in all the musicals, and even did a few singing competitions. I didn’t win any of them, but I figured I was just too cutting edge for those stuffy old songs. I took years and years of piano lessons growing up and spent hours playing and singing my heart out to every bit of popular sheet music I could get my hands on. I just knew I was one box of Miss Clairol Sunset Red #5RR way from being the next Tori Amos (For all of you youngsters, Tori Amos was *the* angsty girl pianist/singer of the 80s. She was, and still is, perfection.)

Heck, I didn’t even let my boring real life as a doctor get in my way. In medical school, I was one of the founding members of a girls a cappella group! We called ourselves the “Fallopian Tunes”…until the administration deemed that “too racy” and we were forced to change out name to “The Biorhythms”. (See, I told you. Cutting edge.) We even recorded a CD. What can I say. It was Nashville in the early 90s. Studio time came cheaply.

So when we were asked to review an app called Zya that is all about making music, I was totally IN! In this app you get to build a band. You pick the style of music you want to make, the base riffs, the drum lines, the vocals…. and BAM.  You can choose to make music based on popular songs or you can strike out totally on your own making new jams. You can even record your own vocals if you want! Zya makes it so easy that anyone of any age can make music to rival Pharrell Williams. (Aren’t you youngsters impressed with that reference? I thought so!)

Zya Rocks

I only ran into one problem. Lucy.

You see, I downloaded the app and then let her play with my iPhone while I started a load of laundry. She loved it. When I was ready to play myself she did NOT want to let me have a turn. I had to pry her fingers off the phone so I could have a shot at it, and even then I had to promise to let her have it back before bedtime.

Once I started playing, I totally saw why. If you’ve ever held a hairbrush up to the bathroom mirror and rocked your way through your morning routine, you will *love* this app. I played with it for over an hour before I even realized how much time had gone by. Only Pinterest can usually cause me to lose time like that. That’s how much fun it was!

And now, I’d like to unveil my latest creation. Unlike Lucy, I *do* like to share!

This is a little tune I like to call It’s Bedtime. I decided to take the best of a popular song and add my own personal spin. Now, I have never before tried to rap. But I am hip to what the kids like these days, so I decided to lay down some mean rhymes.

See, what did I tell you? I totally missed my calling, didn’t I? Isn’t it hard to believe I’ve never even rapped before?!

Miley Cyrus had better watch out. I may give her a run for her money and take her twerking spot next to Robin Thicke at this year’s Grammys. I wonder if I could get Ashley to get up on stage, too?

If you make your own masterpiece on Zya, leave the link in the comments! We’ll have a riff-off!!

This post was sponsored by Word of Mouth Women and Zya, but all opinions and mad rhyming skills are completely our own.




Move Over Miley Cyrus…There’s A Dose Girl In Town — 109 Comments

    • Thanks, Amber! If you like music, and I know you do, this app is for you. But don’t say I didn’t warn you. It’s totally addictive!! 😀

  1. OMG just listening to you rap has made my entire morning, day and perhaps week!! Can you download other people’s music because I WANT that bedtime rap of yours on my iPod :-)!!!! You rock girl!!!

  2. I love it and seriously where was this song last night at 8 pm, when Emma was whining about not going to bed! Oh and totally felt old by the Tori Amos reference and that you had to qualify it. Seriously, she was totally the angry red head singer of our youth!! Thanks for the trip down memory lane and so going to have to check this one out soon 🙂

    • I love Tori Amos so completely. I just KNOW there are people who would read that and have no idea who she was. *sob* She is a goddess!! You can definitely do piano girl songs on Zya and pretend you’re Tori! Not that I did that or anything! (I totally did!)

      • Love Tori. I saw her in concert eons ago, so I’m with you, my friends. 🙂

        And you rocked this new Beddddtiiiimmmeeee … I know you want it – you gotta have it …. song!

    • It will work on iPads if you have one of those! (Ashley is a non-smart phone person, too. How do you guys do it? ;D ) I hate for you to miss out on all the musical fun! I know your kids would love it!

    • Hahahaha. Thanks, Nellie! I’m really going to be giving the stars of today a run for their money. I’m going to consider twerking lessons on the side so I’m up to speed when the offers start pouring in.

  3. OMG. OMG. OMG. You don’t even know. Tori was (and still is) my idol growing up and she’s someone I’ll never outgrow. Seeing her name here brought back a flood of emotions and memories and I think it’s going to be a “Little Earthquakes” kind of day 🙂 Thanks!

    Ahem. Anyway.

    This sounds like so much fun! Thanks for the introduction; if it means I can lay down my own tracks to the likes of Rihanna, I’m in 🙂 (I love your bedtime song, too!)

    • Squee!! I love Tori Amos SO MUCH. I am not kidding when I say that I, to this day, listen to something from “Little Earthquakes” or “Under the Pink” every. single. day. I spent HOURS learning the piano solo parts on “Cornflake Girl” way back when. It still makes my heart soar. You are my people, Charlotte!!

