Pinterest Nightmare #350: The TwoDaLoo

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Isn’t it nice to have a whole day to revel in the love of your significant other? Or maybe you are just happy that Target will have Whitman’s Samplers 50% off tomorrow. Either way, we all have a reason to celebrate!

There is one place you must visit to make your Valentine’s Day preparations complete–PINTEREST! Where else can you find craft projects to make all the other moms hate you by turning an ordinary shoe box into a Minion from Despicable Me (estimated assembly time: 8 hours), a unicorn with a rainbow tail (only requires 28 different colors of construction paper), or an adorable lifelike owl (with over 4,000 feathers to cut from grocery bags) for your 7 year old’s school party?

But when we saw this pin, we know that Pinterest had yet again given us the perfect idea to make Valentine’s Day *really* special…

Pinterest Nightmare #350: The TwoDaLoo


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No, this isn’t a photo tweeted from a journalist at the Sochi Olympics, it’s the  first tandem toilet available in the US market– the TwoDaLoo! It really brings a whole new meaning to the term “love seat”, amiright?

We are all so busy these days. It can be really hard to find time to connect with your mate given all the demands of modern day life. With the TwoDaLoo, now you can sit down together for some quality couple’s time every single day! (provided you both stick to a dietary plan with lots of fiber)

Now not even a bout of norovirus can stand in the way of your love!

But don’t take my word for it. The president of the company thinks this toilet for two can greatly improve any relationship. As he points out, “When you’re most relaxed, that’s the best time for you to communicate with your partner, discuss your concerns, and learn from them to grow as a couple.”

And really, what could be more relaxing than sitting with the love of your life during your morning constitutional as you gaze into each other’s grimacing faces? The TwoDaLoo brings couples time to a whole new level! How intimate.

Oh, Pinterest. No…just no.



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  1. This may be the worst one yet!!! My husband would DIE! He so private in the bathroom that he barricades the kids from coming in – and you know how hard THAT is. Oh I cannot wait to show him this and tell him I ordered one for Valentines 🙂 You girls are the best!!

    • Think of how handy it would have been for potty training the twins, too! You could set them both down at the same time and BAM…suddenly you’re diaper free. But that’s just another perk. Obviously the romantic use for spouses is the main benefit!

  2. Omg, hell no and I mean that in the nicest way possible, but I will say my girls would find this entertaining and would probably use it together. But as far as relationships go not touching this one with a ten foot pole, lol! Happy Valentine’s Day ladies 🙂

    • Good point, Janine. All girls like to go to the restroom together. Maybe restaurants and other establishments should consider getting these to ease the lines in their Ladies’ Rooms!

  3. I don’t even know what to say- I hope it comes with scented candles, perhaps gas masks? Our bathroom has a bowl of matches in it for a reason, and we could own stock in Yankee Candle. I would love to read some “testimonials”

    • I’m not sure about those, but there is a deluxe package that adds a port to charge your iPod so you can at least listen to tunes together.

  4. From questionnaires to stump clueless hubbies to the perfect Valentine’s gift for your sweetheart, the Dose Girls have done it again! You always find that perfect way to say I Love You!

    And you know I’ll be stalking the Target clearance section for 75% off 100 Grand Bars & Twizzlers!

    • I’ll be right there with you, Nicole! If we use our Target REDcards we’ll get an additional 5% off…not that I’m counting on that or anything! 😀 Happy Valentine’s Day!

    • WHOLE. NEW. LEVEL. 😀 Maybe you can get one of these for Lawn Boy for a wedding present! Happy Valentine’s Day!!

  5. O. M. G. I can’t even. That’s just… Wow.

    I do really like those crafty mailboxes, though – that’s totally the kind of thing I will try and fail at so miserably that the project will end in tears.

    • Oh, if I attempted ANY of the cute mailboxes, it would definitely end in tears intermingled with hysterical laughter. It almost makes me wonder if I should try my hand at one of them since we’re snowed in.

