Would You Rather Give Up S-E-X Or Alcohol For 6 Months?

Love is in the air. Can you all feel it? That magical time of year is here. Cupid is slinging his arrows left and right and if you are lucky your man will actually remember that just like every year Valentine’s Day is February 14th.

It seems only fitting to make this week’s would you rather scenario have a love theme.

What goes better with S-E-X than alcohol? Other than total darkness, of course!

Seriously, though, in questions past about giving things up many of our Dose Peeps have shared that if the scenario had contained wine as part of it they would have a much harder time answering. Since we like to give the people what they fear most what they want, here we go.

Let’s set the scene, shall we?

Take out your calendars and look at the date. Count ahead 6 months. That magic day is the end of the line for this purely hypothetical challenge. Can you do it?

For the next 6 months, no getting busy in the bedroom. No making it happen with a quickie before the kids wake up. You cannot even be the “master of your own domain” if you know what I mean….which of course you do, because, hello Seinfeld.

Whatever your partner chooses to do on his/her own is none of our concern. But when it comes to you, the name of the game is abstinence. For 6 straight months. Fine. You can hug. Just so the kids don’t get worried. But that is it.


Have all the loving you want, but no alcohol of any kind for 6 months. Long, hard day where all you can think about is a nice glass of wine post-bedtime? Nope. Hanging out at the baseball stadium while everyone around you is enjoying a cold one? Sorry. Out with girlfriends celebrating a rare mom’s night out while raising a glass? The only glass you will be raising is your water glass. Doesn’t quite make the same clink on the toast as a cosmo, huh?

This is a challenge for you all, I bet. Or, is it so easy that your hands can’t get to the comment box fast enough? Let’s just say that The Dose Girls have had a few very important blog meetings about this topic, and we feel like we know what the results will be!

Would you rather give up S-E-X or alcohol for 6 months? Be honest. Pick one. Even if it is hard (that’s what she said!). Lisa just groaned reading that last sentence. Sorry, I couldn’t resist. You didn’t honestly think I would write an entire post about this subject without that reference, right? It was too easy…and everyone together now….that’s what she said!


Would You Rather Give Up S-E-X Or Alcohol For 6 Months? — 84 Comments

  1. Wowza, what a tough one. I’m going to say alcohol. I’m not a huge drinker to begin with, so giving it up would really be that hard.

    Now if I had to pick between sex and chocolate, that might be a different story. As soon as the kids are down, I run to the pantry to see what kind of loot there is. Last night was a double stuff oreo topped with fluff and peanut butter.

    Go big or go home baby.

  2. This may be the toughest one yet. Dare I say sex? If I wan’t a SAHM I think I could manage giving up wine a little better but these kids drive me to drink!!! Now, who’s going to tell my husband?

  3. Sorry ladies, this one is easy. I don’t drink that much so I would give up the sauce! Plus, if I gave up sex my husband would probably help out a lot less around the house 🙂

  4. Seriously this is a hard one (no pun intended), but still not a huge drinker, do like an occasional glass or one or cocktail, but I guess I mint say that right now, because 6 months without sex is just too much (maybe a month), but 6 months, is like becoming a nun almost and definitely not that saintly, lol!! 🙂

  5. Oh, this is an easy one! I easily go six months without alcohol all of the time.
    Yup. I’m that girl.
    My supertasting superhero power (or villain power?) makes it so that I can’t drink more than a few sips without feeling like a kid taking medicine. If you do happen to find something I can actually drink? I’d be drink off of half a drink! So I mainly don’t bother. You know, kids and driving and all of that.
    You do NOT want to see me tipsy. Few have and it wasn’t pretty. It involved sleeping in weird places, but not with weird people.

  6. Um yeah, I’m not a drinker. Can’t remember the last drink I had, although I cooked with Marasala wine a couple weeks ago, does that count? I didn’t take a slug out of the bottle or anything. I’ll give up booze.

