Kids Are Exhausting And Make My Head Hurt

Abby just had her 6th birthday party this past weekend, and it was quite the event! Because she is very opinionated, planning these types of things can be a little tricky. She wants very definite input and will absolutely let you know if what you suggest doesn’t fit her image of the whole affair.

Originally, I threw out the idea of a Frozen birthday party, since she is totally obsessed with the movie and *literally* knows the soundtrack by heart.

She looked at me like I had three heads and practically rolled her eyes up to the sky as she said, “Uh, no”.

So, then I suggested maybe a Sophia The First party since I know she likes that show a lot. You would have thought I suggested throwing hot lava at the party guests as they arrived by her reaction to that idea.

I dug deep, y’all and tried to sound very casual as I threw out the idea to make it an Olympics theme to celebrate the upcoming Winter Games.

Abby was immediately on board and said, “That is a great idea Mom!”


I ran with it. An Olympics style invitation. Olympics themed party favors and gift bags. You get the idea.

Cut to picking out the cake.

Me: Here’s an Olympics cake. It is so cute!

Abby: No.

Me: No?!? But we are having an Olympics party.

Abby: I don’t want an Olympics cake.

Me: Wow, um, well, how about Spongebob then?

Abby: Okay, fine…but I really wish I’d had a Frozen party. Why couldn’t I have had a Frozen party? You know I love that movie.








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  1. Exactly! My head is spinning from my boys these past few days. Please tell me it’s a full moon or something? And, she’s 6??? I thought this was supposed to get better – ugh. Now my head hurts more. Thanks a lot! 🙂

  2. You’re killing me. Is this what I have to look forward to? Right now, my three year old is over the moon if I give her a balloon for her birthday. It doesn’t even have to be a bouquet of balloons, just a single balloon that she’ll hold for all of three minutes before it goes floating over Walmart and out of sight.

  3. I have been told by both my girls that they want a Frozen themed party for their birthdays this year. Emma isn’t until July and Lily isn’t until November, ut they are already planning ahead for me!

  4. Haha my daughter does the same thing. Her birthday is in March. She’ll be 7. So far we’re having it at Chuck E Cheese and I promised to bring in some Frozen decorations. But sometimes she’ll randomly say, “A birthday party at Build A Bear would be fun..” Sorry kid, no. You’re celebrating with a giant rat.

  5. Just found your blog via SITS girls…very funny and I love it when parents speak the truth. My kids are 11 and 14 and still make my head hurt, only in new and different ways from when they were 6.

  6. Oh.My.Goodness!!! Sometimes it just needs to be their idea – just like a husband. hahahaha Now you can just plant the seed for what you want to do – and you’ll get to do it!

  7. We are living the same life. Gia just had her fourth birthday party. I asked her what kind of party she wanted and she said Princess (this is what she says every year). I tried talking to her about focusing on one princess. I said Frozen as well but she just kept saying Princess party because “I love all the princesses”. I let it go and then brought up Tinkerbell because for a while she was obsessed with both Tink movies. She looked at me like I was the biggest idiot and said, “I don’t want to talk about this anymore bc I want a princess party.” It came time for the cake that my sister makes every year and what did she ask for? Tinkerbell! I had to run out and buy Tinkerbell stuff to go with the Princess stuff. Of course it was the day before the party that she let me know that. I feel you and I think Olympics is a very cool idea!

  8. Oh. Em. Gee. I HAD THIS SAME EXPERIENCE IN NOVEMBER WITH MY 6YO. I spent a buttload of time and money doing a soccer-themed party and about halfway through he was like “But Mom. Chuck E. Cheese.”

    I told him “tough,” because I was in too deep with soccer by that point. Also, I hate Chuck E. Cheese. Because gross.

  9. My little girls tried to finagle two parties out of of us. A unicorn hello kitty party and a hello kitty party. What she chose at the last minute? A jumpzone party with princess stuff.

    I have learned that I can plan ahead on my son’s party because he won’t change his mind. My little girl? Not so much

  10. Having a 13 year old daughter who was never much into themes, it is amazing how much the kids are these days! Addy just turned 3 in December and I wanted to get her a little princess cake since everything was Princess Sophia. She only wanted a MONSTER cake. “No Mommy, I want a MONSTER!” Grrr.

  11. How about she can be Elsa at the Olympics? She could be a figure skater. I love mixing things up…because, well I’m mixed up. Combine themes and then she will be confused and you BOTH get your way. I wish you the best of luck. You know if you just had boys this wouldn’t be an issue!

  12. Oh, the things I have to look forward to as my daughter ages! My sons have not been like this (thank goodness), and hopefully won’t be. My middle kid is turning 10 in a few months (Yikes!), and I’m already feeling a little panicked wondering what he’ll want for a theme since we did a cool LEGO, build-your-own-sundae party when my oldest turned 10. It could get ugly! I may be calling in reinforcements!

