Raise Your Hand If Your Partner Rocks Valentine’s Day!

True confession time. We did this last year. As in, this idea is recycled. Or upcycled if you want to be different. Many of you asked in the original post for some feedback on how it went. You know what, y’all? It was really fun! While we can’t remember the exact final scores (we totally won, though, duh.), we know that it led to a trip down memory lane for both couples. It was nice to reminisce about the good old days before kids and laundry and broken toasters took over our lives!

Raise your hand if your partner rocks Valentine’s Day!

Wait a minute, y’all, that looks like a lot of hands up out there…wow, that’s impressive!!

Oh, you were just stretching? So, we don’t need to go cry in a corner because we are the only ones who don’t have the world’s most romantic mates? Whew.

Listen, we are aware of the many ways our hubbies complete us and make our lives better. And we will be sure to tell them all of those ways in their mushy, poetic, just right Hallmark message greeting cards this Thursday. (As long as we have time to go to Hallmark on Wednesday).

But is that really enough? Can’t we do more to celebrate this special day dedicated solely to love?

Let’s just say that we decided to get creative, because when we broached the subject of making this Valentine’s Day special with our hubbies, we were met with a bit less enthusiasm than we had been hoping for. We heard…

“Valentine’s Day? At a restaurant? Isn’t that the night that you can never get a reservation, and then they make me eat off a special menu so I can’t even get the food I actually want?”

“Would we even be able to get a sitter that night? And wouldn’t she want to charge like double? That sounds like it might be expensive. What day is Valentine’s Day again?”

Back off ladies, these special men are all ours! 😉

So, like with everything else in our lives, we have both decided to take matters into our own hands and plan an at-home, totally affordable, hopefully romantic, evening after the kids are in bed!

In order to set the scene, we feel like there must be a good meal. Since we know we’d feel bitter and hostile if we had to do all the work ourselves (and that doesn’t lend itself to romance), we have told our hubbies that they are in charge of what we eat for this special date night. It’s all theirs! Depending on how late they leave the office and how long the line is at the grocery store, we are probably looking at Domino’s Pizza. Hope they don’t forget the garlic knots!

Since we, however, are in charge of dessert, we have been combing the interwebs for all the best recipes. This one left us drooling onto our keyboards, so count on this being served!

Thank you Mix and Match Mama for this fabulous recipe!
Thank you Mix and Match Mama for this fabulous recipe!

But, dinner and dessert didn’t seem like quite enough. I mean we can eat at home in front of the TV with our men any night of the year.

Thanks to our friend Sheri and a long car ride back from the beach, we came up with a way to really spice things up this year! We came up with a game that can be played with our mates that should inspire romance! And no, for the men reading, it is NOT called strip poker.

It is more of a trip down memory lane style game. We thought of questions to answer “Newlywed Game” style that would invite shared conversations about all the reasons why we love each other. We’re writing the questions down in advance and answering at the same time to see how closely our answers match.

Here are some sample questions we will be using:

Where was your first date? This should be an easy one, right? We know they might be dubious about the game, so we’ve got to start off with a simple question to inspire confidence in the whole process!

Favorite Take-out and your mate’s order? Chances are this will be an easy one, too, since we will most likely be eating it as we play!

Best thing your partner cooks? We admit this will be a tough one for our men. It will be a reach for them to say anything other than, “Any meal that doesn’t have us reaching for the fire extinguisher works for us”. It will be fun seeing them try, though!

What was the first trip you took together? Who doesn’t love remembering the good old days of having enough money, time, and energy to travel? (You know, before kids).

What is your dream vacation? Okay, we admit this one could be depressing if you suspect you’re never actually going to be able to get to that beautiful beach in Fiji, but both of us already have dream vacations in mind that are not out of the realm of possibility. This seems like the perfect way to get them on the guys’ radar.

Who is better at handling money?: If our answers match up on this one, we’re immediately putting that person in charge of creating and maintaining the dream vacation fund!

What detail at the wedding did not go as planned? We know there at least one thing that happens on every wedding day that could have made the highlight reel of America’s Funniest Home video, right? Ours are no exception.

What song reminds you of your spouse? We hope they tread lightly here because no wife wants to hear that “Baby Got Back” immediately brings her to mind!

What was the first thing you noticed about your spouse? Was it his sparkling blue eyes or his early 90’s popped collar?

What one item of clothing would you like your mate to eliminate from their wardrobe? Oh dear, this could get interesting. Needless to say, our hubbies have many items to choose from in our closets! And actually, we can think of quite a few things from their closets, as well! (Nobody needs a road cone orange t-shirt. Just sayin’.)

What is the best way you have been influenced/changed by being together? This will have us ending on a high note for sure. Our guys really have brought the best out in us…if you think we’re crazy now, you should have seen what we were like before!

Good Luck, Guys

Have you done this sort of question game with your partner? What other questions would *you* add to our list?


