Would You Rather: Have A Fully Carpeted Kitchen Or Master Bathroom?

Today’s Would You Rather comes straight from one of our favorite Dose Peeps, y’all. When the amazing Dana from Kiss My List suggested it, emails flew back and forth between Lisa and me as we discussed the awesomeness of her idea and how lucky we are to have the greatest readers on the planet!

The house my grandmother lived in had a carpeted kitchen. It was a Berber style carpet, which made it slightly less gross than a full shag carpet look. Still, though, when I think of the germs that must have been contained in that room (because running the old Bissell sweeper across it each night could not have been enough) I kind of want to cry. And then I think of my own kitchen and pretty much just gag at the thought of it being carpeted.


Good news is that this carpet would render you blind anyway, so you wouldn’t need to worry so much about unsightly stains!

Clearly, the thought of a carpeted kitchen has left us all rocking in the corner, so we should probably just assume that the second option is the winner, right?


When Robert and I were house hunting, we found our dream home. Except for one tiny, little detail. The master bathroom (which was huge and contained my dream shower, complete with bench for easy shaving) was fully carpeted. Think the softest, plushest, carpet you can imagine. And then think of the mildew and the constant state of dampness that would occur. Don’t even get me started on the toilet area being carpeted.


Taking the carpet all the way up to the toilet paper holder is really a nice touch.

It really is like the worst of two options. Do you want germs in your kitchen or in your master bathroom? Can you ever really feel clean in a fully carpeted bathroom? Can you ever really feel comfortable eating in a fully carpeted kitchen?

Which one would you choose? And just to make it more interesting…you can’t change it once you choose it. This is for the rest of your life y’all. So choose wisely!

And by the way, anytime you have a good Would You Rather idea, send it our way! We love audience participation!


Would You Rather: Have A Fully Carpeted Kitchen Or Master Bathroom? — 94 Comments

  1. Both sounds horrible. But when we went to look at an open house back before we had kids, there was a house that had carpeting in the kitchen. It was a house that was owned by an elderly lady, who passed away. So essentially an estate sale. I couldn’t get past that carpeting. So, I guess I would say that I would pick not having it in my kitchen, because I still have nightmares thinking about that house! πŸ™‚

  2. Mad props to the talented (and all-round AWESOME) Dana for coming up with a truly horrifying Would You Rather scenario. This is hard, y’all. I worked in a carpeted restaurant as a teenager, and I’m pretty sure vacuuming just crushed the food debris into the carpet even more. Ugh. But…a carpeted bathroom is absolutely disgusting. Shudder. I think I’d opt for the kitchen and put Stanley Steemer on speed dial!

  3. I guess the Master Bath because I have more control of what goes down in there. My son doesn’t use it. He uses the kitchen. The 5 pets do go in there though, and animals always barf on carpet.

    Wow, this is a germaphobe’s hell.

  4. Well, this is just disgusting. However, I only have girls so their “aim” in the bathroom is not an issue. Our kitchen though, gets horrendously filthy throughout the day and I cannot imagine the grossness that would be a carpeted kitchen. I’ll take the bathroom, but I’m gagging a little typing that.

  5. This choice is just disgusting! I have two boys and a husband, so the thought of carpet in the bathroom skeeves me out totally. However, hubby just fried us up some yummy food for the Super Bowl last night and got grease on the floor in the kitchen. How could a kitchen carpet ever stay clean?? I think that if you are forcing me to choose, I would have to go with kitchen, just because it would be easier to clean. I can’t imagine maneuvering a carpet shampooer around a toilet would be fun or easy!

    • Oh yeah, fried food plus carpet equals ewww! I definitely cannot even imagine trying to get grease out of carpet! πŸ˜‰

  6. I think I’d go with bathroom. And then my boys would never be allowed into that bathroom. And maybe the hubs would get banished, too.

    My kids make a mess of my kitchen floor every single day, so I can’t imagine the mess if it was carpeted!

  7. The kitchen but I would have to have a carpet cleaner on hand and probably an easy to clean throw rug near the stove. Having carpet in a bathroom with all the moisture just sounds nasty!

  8. Okay- both pictures made me crack up- but the bathroom? OHMYGOSH that carpet all the way up the bathtub and around the toilet?? Oh good God- NO!!!

    THis is such a hard one… ugh.




    Crap. This is hard.




    Bathroom. I guess I’ll pick bathroom.

    *Thanks for stressing me out on this fine Monday Morning!!!*


  9. holy shizzle. That bathtub! Please make it stop. You’re scaring me…

    When we first moved into our house, the previous homeowners had the downstairs bathroom carpeted. ‘Dat was nasty. Thank you, God, for the power of remodeling.

  10. Master bathroom. I have stairs leading up to the bathroom and they have carpet on them. So it wouldn’t skeeve me out too badly. Around the toilet, yes but I think I’d only let the girls go to the bathroom in there. As gross as it is, I’d rather get out of the shower or bath onto warm carpet than have to stare at the gross carpet in the kitchen and since I am in the kitchen more, bathroom wins.