  4. Love it Lisa! I think you have a future in rapping. I’m going to have to check out Zya. I love that you were in a girls a cappella group. I’m picturing you in Pitch Perfect. I see You Tube videos in your future. I was taking drum lessons for awhile and quit to spend more time on blogging. I’m thinking maybe I should start them up again and we can form a band 🙂

    • I’m in, Dawn. We were just like Pitch Perfect but we didn’t have the stellar dance moves. It was awesome.
      You are going to love Zya because you can lay down some of your own drum riffs. I’m not good at that, but yours will ROCK. We’re totally forming that band. Ashley can be our manager.

    • It’s never EVER too late, Shashi! I’m mulling over my options as we speak. Even my kids were saying, “Wow, Mom. That’s really…um…great?” when they heard my rap. With an endorsement like that, you know it’s good. 😀

    • You’ve just scratched the surface, Alexa. 😀
      Get yourself over to Zya and fulfill your rap fantasy right NOW! Maybe we can team up and do a rap battle. ;D

    • Perfect!! It’s not quite as soothing as the Billy Joel, but rap is supposed to be IN YOUR FACE. Your kids will thank you. (or start crying…either one)

    • What I didn’t write was that I recorded MANY versions of MANY songs (a lot with glorious notes and awesome microphone echo effects). But I decided to link to my rap debut to keep it fresh and modern. I don’t want to be pigeon holed as an artist. 😀

    • Bwahahahahaha. Skillz with a Z, baby!!
      Any time is a good time to listen to Tori Amos, Jennifer! You can’t go wrong!

    • Just knowing what kind of mischief you can get into at as boring a place as Whole Foods, I have no doubt that the music world would be taken by storm if you try your hand at Zya, Kerry!!

    • Generally I just scream the “lyrics” but I am going to be playing it from here on out. After the kids stop laughing in my face, I’m sure they’ll go to bed.

  5. My 6 year old son would love this app! He thinks he’s a rapper, Justin Bieber, and a member of One Direction. “Because I said so” comes out of my mouth 24/7. Great song clip. You would give Robin Thicke a run for his money. Love it!

    • Your son is going to ADORE this app. It’s definitely going to be his favorite thing. He will be able to feel like the rock star that he is!!

  6. What a fun app! I loved your blurred lines…too funny.

    I totally got your Tori Amos reference. My kids can sing along to “cornflake girl” because it’s my dancing in the kitchen and pretending I’m still in college music…and they hear it quite a bit.

    • My kids, too, Christine!! “Cornflake Girl” is one of my all-time favorites!! I’m not saying I do this, but I *may* fake play the piano on my bathroom counter and throw my hair around wildly when I’m getting ready in the morning.

  7. I think it is hilarious that your medical school vetoed the name “Fallopian Tunes” given the fact that you and our classmates learned about fallopian tubes in anatomy class and OB/GYN rounds. I wonder if they would have accepted “Lady Parts”.
    I’m definitely passing this along to my daughter! Fortunately she is 28 and has her own smartphone so I won’t have to share!

    • I know, right? How prim they were!! But we’d book gigs places as “Vanderbilt Medical School’s Fallopian Tunes” so we had to change the name or drop the school name.

      Their own smartphone…another reason that grown kids ROCK! (and they put themselves to bed!) 😀

  8. hahahaha…awesome. Just awesome!!!
    And Tori Amos was my first concert! It was the R.A.I.N.N. Benefit Concert at Madison Square Garden in 1996, and it gave me, as the kids call it – “the feels.” I’ve seen her many times since but there was nothing like that first time.
    I even got a “Little Earthquakes” piano book and tried to learn “Winter”. I kinda failed.

    • Seeing Tori Amos at the piano like a wild woman, it is an experience not to be missed. Plus, she’s funny! That has got to be one of the world’s best, FIRST concert experiences! Squee! I’m not surprised you love her. I already knew you had great taste in music!!
      I am sure I had that “Little Earthquakes” songbook, Tamara.

    • Hahahahaha! Thanks, Michelle! You know I had to do a test run to see if the twerking and crazy Beetlejuice black and white outfit would suit us before I could commit to it. I know you guys will enjoy Zya!

    • Aw thanks, Bill! I guess the Biorhythms wasn’t so bad, but we felt we needed a name that was edgier. I mean we weren’t actually *edgy* because we were a lot of medical school nerds, but we fancied ourselves edgy! 😀

  9. Tommy is going to LOVE this! I am not at all musically inclined. At all. But Tommy is and he’s going to go nuts with this. I can’t wait to show him and end up being the coolest mom ever in his eyes. Oh and your rap? It’s going to be on an endless loop here around bedtime. I am hoping it helps with my problem of my children going to bed. 🙂

    • He will love it, AnnMarie! I know my rapping will help with bedtime! Just play the song and before you know it the kids will be pleading with you, “Please, Mom! If you turn off that noise we swear we’ll go to bed right this minutes”. You’re welcome! 😀

    • Ugh! Work just takes the fun out of everything, doesn’t it?! Now I know what censured musicians feel like. My artistic voice will not be stifled! 😀 I know your youngest will have a great time with the app!

