Would You Rather: Gain 50 Pounds Or Have To Pay $5,000?

Despite the fact that we are a couple of girls who feel that a good muffin top truly accentuates an outfit (or at least Ashley does…somewhere Lisa is like “Don’t be putting we in that sentence!”), we have a lot of fitness bloggers who follow us.

We are always so inspired when we go to their blogs and read all about the latest training they are doing and how they have gone 57,000 days without sugar. I always find myself being like, “That is so amazing, because I have totally just gone 57 minutes without sugar. We have so much in common”.

Or how they are just coming back from running a marathon for fun, and I nod along as I think about how I just walked really really slowlyย dashed up the stairs to set the dryer on another “fluff” cycle. Kindred spirits, I tell you. We spend all our very important blog meetings talking about how much we want to be just like them!

So, while today’s question is for everyone, it holds a special place in my heart for our fitness friends! Because, I know, I KNOW, that they are all currently rocking in the corner even thinking about it (or digging through their couch cushions looking for $5,000).

We all know how easy it is to pack on a few extra pounds. How quickly you go from comfy jeans to roomy sweats.


Usually, though, you reign it in before things get too out of hand. And in the case of our fitness friends, that probably means the nanosecond the scale goes up by 0.0002 pounds! ๐Ÿ˜‰

However, what if it happened in an instant? Boom. Your current weight plus 50 pounds. Let’s be honest here, y’all. Even the biggest pair of elastic waist pants you own is going to be a problem with the addition of 50 extra pounds. So, you are definitely looking at having to shop for new clothes until you can shed the weight. And yes, you can shed the weight, by the way. But not instantly. The old-fashioned way. Diet and exercise. And time. Or so we hear!


You can pay $5,000 and have your hypothetical self stay just like you are. No need to hit the gym…unless you want to. No shopping for a new wardrobe necessary, which is probably good since you are now out $5,000 smackaroos!


So, which is it Dose Peeps? Gain 50 pounds or pay $5,000? Don’t forget the rules, y’all. Pick a side. Either side. I am not choosy, but please just pick one.







Would You Rather: Gain 50 Pounds Or Have To Pay $5,000? — 139 Comments

  1. I can just hear the two of you laughing all the way from the south!! I have to say that I might go with gaining the 50 pounds. Why? It would be a great challenge for me. I gained 42 pounds when I was pregnant with the twins but that’s not really the same thing. It would also make for a really great blog post series on weight loss which would be something totally new ๐Ÿ™‚ Let’s do this!! 50 pounds will be 25 in no time and then back to ME shortly after that!! Right?? *gulp*

    • When you put it that way Allie…I kind of feel like you are now locked into doing this! I mean, it only seems fair! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • I gained 75 pounds when I was pregnant 6 years ago and I am still trying to shed the weight…but I am still cheap and would rather have the 5k and gain 50lbs. lol I mean, I am already trying to exercise and eat healthier so it would just be more of the same, right?

  2. $5,000. No doubt about it. It would take me less time to earn $5,000 than it would to lose the 50 lbs. Surely I could find someone to hire me! I’m pretty sure if I asked my husband, he’f fork over the $5K in no time flat.

  3. I am no fitness guru here and lord knows I am with you on keeping away form the sugar for 57 minutes and proud of myself when this happens! But still I think I would opt for the 5,000, because if I gained 50 lbs I would still have to spend a ton of money on new clothes, because now none of my clothes would fit. But that aside, just don’t want to have to try to lose 50 lbs again in my lifetime if I don’t have to!

  4. I can’t believe I’m saying this but I’d gain the weight. Even though it would be awful, I don’t have 5,000 dollars to consider spending. ๐Ÿ™

    I guess when it was all over and lost again (hopefully) Id have a good story to tell.

    • I am 100% with you Robin. I would have to gain the weight, too…unless I was able to sell an organ or something! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • I definitely understand! I feel the same way…if I had $5,000 (which I don’t!) I would have a long list of things I needed it for!

  5. Does it make me a bad person if I’m already mentally calculating the amount in the girls’ piggy banks? Ha! I would not borrow the money from them, but I’d definitely fork over the cash vs. packing on the pounds. Money is replaceable but health is not! I’d rather stretch my budget than put the extra stress on my heart!

  6. I’d pay the $5000 – no question. I’ve already got about 10-15 pounds I’d like to lose & they’re not budging! I cannot imagine adding another 50. Don’t know exactly where I would get the $5000, but I would find a way!

  7. โ€œThat is so amazing, because I have totally just gone 57 minutes without sugar. We have so much in commonโ€. BAHAHAHaskdjshkdfjshd

    But seriously, $5,000. I am almost 40. If I gain 50 pounds it’s not going anywhere. And it will probably attract a bunch of its friends with it.

    • I feel like 57 minutes without sugar is A LOT, right?! ๐Ÿ˜‰

      I feel you sister. 50 pounds would definitely become 75 for me!