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  1. This is so timely since I just had a conversation with the hubs about Valentine’s day last night where he asked “Do we celebrate that?” Apparently not. I got him a VERY thoughtful gift and, since we’re suffering through another snowstorm today, I don’t think he’ll be able to get to the local drug strode for a last minute card. Sigh. At least we have some good weekend plans and maybe I’ll throw this game at him too!!! Happy Hearts Day my friends!

    • With the south under siege from this snowstorm, I feel that many a Valentine’s Day gift will be improvised this year, Allie! Maybe we’ll all make up for it this weekend! (or…probably not!)

  2. I would so love to do this with my husband and post, but I have FTSF tonight and have to get that up. But can only imagine the answers I would get and guarantee he would give some ones that he would be laughing at and me maybe, maybe not! But seriously, you should do this next year as a linkup possibly and would so join you if you did!! 🙂

  3. We are heading for dim sum (without the kids!) on Saturday to avoid the Friday night pre fixe meals and steep babysitter rates. And *i’m* the one who might be without a card because I didn’t get one yesterday and there is ridiculous snow today… 🙁

    • Good plan with the Saturday night outing. That’s the way to do it. I feel like with all of this snow, the lack of cards is going to be forgiven, Sarah!

  4. My husband asked me last night if I’d finished my Valentine’s shopping. I laughed and said, ‘Yes, of course!’ We’re both finished because we never started and we’re snowed in until the end of time. Or, at least it feels that way. I hope he figures out a way to get my Twizzlers anyway!

    • I’m keeping my fingers crossed he is able to come through with the Twizzlers, Nicole. You never know. There just might be a Valentine’s Day miracle!! 😀

  5. We are just going to Steak N Shake for Valentine’s Day. We’re hoping it won’t be busy since it’s not fancy or anything.

    I don’t think we’ve ever asked each other these types of questions. My memory stinks so I’m sure I’d stink at it.

    • You’ve got to skip the questions! We don’t ever play a game unless there is a decent chance we’ll win! Enjoy your date!! There is nothing better than those skinny Steak N Shake fries! YUM! 😀

  6. GREAT list! I’ve always known we’d be bad at the newlywed game, mostly because of those ridiculous “favorite” questions. Andy doesn’t have a favorite anything, seriously, no favorite color even. I hear we might be his favorite family though.

    • Bwahahahaha! That sure makes answering questions a LOT harder. How can you not have a favorite color? Maybe he just likes to keep his options open.

  7. Those were great questions. Sad that half of them I can’t answer and I know he wouldn’t be able to answer. I would make for a funny game though with lots of laughs. We’re headed out of town this weekend so I’m bookmarking it so we can have at it! This should be interesting…

    • He might surprise you, Hope! My husband didn’t answer exactly like I thought he would, but some of the memories he thought of fondly surprised me. He remembers more than I thought!

  8. Ya know- Derek would NEVER take the time to do this – and to be honest? Lord knows I wouldn’t either- cause we are both too busy and lets be real, too lazy!!!! Now, I DO know that if I waved a little fun questionnaire like this in his face and then *dangled the carrot of…* for such a reward in completing it…

    You know he would fly through those questions with the speed and precision of a race car driver on crack.

  9. I have been bugging my boyfriend about our Valentine’s Day plans. It’s the day before and he still doesn’t have anything planned. THANKFULLY, I happened to win tickets this morning to a Valentine’s Day concert hosted by a local radio station. Jason Derulo will be there. I’m not too big of a fan, but I do enjoy his music! And there’s a bar… so that makes everything much better.

    • Winning radio station concert tickets is my fantasy…and you did it!! How awesome is that?!?!? Well done, Ashlee!! Have a great time!!!

  10. Joe actually made dinner reservations at a restaurant I’ve been wanting to go to but I had him cancel because I hate how it’s a special menu. Chinese and sweatpants tomorrow!

    • I know why they do the special menu thing, but it’s *so* annoying! You made the right call! Go when you can have what you want…and Chinese takeout is always a win!!

    • WOW!! Look at you two love birds stepping it up!! Well done! You’ll have to remind me what a romantic dinner out with your spouse feels like! 😀

  11. Love this idea and so glad to see you ladies are celebrating Valentine’s Day! My Facebook timeline is overloaded with kill joys who are downing Valentine’s Day and dismissing it as a day for fools to spend money on overpriced items. . .um, isn’t that kinda the point of holidays? 😉

    My husband is a Valentine’s baby, so we’ll be throwing him a little movie night birthday party at home. My daughter wants everything to be pink! Lol. I’m sure by the second movie the kids will be fast asleep and the real party can begin! woot woot!! Haha!

    Happy Valentine’s Day ladies!!!

    • Aw! That sounds like so much fun! My mom is a Valentine’s baby, too!! We’re lucky we already had “stay at home and celebrate” kind of plans because we are on our 3rd day of being housebound by the snow. That doesn’t look to be changing!! 😀

  12. You realize of course that there is only one right answer to each question, that is the answer you have in your mind. So unless your husbands are both David Blaine I think you may be in for trouble on this one.