    • When people do tend to cover their ears when I am rapping. I think they are massaging their ear canals so the sound will really get in there! 😀

    • That’s the beauty of it, Brittany! You don’t have to sing yourself, but if you do want to, you can use AutoTune to sound just like Adele! Break out the hairbrush!!

  10. The Fallopian Tunes–please marry me!!
    This sounds like an app my music-obsessed son would LOVE!! But I fear he’ll pull “a Lucy” and I’ll have to wrestle him to the ground to regain use of my iPhone. Meh. I’m game.

    Thanks for introducing me to this awesomeness!!!

  11. The Fallopian Tunes!!! OMG I adore you even more than I did before and I didn’t think that was possible!! I love this, I can’t wait to try it and tell my kids about it. They think mom can’t pick a fun App to save her life, Ha!!! xo

    • Your kids are going to be impressed, Kathy! Mine were so impressed they laughed and laughed (That’s what teens do when they’re impressed, right?) 😀

  12. Lisa! You didn’t miss your calling – you just FOUND it! I would SO pay a scalper an obscene amount of cash to watch you sing this live. And to twerk 🙂 Sorry. Couldn’t resist:)

    • Bwahahahaha. No overpriced ticket necessary, Ilene! I will gladly rap for you any time! (I’m going to Author Murray for twerking lessons next week!)

  13. Good stuff. You do have mad rhyming skillz. I see that one topping the charts! I can’t believe the administration thought Fallopian Tunes was too racy. WTH? Hey, have you ever heard of the Singtrix? I wrote a post about it just b/c I wanted one for Christmas. No one took the hint. It’s the coolest thing. You would be all over it. Here’s my post but in it I have the little Singtrix video:

    • I know, right? SCANDALOUS!! I loved “Fallopian Tunes”!!
      And that Singtrix is DIVINE. I *will* find one. Oh, yes. It will be mine eventually.

  14. Okay- I am TOTALLY going to have that song and saweeeeeeeet beet in my head for the rest of the night!!!

    Still going strong now…..

    “Your bedtime’s 8pm!”

    Still…going… in…my….head…

    “clankity clank….”

  15. OMG – this is incredible!! I love your awesome rap especially since you did it to Blurred Lines!!!
    Gonna have to get the app for sure – my boys will think I’m even more awesome – right?!
    BTW – I didn’t know you were a DR!

    • Giving them the down low on a cool app will totally up your awesome factor, Kim! Woot! 😀 (And yes! I’m a doctor…and a rapper now. Don’t forget that!)

  16. I so love that you shared your rap! Even if I did it, I’d only be able to torture the kids with it! Now, please tell me you have some videos of your “Fallopian Tunes” performances? You could do a mash-up! Great job!!

    • You know, I don’t know if there are any videos. This was in the early 90s and people didn’t have smart phones (or even video cameras often). We did perform on the CBS Morning Show once. I bet that video exists somewhere!!

    • TOTALLY! Lucy is 10 and she is totally into it! She’s having a blast! (and loves singing and trying all the vocal effects!)

  17. Hahaha! You know, I think that if more rap was like that, I would actually listen to it. Definitely sounds like an app that I would enjoy wasting time on…and would have to keep my kid away from!

    • I bet you are better than you think, Jeanne. But you don’t have to do the singing yourself on the app if you don’t want to do it. You can select a variety of singers! Woot!!

    • Thanks, Barbara! I’m still working on my twerking routine, but I have written an acceptance speech just in case.

    • I feel like I have the rhyming down so now I just need to work on my speed. I like to be able to lay down my rhymes at auctioneer speed. I will be practicing with my Eminem tracks and go from there.

  18. You’re too cute! I can’t sing but I can rap (that’s like talking, right?). And lip sync (which is what we did in our elementary school talent show).

    • You can TOTALLY rap, Nina! But with the autotune feature, Zya will have your singing in top form, too. Watch out, Beyonce! Nina will take it from here!

  19. I am totally putting this on my son’s ipod as a surprise for when he gets home from school. He is constantly singing (i.e. SCREAMING) the words to songs from his bedroom. His lucky sister, his next door neighbor, gets to enjoy his singing at all hours of the day and night! LOL Seriously though sounds like a fun & awesome app, thanks for sharing!

    • Putting a cool app on your son’s iPod as a surprise while he is at school?!! I think that makes you a shoe in for BEST MOM EVER!!! That’s seriously fantastic. I might have to sit at your feet and learn from the master.

  20. I am going to have to check this out! You girls give such great app-recommendations! I think the Miley/Robin look flatters both of you! Thanks for the news, and for the giggles!

    • I think the striped suit is particularly good on Ashley. I’m still working on sticking out my tongue for the Miley part. It’s a work in progress.

  21. Love it! But how can they go to bed if the party’s still raging? Then again maybe Mommy rapping will drive them to their rooms in embarrassment. Whatever works.

    • You’ve nailed it, Liz. It’s more like, “We swear we’ll go to be without one more word…if you just stop rapping.” Mission accomplished!

    • Thanks, Alison! Old dogs can learn new tricks, right! I’m going back today to record another classic. I’m thinking a singing one chorus and rapping the other version of “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”.

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