  11. When we built our house 15 yrs ago the master bathroom was carpeted. That was the standard in all of the model homes. All of my bathrooms are tiled now, but many people still have carpet. I can’t imagine having a carpeted kitchen though. I’m definitely going with the master bathroom. It helps if it’s new and not preowned. Carpet in a bathroom Preowned by someone else is a definite NO.

  12. When we moved into our house (which was built in 1892), our huge master bathroom came with shag carpeting, a tub (no shower), a toilet awkwardly facing the wall, an old pedestal sink and no closet. It was also covered in black and white twall wallpaper that gave you a headache. After the first night sleeping in our bedroom, the first thing we did when we woke up was rip out that rug. It smelled horrible. A full gutting of the room came not too long after. So, I’ll take the kitchen rug. I don’t cook much anyway. πŸ™‚

  13. This is horrible! Horrible, y’all!
    I’ll go with bathroom. Even though it’s for life and the phases I’m in right now aren’t permanent, Des loves to grind food into the kitchen tiles. The carpets would need to be vacuumed twice-daily!

    • Even when he is no longer grinding food into the floor, food still totally falls on the floor, so I am with you 100%! πŸ˜‰

  14. Oh no! Both are horrible. I think I am going to pick the bathroom though, because it would cost less to rip it out which is what I would do asap!! Plus it would just be my feet touching the floor. And I’d make the boys sit. LOL

  15. I pick bathroom. They are both gross, but at least the bathroom (especially a master bath) would not be seen by anyone but our immediate family. No matter how nicely I decorated my home, a carpeted kitchen would make the whole first floor look like crap. And I spend most of my day in the kitchen, so it would drive me batty.

    Thanks for using my idea! My kids come up with some good Would You Rathers, so I’ll pass them on if I think they are Dose worthy!

  16. OMG I am so disgusted by the thought of either of these!! That kitchen carpet is beyond crazy..but then I saw the bathroom! What the…? That could be a great SNL skit – really!!! If I have to choose (without gagging) I guess I pick bathroom. And then I’m pretty sure I would use ANY other bathroom in the house!!!!

  17. Hideous! I can’t believe what I’m seeing! As buyers of a spec home, we had carpeting in lots of the house, but this has got to take the cake! I’d have to choose the bathroom. Reluctantly. Hahaha. Have a great Monday girls!

  18. I can’t believe you’re making me ponder such TERRIBLE things this cold snowy Monday.

    If I must pick, I’m going with Kitchen. I’ve got a Dyson and there isn’t much that it wouldn’t be able to suck up.

    There is just too much potential for body sauce in a bathroom. Can you imagine having to vacuum up vomit? NO THANKS.

  19. EWWWW! Lawdy, I’ve never seen such foolishness! I mean really, who actually sat down and thought it was a great, better yet, even a good idea to put carpet in either?! But in the bathroom?!!! I’m with you, the mold, the mildew, the ish..oh my!! I can’t even sleep at night if the door to our master bath is opened…IKR! So you can imagine how repulsed I’d be with the latter. So, I guess it’ll have to be in the kitchen! πŸ™‚

  20. Carpeted kitchen for the win! I have a hubby and 2 boys and a mostly potty trained 3 year old daughter. The thought of carpet in the bathroom, especially by the toilet, gives me nightmares with good reason! I’d be shampooing that carpet daily! I wouldn’t care for the carpet in the kitchen, but it would be way better than the alternative! *shivers*

  21. EWWWWW!!!!! Both are so gross! If I have to choose though, I’m getting rid of the carpet in the kitchen. Like others said, at least in the master bath, nobody else would see it. Only my hubby & I would use it so we could maybe control the nastiness a little?? Either way, gross!

  22. I’ve never seen carpet in a kitchen before but I’ve seen it in a bathroom… SO gross! I say bathroom I worse. It’s so damp I’m there a lot of the time and plus you have toilet juice particles settling in the fibers. *cringe*

  23. I must say, I am stunned by how appaling this all is. A KITCHEN?! HELL no. I’d do the bathroom, because people can come to your house and NOT see the bathroom but they WILL want a glass of water. Ugh. Terrifying.

  24. Ew, ew, ew, ew, eeeeeewwwwww! Both sound so disgusting. The 1 year old is fully into dropping food all over the floor and eating it up. But then again the bathroom is just full of nastiness. I’m squirming making this choice…but I think it has to be the bathroom…if it means that I get my own master bathroom – one that the kids don’t necessarily need to use.

  25. Ummm…our house had carpet in the master bathroom when we bought it (almost 10 years ago) and it might still be there (don’t judge – lots of other projects!!!). So I’ll just keep it I guess!