  13. 1 100% feel your pain! I went through this my my 8 yr old son in November! He changed his mind a hundred times! Too bad we don’t live closer – we could have swapped cakes or invitations and made everyone happy!

  14. I had a witty comment planned,and then…uhhh..Dean…*drool…I forgot what I was going to say. Let me scroll back up a minute and ….uhhh….what was I saying?? Nevermind! I’m gonna help out your bounce rate for today. 🙂

  15. And sadly, it doesn’t get any easier. But they will grow up and their kids will do the same thing to them! And we as grandmas will get to enjoy all the fun parts and none of the nonsense. Hehehe

  16. I’m sorry to chuckle but that’s pretty funny. Nothing like having a one sided argument with a 6 year old. Those days are behind me now but I can remember having similar discussions with my boys especially my oldest who was the same way. It will get better. I found alcohol therapy very soothing. 😉

  17. Oh girl!! I feel you!! I am so over the birthday party thing. So much work. In December, we cashed in some of my hubby’s travel points and let my middle daughter have a hotel slumber party for her 9th. Ordered pizza, got in the indoor pool, then they watched movies and played board games. WE only let her invite 3 friends. Other than the no sleeping, it was great. No cleanup for me and all of the girls LOVED it!

  18. LOVE that gif! Cole went to a Touch a Truck event at the JCC last summer – they had an ambulance and a truck and a police car – all sorts of different vehicles for the kids to climb in and pretend to drive. He thinks he is going to do that for his birthday party – hahahahaha! No.

  19. OMG. I can’t find Frozen-themed birthday party stuff anywhere for my kid’s party. It’s in March, but I am worried that I’ll never find the stuff. If I don’t, guess who’s going to be printing out massive quantities of Frozen pictures, cutting them out, and gluing them on cups, putting them on straws, etc. etc.????

  20. Birthday parties–and the guests of honor–are exhausting and freaking expensive. I think moms should get the party and the presents, we gave birth to the little creatures. Oh and the cake, we should totally get ALL THE CAKE.

    Also, I may have PMS today…

  21. Oh no, hahaha. Ah, children! Eve’s had moments like those and she’s only 10 weeks. “I’m hungry. No wait, I want my pacifier. Just kidding, I actually want you to feed me even though you just spent five minutes readjusting your clothes.”

  22. We haven’t hit this stage yet, so mind is spinning just listening to you. Question: with all this party knowledge, can you please just trek over hear and plan all the upcoming ones for me??

  23. You are singing my song!!! My 8 year old does this with just about everything now!! Drives me completely batty!! Of course when I make up my mind I never change my mind. (and if you believe that I have a really nice bridge to sell you! Lol!)

  24. HaHa – this made me laugh and laugh!!! (still laughing but not at you – just the fact that this kind of thing is going to go on and on and on forever!!) I’ve found that either Excedrine Migraine (I take it daily – like vitamins!) and/or wine (not to swallow the Excedrine) work wonders!!!

  25. I would have lost it right there… At least you could *sort of* mesh the two together since it’s the winter olympics and the movie is all about snow and ice. (okay, I’m stretching here, and obviously haven’t seen the movie yet) Though I know in the end she had a wonderful birthday. Happy belated birthday to Abby!

  26. I was wondering about Frozen!! so many kids (including mine who are boys) LOVED that movie. These kids don’t know what they want!! I’m sure she had fun anyway 🙂

  27. Kids are definitely exhausting!! I’m always worn out from dealing with my three by the end of the day. There are some days (like today) that I just want to curl up and fall asleep long before I actually can.
    I hope she enjoys her party. My kids don’t get that luxury because they don’t have enough close friends to have one. (That’s a huge downfall of being homeschooled for us.) However, they got bullied in schools to much for them to want to go back. 🙁

  28. Ohhhh man! I dread it already. My kids bdays are a day apart so they are getting joint bday parties for life. (insert evil laugh here). My daughter was agreeable to having superhero party this year for her 5th and for her brother’s 3rd bday. I have a feeling that it won’t be so simple next year!

  29. Just goes to show you that mom’s instincts are ALWAYS right, even if they get shot down. That being said, I love the idea of an Olympic themed party! Knowing how well you gals pulled off the Minute To Win It fun, I can only imagine how fabulous the party was. And you even had a little bit of snow, right?

  30. Another great thought is suggesting a roller skating party. If your skating rink is anything like the one I have recently experienced, it will be a real treat. It turns out that they don’t change a thing! It’s just like it was 20 years ago. The same guys are wearing bizarre sweat bands, doing “tricks” and they even have feathered hair. Also, you can still rent a foot disease if you want. While I make this sound not appealing, trust me, it will make for a great blog post and an entertaining party for both young and old. (Finger guns and winking here….)

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