  7. You guys know how to pick em don’t you? I’m going to go with alcohol because my husband would go crazy with no sex. But I dare say if I was put to the challenge, and given enough incentive (you don’t think I would do any of this willingly, do you?) I could pull either one off. But wait, does cooking wine count? I use that at least once a week. I’d have to change my recipe lineup too.

  8. This one is easy for me. I don’t drink very often, and I can definitely forgo cocktails on business trips for six months. I’m with Tara on this one. I don’t want to jeopardize my husband’s cooking & cleaning prowess, so I’ll happily set aside the sauce and keep the sexy out!

    Fair is fair, ladies. You didn’t tell us what your choice would be!

  9. I do love my hubs and he loves me, but I would be okay giving up sex AND alcohol for a certain time frame. Just don’t ask me to give up my pie slices (I’m serious). That would be insanity. Ain’t nobody got time ‘fo dat.

  10. Is it six months that I like the hubby? Or is it six months with a broken furnace and broken garage door? If that is the case, sex. If it is six months that I like him, alcohol can go but even as I wrote that, I imagined myself at my favorite Mexican restaurant without my favorite margarita and that makes me sad. All jokes aside, it would be alcohol. Six months is a long time.

  11. It would have to be alcohol. I’d get cranky sometimes, but going for six months with no sex would be hell on my marriage. No way. So, see you later, my good friend vodka.

  12. Wow. I’m shocked. I thought everyone would say they’d give up canoodling. Let’s put it this way: If I was making this decision and my choice wouldn’t affect anyone – like Hubs would be totally okay either way – I’d give up the canoodling. If I have to be realistic and think of his feelings, I’d give up the booze. 🙂

  13. Thank God I did not bet my life savings in Vegas on the answer being that everyone would give up sex, because I would be broke right now. I am GENUINELY shocked y’all.

  14. Well, to be totally honest. S-E-X doesn’t happen in our household. Hubby and I have hit that point where his libido is too low and my illnesses and disorders and all the side effects of my medications keep me from wanting S-E-X. We can easily do 6 months. As for the alcohol. Because of all the medication I’m on, I haven’t had any alcohol for nearly 20 years. So, that’s it for me. Easy peasy.

  15. Is there a third choice? I would like to give up both and have my husband be fine with that. But then I’d have no leverage for getting rooms painted in the house

  16. Difficult choice as I love both, but I’d have to say alcohol. As long as I can still have some of that smoke by my side! I’ve reached a point where my sex life is incredible so would not be able to give that up for even 1 week!!

  17. Well the comments section is a blog post in itself today, no? Such an education! I think it’s like 5543 for booze and 1/2 for S-E-X. Because of that – I’m choosing to be different. I shall take the loss of canoodling for $2,000 Alex.

  18. Yeah see I can go without alcohol for YEARS and have.. I am not doing so great on the no sex part. From acouple who could get busy at the drop of a hat and had a great sex life this wreck has taken it toll on Gene’s back making it a non happening. One wrong move can and has sent him reeling and it is’t worth it to me. No matter how badly I want it..umm did I mention I might be a slight ummm yeah you know..

  19. This was super easy for me, due to being pregnant I can’t drink for longer then six months! At the beginning of this pregnancy I could have said both. Throw them both out the window, but now for once I have been the horn dog who can’t seem to get enough!

  20. Well, at first this sounded like there would be no winner at all. But then I remembered, duh–I gave up alcohol for an entire pregnancy and beyond and I managed just fine. I think we women are wired to need the lovin. I do love my wine, but I’d switch to ginger ale if I had to in order to keep the bawchickabawwow going. 😉

  21. Alcohol. Honestly, I don’t drink it that much. I’m either drinking Diet Coke or water throughout the day. If I’m having a stressful day, I stuff my face with chocolate. I tend to get cranky if I go without S-E-X for too long.

  22. ummmmm, no wine for six months is doable, hell- I think I’m there already, well wait we did just have a Holiday at my Momma’s so scratch that, but, life is easier with 6 month no booze than 6 months no nookie, just sayin’…

  23. Easy-peasy, bye-bye booze! I’m only a once or twice a year drinker as it is, so I wouldn’t even miss it. Now if you had said coffee (aka the juice of life that makes other people tolerable) THAT would be a near I possible choice… In fact I think I just scared myself typing that.