  26. Soooo the master bathroom in my first home is carpeted in the vanity area where there was a sink and mirror. The toilet and shower were in the next room over and had laminate flooring (thank goodness). This is so gross having to choose, but I would pick bathroom only because i kinda lived with it before. Then I would seal it off and share a the other bathroom with the kids. LOL

  27. You know what makes this funny/sad? The house we just looked at on Saturday has a carpeted kitchen and a carpeted bathroom. I love this house, but WHY would they do that? WHY!?

  28. Kitchen for sure–I feel skeevy just thinking about the bathroom! And oh my god the carpet up the side of the tub…I feel the need to go Comet my entire my bathroom and scrub it well, for some reason!!!

  29. Before having a son, I would have said bathroom. It’s gross, but I wouldn’t hate a warm carpet underneath my cold post-shower feet. Now, no surface is safe from pee splatter, and I’d rather have all the raw chicken juice in the world on my kitchen carpet rather than a urine soaked bathroom carpet.

    Now I won’t be able to eat for a week. Blergh.

  30. OMGAAAWWW!! That bathtub looks like Fozzy Bear! I love it and would be tempted just to do that for comic relief. But of course I wouldn’t. Maybe. Kitchen would do me in. With all the spills of milk and salmonella products it would be a germarama that would do me in. Good questions!

  31. Man alive this is a tough one. Gggaaaaagh. Ok I’m going with the kitchen. I would put down plastic over the entire floor and the curse of imminent death if anyone spilled crumbs or heaven forbid a beverage on the floor. The very idea of carpet in the bathroom is abhorent. I can’t put plastic on the floor in there because in just typikel fashion I’d slip and fall ass over tea kettle. They’d have to call the fire dept. to rescue me. I’d be naked. Thank you no. So, yes, ggaaaah I’d go with the kitchen.

  32. Carpeted kitchen for sure. Two apartments ago I had a carpeted kitchen and it was crazy but it wasn’t that bad, think tons of vacuuming and steam cleaning. A bathroom though? Ugh I barely like to have the small carpets that you can throw in the wash! I feel like it would always have a dank musty smell, and it would probably always be slightly wet. Unless! Can I have the floor heated under the carpet? That may be the only answer. Though no, I don’t care cause the toilet, and boys.

  33. GAH – So nahsty! I wish I could run far away from the fence on this one in case i drop onto either side!
    If I had to choose – I think the kitchen – at least it wouldn’t be as wet and moldy as the bathroom!
    You guys have some incredibly thought provoking “Would you rathers”!

  34. Just, yuck! Well, if I had a master bathroom I’d guess that means limited participation from a 3-yr-old who likes to dump water on the floor so I guess I’ll go with the bathroom one. Now, when you guys said we’d have to live w/ carpet forever, does it have to be the same carpet? I mean, can I replace it every few years/days or so? That’d be cheaper than redoing the kitchen. And the next time I have food poisoning it would be kind of comfy to lie on the floor in the bathroom w/ the door locked so no one can interrupt my misery.

  35. My former mother in law had carpeting in her kitchen and her bathroom. Neither was pleasant. I’m not really a fan of carpeting in any room. We’re way too messy for carpeting in my house.

    Okay I am way too messy for carpeting.

  36. If I had to choose, it would be the bathroom. Mainly because half of my bathroom is already carpeted (my condos are old as dirt) so it wouldn’t be that much of a difference.

  37. The house we are in currently has a carpeted master bath, which I thought at first oh yeah no cold feet..not thinking about wet carpets and well boys in the house.. yeah it isn’t so grand anymore. I could take a short carpet in a kitchen over in the master bath anyday. Period.

  38. First: the plastic runner in that kitchen – hilarious. My parents used to have those in “high traffic areas” of their house. I remember having to move them off the floor vents. And they do age to that lovely weird brown shade even though they start out clear.

    The choices: This is totally grossing me out. Both are disgusting. I can understand everyone’s arguments above. I totally thought I would go with the kitchen because I keep thinking of how a wet, squishy shag rug would feel stepping out of the shower (truly disgusting btw). But if only Greg and I used the bathroom and I could keep the kids out I would have to choose bathroom. The kitchen is so messy – I can’t imagine how that carpet would smell after just a couple months so….bathroom it is.

  39. Ahhh, you’re right, that is totally icky! I think I grew up in a house that had BOTH a carpeted kitchen (also Berber) as well as a carpeted bathroom. EWWW!!! I’m going to have to go with- I’d take the carpeted… oh, crap, I totally can’t decide! I thought it would be kitchen for sure, but then I remember that I live with a toddler. Can I put plastic under the kitchen table where she eats? OK, fine, I would take the carpeted kitchen. Thanks for making me feel better about life today!

  40. While I have had a carpeted bathroom before I can not deal with it. All the kid splashes and super wet carpet gross me out. I would have to go with a carpeted kitchen. I did have a friend growing up with that type of carpet in her kitchen and it was supposed to look like brick. I always thought it was weird. Still better than the bathroom though.

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