How Twitter Made One Mom’s Teenage Dreams Come True

It is no secret that we love absolutely love everything about Hollywood. We read our Entertainment Weekly magazines with a highlighter and use sticky tabs for bookmarks so we don’t miss anything. We watch a ridiculous totally normal amount of television. One of the *actual* goals we wrote down on our 2014 goal sheet was to see more movies. We are hard core when it comes to our devotion of everything show business!

It is rare for us to find someone who shares our level of enthusiasm about whether Jennifer Lawrence will choose a new hairstyle to shock the world or how much Honey Boo Boo makes per episode (let’s just say that it is too much and leave it at that). However, when we discovered Michelle at You’re My Favorite Today it was like we had found a kindred spirit!

And when we say kindred spirit, we mean it. Not only does Michelle love all things entertainment based, she has actually purchased a Pinterest Nightmare (on purpose)!! Yes. You read that right. Other than the time Lisa bought Ashley the Ryan Gosling Mini Bust, Michelle is the first confirmed person to use a Pinterest Nightmare post as her own, personal shopping list! (We know you’re dying to know. It was *not* the Male Chest Hair coat. It was Pinterest Nightmare #406b: The iPad Commode Caddy, and she says it was “for her husband”)

Michelle and the iPad holder

Isn’t she just the best thing ever?! WE KNOW!!!

Of course we never miss a single post at You’re My Favorite Today. Naturally, when we read the post below from Michelle, we immediately called each other and agreed that it must be shared with our Dose Peeps! It is SO awesome in every way.

If you were ever a teenager with a Teen Beat magazine or a Tiger Beat poster in your room, you will relate to what happened. Remember when you would go to a concert and just know in your heart that the singer was totally singing just to you? Or when you would play MASH and cry when you had to cross out the heartthrob’s name from your future husband list? Michelle was just like that, too.

What happened to her is the stuff of teenage dreams everywhere.

Here is a little sneak peek…

Other than my inappropriate older-man crush on Donny Osmond (it’s no secret I had/have Daddy issues. Whatever.), Chachi Arcola was IT for me.  I died (along with the studio audience) every time he made his entrance on Happy Days.  And I believe I’ve told you before that a fun fact about me that I’m quite proud of is that I can still sing the theme song to “Joanie Loves Chachi” by heart. I obviously do not have a lot of depth.

I’m not at all embarrassed to admit that I was one of probably 200 people who not only bought his album (shut up) but knew the lyrics to every song and defended his vocal ability to all the critics.  My best friend and I spent hours lying on my bedroom floor passing this album cover back and forth absolutely swooning listening him sing (to us, of course) to tell him…
“guurrrlll…what was in that kiss, that made me feel like this?”.

You must click over to read the rest of her story. Be prepared to laugh out loud and probably feel some jealousy, too. It is okay. We won’t judge you.

Comments will be closed here today so you can all share the Dose love with Michelle herself! She is expecting you and probably even has snacks ready and the iPad Commode Caddy already set up!


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