  8. As a very frugal woman, I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’ll go with the $5,000. Primarily because I have found a direct correlation between my weight and my moods; when I gain weight, I am sluggish and crabby and impatient. With a toddler underfoot, I really need to be at my best, both physically AND emotionally.

  9. I can’t afford the $5,000 but I can’t afford another 50 lbs on top of the 20 I need to lose so I guess I’m forking over the moola. At least my pockets will be lighter.

    • I totally feel your pain Kristina! I need to lose at least 25 pounds, but I am totally unmotivated so you have me beat!

  10. Both situations suck, but hands down I would pay $5k to stay the way I am. I can earn $5 quicker than I can lose 50 lbs! I can’t even lose the 15 I still have to lol.

  11. OK, I’m going to have to find a second (and third and fourth) job, because I’d rather pay the $5,000. Honestly, gaining the weight would cost money, so by paying the money, I’d only have to solve one problem. And, if the weight just magically appears that means my body doesn’t have any (extra) bad habits get rid of.

    BTW, can you co-sign this loan thingie for me?? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  12. Ok – full disclosure. I tell everyone I’m 5 ft 2. I’m not. I’m 5 ft 1 something. For me to gain 50 pounds all at once would be criminal. Beyond criminal. Therefore I’m going with the $5000.00 option. Question: Do you or your fitness followers know a good, trustworthy pawnshop? One that takes used sofas, second hand clothing, fake Coach purses… ?

  13. I’m not even joking when I say that this question frightened me. After the initial shock, the answer was a no brainer. Pay the money! I’ve had three kids and with the last one I gained over 50 pounds. That’s not.easy weight to loose. I think some of it’s still hanging around.

  14. I hate to say it but…$5,000. I gained 50 pounds when I was pregnant and he’s two now, and I still haven’t lost it all. Though I don’t have &5,000 on hand so I’ll probably have to sell my car…can I pay in installments? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  15. This may sound funny, but I would take the 50 pounds, That’s less than I gained when I was pregnant (gained 60+ with each child) and for some reason I have this insanely high metabolism that burns like a machine! It would be gone next week, LOL.

  16. I’d choose to gain the 50. And after a weekend-fest of eating cake and pies, I’ll get ‘ta crackin’ at dropping those pounds. Did it before, I can do it again. ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Since I’ve just gone through a health problem that caused me to gain over 30 pounds, I will not opt for gaining 50 more. I’ll find the $5K somewhere and pay it. I already have to lose what I’ve gained, I don’t need to lose another 50. Just for the record, Dose Girls, I don’t like this game. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Love ya. Have a blessed day.

  18. I would pay up, no question. Fifty pounds on my 5’2″ frame is a lot – I don’t know how I could bounce back from that. I would have to spend the $5k anyway – on a personal trainer and chef, if I ever wanted to lose that weight!

  19. As much as I would cry myself to sleep every night, I would take the 50 pounds over paying $5,000. I already have a couple thousand in debt already. I’m in the midst of losing my baby weight so I’m confident I could lose another 50 pounds but DAMN THAT WOULD SUCK. It would make for a good fitness blog/IG account though!

    • It totally would. I kind of feel like someone needs to take one for the Dose Peeps team and actually do it! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  20. I’ll pay up. I’d need to spend around $5,000 to buy new clothes with an additional 50lbs anyways, and since you said just pick one, choosing to gain 50 lbs would ALSO mean being out $5,000.
    And besides, after I win the lottery, what’s a measley $5,000, right?

  21. Well, after reading Allie’s response and seeing that the challenge is on I know that I have something fun to look forward to!
    However, I’m going to say I will pay the $5000 (Jordan can wait an extra year before college!!!) because I’m getting old and it is too hard to lose weight – plus that 50 would turn into more and the top reason – that amount of weight would make me weigh more than Chris and I don’t think I could cope with that!!!

  22. I guess I’m stuck with the weight, because I couldn’t afford to lose the money (and even if I did have it, I would know what not having it was like and still couldn’t spend it without heaps and heaps of guilt)

  23. Here’s my thinking- if you gain the fifty pound, you will then spend 5,000 in diet programs and fitness classes/gym memberships blah blah blah to get rid of it…

    I mean, think about the cost of “Healthy Living”?? Now why would we want to do THAT??


    5,000. No question about it!

  24. Oh, crap. Really girls? Sigh.
    $5000, that I really don’t have. I gained less than that with both kids and if I suddenly had 50 extra pounds on me, it would be pretty shocking since I’ve been skinny my whole life.
    Just couldn’t do it. Feeling healthy is priceless.

  25. well if you add up all the money I have spent in the last decade trying to shed 30 lbs I am sure it comes close to $5000! the older I get, the harder it is to shed weight. so , unlike Allie, I am not quite up to that challenge!!

  26. I’m going to be completely honest, I don’t have $5,000 to spare. That is A LOT of money, ladies! So yes, give me those 50 pounds. I have no issue with hopping on that treadmill and cutting back on what I eat to make it all go away!