    • You know us so well, John. That is *totally* how the questioning of the husband works. We do give them bonus points for amusing us as they try to come up with answers, though.

  13. We’re snowed in until the end of time like Nicole too. There will be no last minute anything around here!
    Perhaps these questions will be the answer to everything!!
    I’m in charge of dessert too this year. Again, since it’s a snow day and tomorrow will most likely be one too, I’m going to go into the freezer, pull out a pint of gelati, and put it on the table next to two spoons. And a can of whipped cream. And a paper heart that Scarlet cut out.

    • Actually, that sounds divine! We’re on our 3rd day of being shut in with no end in sight. What I wouldn’t give for a can of whipped cream right now! I got bread, milk, and eggs at the grocery, but overlooked the REALLY important things like that. Dammit.

  14. The hubbs and I played the Newlywed game via pre-recorded answers (on his part) for my bridal shower. It was really neat and very fun. We recently got the video of my side of it and watched together (recently as in 6 months ago). I think maybe we’ll just watch that again. Saves us from arguments about who’s right…lol

    • Bwahahahaha. That is SUCH a cool thing to do at a bridal shower. What a great idea!! Maybe next time I’ll prerecord one of our answers to questions like this. It would be so much fun!

  15. Since this is a rerun are you going to ask different questions this year? Or do you figure they’re dopes, they won’t remember what we asked them last year?

    • Bill, Bill, Bill….they don’t even remember we DID this last year, much less what questions we asked. That makes it very easy on us! Hooray!

  16. What a great post! Since the snowstorm (finally) passed us, I actually went and grabbed a Valentine card for the hubby and some candy and stuffed animals for the kiddos. I discreetly snuck them inside this morning so my husband didn’t see and I can yell at him tomorrow when he realizes he has forgotten! ha! But, I also grabbed dinner to make at home and we can always crack a bottle of vino to celebrate by the fire….after I yell at him for forgetting.

    • I’m glad you were able to sneak out. I actually did my card shopping on Monday before the storm hit and I *know* my husband was not thinking ahead like that. We are still completely snowed in, but I will totally enjoy it when I will be able to produce an actual Valentine tomorrow! Ha!

  17. Who doesn’t love this!!!??? What a cute and thoughtful game! I like the “road less traveled” ideas here because Valentine’s Day is turning into a day of expectation and maybe even disappointment. This is a fresh idea and I love it! Thanks girls!

    • We are totally with you, Karen. We set it up as this end all-be all of romance and we’re setting ourselves up for disappointment. Taking it down a notch and reminiscing seems like a good plan!

  18. I have a card for my husband, and that is it. I doubt he even got me that, since we are snowed in today and probably tomorrow. He hates those question games, so I don’t get very far with them. What a party pooper.

    • Our husbands don’t usually go for the questions either, but these were low stress. Even when our answers didn’t match, we laughed about the experiences we remembered!

  19. Well, the nice thing – our first date and first trip were one and the same (don’t judge!).
    I didn’t even buy a card (I hope he doesn’t get me one so I don’t feel like a heel). Pretty sure we are just keeping it low key but I did tell him about a wine tasting tomorrow that might be fun to go to.

    • A wine tasting does sound fun!! I’d go for it!
      You went on a trip on your first date?! How cool is that?! I love it! I feel like there is a story in there that we need to hear!!

  20. True confession. My husband and I are going to be in different cities on Valentine’s Day. Of course I wasn’t organized enough to buy a card before I left and I thought about buying one but at this point I’d have to Fed-Ex it to arrive on time. There’s always next year…

    • There’s always next year! When you reunite you can have a fabulous meal off the regular menu on a regular night that isn’t crowded!

  21. This is such a great list of suggested questions to ask. My husband loves to rehash our first date. If it was up to him he’d tell the whole world about it a thousand times. He loves talking about our love story almost as much as I do. 😉

    I do miss life prior to kids at times. Especially lately! The kids have interfered in our loving times a lot lately for one reason or another. However, we do love them dearly. All to soon they will be grown up.

    • Aw! That’s so sweet! I’m always surprised by the little details my husband remembers about things. And you’re right…before you know it the kids will be grown and gone. *sob*

    • Yes, that’s it’s exactly AnnMarie! Robert was the same way. I was surprised at some of the things he said and the things he remembered that meant a lot to him. He usually doesn’t talk about things like that. It was nice! 🙂

  22. Not a lot of romance going on here. Maybe I need to try this. My kids have gotten a lot of mileage (in terms of laughter) on how he proposed “Here, do you like it?” My youngest thinks that is the funniest ever. I told him not to even think about proposing to his future wife like that!

    • I’m with your youngest because that’s fantastic!! Bwahahahahahaha! Now I want to hear more of your romantic stories, too!! 😀

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