  24. Easy-peasy, bye-bye booze! I’m only a once or twice a year drinker as it is, so I wouldn’t even miss it. Now if you had said coffee (aka the juice of life that makes other people tolerable) THAT would be a near Impossible choice… In fact I think I just scared myself typing that.

  25. I could totally do without the drinking for 6 months…but like a few people above said…it would be hard with all of my crazy kiddos under foot, they drive me to drink 😉 . I would have to find a new vice to help me with my coping skills. I guess just more sex!

  26. This is tough one. If I want to remain married, which I do, I would have to say alcohol. However, I’m a social drinker and I’m thinking of all my friend’s birthday parties coming up, cinco de mayo, Easter with family, etc, etc.

  27. Ummm…..no way am I giving up my evening wine!!! Who knows?! Maybe Chris will be deployed during this particular 6 months!!! And, if he isn’t, just think how great it will be in 6 months!!!

  28. This one is fairly easy for me: alcohol. I have gone for looong stretches of time without having any and it has never bothered me. I tend to get really tired after a glass or two of wine, anyway. I don’t need help in the tired department. 🙂

  29. I can totally do the alcohol thing because I barely drink now. I can go YEARS without touching. When I do, I barely do it.
    I’m addicted to sex! I have to have it at least every two days! Hubby and I go many rounds a day provided we get the chance.

  30. Well, I know that we could survive either scenario…though the Husband would want to kill me if there wasn’t a REALLY good reason for the celibacy. So I suppose I’ll choose giving up my wine…for the sake of the marriage you know. Though I’ve spent nearly four of the last six years as a teetotaler and I’m pretty much feeling done with that….

  31. I’m seriously concerned with how hard this decision is for me. I genuinely laughed out loud while reading! If you hadn’t taken away master of my domain I might have chosen sex, but DANG. and I really enjoy a corona or glass of wine now and again. Okay, several times a week. Shut up.

    Hmmm. Can I give up chocolate instead?

    Six months? Seriously? UGH. okay, I’d choose alcohol. maybe.

  32. I am with the very first commenter who said she would give up alcohol – not a very big drinker here, either. BUT, yes, it would be really hard for me if the choice was chocolate or sex. I’ll have to grab a piece of dark chocolate with almonds and think about that. Love that you included Seinfeld in here and love this question!

  33. Holy Moses! I’m SO GLAD you’re not the boss of me. There’s no way I’m even attempting that challenge. Hats off to the chicas, um, or chicos, who have the fortitude! I wish I had your strength. And/or your partners’ strength.

  34. So funny to read all the comments and looks like the majority is opting to do away with the alcohol! I don’t drink much so this was kind of an easy “would your rather” this week. If it were coffee or sex, then it would be a different ballgame!

  35. I am SHOCKED to see how many commenters have chosen to give up alcohol. I might have said the same thing 5 years ago. But I would prefer to give up S-E-X. My husband might be a little annoyed, but I think he’d rather have me out drinking with him on the weekends.

  36. “Would you rather give up S-E-X or alcohol for 6 months?” – Well, let’s see now…I’ve been single for the past 17 years AND I don’t drink…so I think I win hands down.

    That being said…being the master of my own domain…well, that’s another matter all together 🙂 Hope that didn’t come off to creepy sounding!

    Take care girls and all the best.


  37. I thought it would be easy to answer. I’m so tired these days, I would automatically jump to sex as easier to give up than my booze. Then I saw one of the comments about the hell it would wreak on her marriage if she went six months, and that could be really bad. I know I could give up both for more than six months… I’ve done it before. I hope I never have to make this choice!

  38. dose girls, i can and have given up both! our reproductive endocrinologist said no sex given our miscarriage history and even though i’m in my 3rd trimester, my husband is so scared to hurt the baby, he won’t even consider it! so i’ve been sexless and alcohol-less for 6 months already. but post-pregnancy, i’d give up alcohol, because my husband has been such an angel 🙂

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