  27. I’m in the $5,000 camp all the way. I’d rather scrimp and save to earn back that 5 grand than have to figure out a way to lose an extra 50 lbs. No way, no thank you!

  28. I spent all of 2013 working hard to lose 43 pounds, so if 50 jumped back in me, I’d be pissed! I’d fork over $5k. $10 if I could magically LOSE 50 pounds!

  29. Oy, I don’t have a spare $5000 to spend, but I’d rather do that than gain 50 pounds. Besides, as it’s been pointed out, I would have to spend quite a bit of money anyway buying clothes that fit!

  30. I pick the fine. I’m about 25 lbs up from where I’d like to be and I know I would just feel physically, mentally and emotionally so much worse with an extra fifty pounds. I am somewhat vain (selfies, anyone) but I just know that I would be so unhappy and that unhappy ness about my weight would leech into other areas of my life. Plus I don’t like shopping and probably would not like how I looked. It all sounds incredibly shallow when I’m typing it, but it’s honest. I couldn’t put a price tag on my health and happiness–so the 5k would be fine–if it also guaranteed that that weight wouldn’t creep on over time.

    • I don’t think you sound vain at all. I think you sound honest. And I am 100% with you…when I am heavier than I would like to be, I definitely feel off in all aspects of my life!

  31. I hate this question, because of my answer. I’d pay the $5000. I don’t need 50 more lbs, thankyouverymuch. I say it’s for health reasons, but it’s not. I’m vain.

  32. Haha! You guys are so hilarious! I love this! Honestly these days I feel like I keep shelling out ridiculous amounts of money for uncool things like medical bills, taxes, student loans, etc that I would probably *almost* be able to part with the $5,000. It would just be par for the course.

    If you need me I’ll be digging for coins in my couch! ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. I’d easily pay 5 grand to stay at the weight I’m at now. I’d pay 10k if I could lose 10lbs and stay there forever without diet and exercise. Health food and gym memberships are pricey and I’m just vain enough to go for it! Now where do I sign?

  34. Haha, seriously! Well, since I don’t like coming up off my duckies….I’d have to say gain 50 pounds. Let’s just say, I thank God for my high metabolism, lol! Boy you gals sure do give us some hard choices to make! ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. No idea where I’d get the money but I’d pay $5000. I only lost 18lbs and it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done (the commitment part of it). I would hate to go backwards. Plus I am 5’2 on a good day. 50 extra pounds and you’d have to roll me around. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I feel the same way AnnMarie…I have lost about 8 pounds and even the thought of putting that back on has my jeans crying out in protest! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  36. I am way too broke to even consider the 5k. The more you weigh, the faster the weight comes off (at first. if you exercise). So… maybe that would be my motivation? But I know I would spend that first day sobbing in my pillow wearing a bath towel since nothing else would fit.

    • I feel you Angela! I would definitely have to break into the kid’s piggy banks for some extra cash! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  37. Ashley, just stopped by your blog after your kind comment and I couldn’t stop laughing reading through your posts. I’m not a mom, but I am a teacher and kids say the darndest things sometimes, my favorite was your meme after “Why couldn’t I just have a frozen party”

    ANYWAY, back to this post. I am one of those “fitness/health” blogs you mention, kind of, you see, I love chocolate cake and peanut butter and sugar and carbs, and the idea of running a marathon to me, well I think I might die on first half, or get too hungry to be able to finish. Probably die from hunger actually…

    SO at first read, I was like wait a second, TOTES NOT GAIN 50 POUNDS.
    Seeing as I am only 23, gaining 50 pounds, seems like the end of the world, but I know very well that the beautiful birth of a baby I have in the future could cause that weight gain…but that’d be for the miracle of life, not to save money, even if it’s 5,000 dollars.

    Am I vain to say I’d pay the 5,000? I feel guilty even typing it :X

    • So glad you came by to visit! ๐Ÿ™‚ I feel like honesty is the best policy, so I don’t think you are vain at all! Seems like a lot of people reading this feel the same way! ๐Ÿ™‚

  38. i have gained 50 pounds before and i wasn’t even preggers! you know how freshman gain 15 pounds. yeah, well i gained the freshman 50. FIVE ZERO. i lost it after freshman year because i wasn’t in the dorms anymore eating soft serve ice-cream twice a day. but now, it would take me forever to lose the weight. so i would gladly write a check for $5k to maintain my weight.

    • It was the all you can eat cereal bar that was a total killer for me! Combine Lucky Charms and Honeycomb, don’t mind if I do! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Seems like that would be only fair! ๐Ÿ˜‰
      And yes, coughing up the 5K would be a serious problem here, too…but, honestly, who needs lights anyway?! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  39. I’d have to find a way to come up with the 5 grand. I’m pretty comfortable in my skin and don’t give two craps that I’m considered overweight. However, putting on an extra 50 would crush my self-esteem. And I hate to exercise so I’d never get it all off.

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