    • Two Holed Outhouse…your husband sounds like a man who knows how to bring romance to every single day and situation!!. (The laptop pull out feature is inspired. I think you should propose that to the company and then sit back and watch the money roll in)

    • The inability to close a door whilst you use the commode was just the warm up, Patti! This is definitely the big finale! It’s a whole new level of intimacy!! 😀

  6. Can I just point out, we own Mike’s mother’s old homestead, she was born in this house. They had an outhouse until the mid-60’s and only had room for ONE bathroom and 3teenage daughters, baffles my mind, I wonder about the technical plumbing specifics because this could be an actual need in our home, not for #2 just pee no poop! LOL! Happy V Day, Dose Girls! XO! ~A~

    • Until the mid 60s!! Oh my goodness!! I can’t imagine 3 teenage girls and one bathroom. You totally need this, Amber!! 😀

  7. I cannot even imagine…relaxed? Not a chance. Let’s just say this appealed to you…unless you were leaning back, say, like, in a pimped out Cadillac on a warm spring night in Miami, you wouldn’t even be able to see the other person. Does anyone sit on a toilet like that? And don’t ask how I know about the Cadillac.

    • Bwahahaha! I think that posture is what makes it so relaxing, Stephanie!! This is totally the Cadillac of toilets!!

  8. Good job finding the worst Valentine gift ever. Now couples can fight if they don’t have to both go at the same time.
    How much? Then add about $1000 to completely replumb your bathroom.

    • It’s only $1400….plus whatever the re-plumbing costs. (Good point) But it would be worth every penny just to have that kind of togetherness, right?! 😀

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    • Aw! I don’t believe it! You let us watch you exercise every day on your blog. This is nothing compared to that! 😀

  10. Now the problem with THIS is that Derek spend about an average of an HOUR on the toilet doing his thang… and me?? well, I wait until the VERY LAST minute and run to the bathroom- taking a total of 3 minutes tops. I suppose I could stay in there and smell the stink while we linger in our love….

    OHMYGOSH this is just sick. You have to find out if ANYONE has EVER bought something like this!!!!

    Happy V day!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU GIRLS!!!!!!!!

    • Bwwahahahahahaha. I cannot stop laughing. I can just picture you and Derek sitting there while your love…ferments…just lingering. Isn’t love sweet! Bwahaha!

    • EXACTLY, Kita! I’m glad I’m not the only one!! My daughter thinks nothing of a closed bathroom door. She just walks right in. At least this way would both have a place to sit!! 😀

  11. Oh my. I’m not sure I can say much more than that. You know who would love this item? My boys. We have 4 bathrooms in our house and they always fight over one. I can only image the shenanigans that would come about having a toilet like this.

    • I’m with you, Martha. Now that I’ve seen it, I won’t rest until I get one, too. I cringe to think I’ve lived this long with a puny one-seater toilet!! 😀

    • You make a good point, Opal…but what could be more mysterious than a toilet built for two? Intriguing, right?! 😀

  12. This is just a kinds of wrong!!! But given a chance I think my husband would definitely make this purchase! Lol! Seriously he wants to have all our heart to heart talks when one of us is doing our business in the bathroom! I know, I know TMI!! I’m definitely making sure he never sees this!

    • I feel your pain, Tracie!!! My husband is the same way! He always tries to talk through the door! GAH! The only thing keeping him from ordering this today is that our bathroom is the size of a postage stamp. 😀

    • Same here! My family already thinks nothing of the closed bathroom door. The TwoDaLoo would just make it easier for them to pull up a seat! 😀

  13. What could be more romantic than pooping together??? OH MY GAWD!! LOL

    I feel like my husband would use this to trap me into finishing conversations I don’t want to have like…how much money I spent at Target!

    • Oh, Angela!! I NEVER THOUGHT OF THAT!! This is definitely a flaw in the system!! And if he wants to hold you hostage until you fess up about that last shoe purchase, all he has to do is push the toilet tissue just out of your reach. I might have to rethink this now… 😀

  14. I have the tiniest bathroom, but what’s a shower or a sink compared to ability to bond with your loved one in the room even more intimate than your bedroom?

  15. haha, this is amazing…ly horrible. I have nightmares about this, no lie. If I have to pee in my sleep, I’ll have dreams that I’m in public bathrooms that are quite like Sochi, but horribly dirtier. (if possible)
    When we were house hunting, I actually told our realtor to never in a million years show me a house with only one bathroom. Not with two kids and house guests! Never. I have nightmares that someone will be in the shower and I’ll have to go..urgently. What do you do? Go in the snow? I’d do that over this!

    • Bwahahahahahaha! But it gets COLD in your neck of the woods, Tamara! Surely you’d rather TwoDaLoo than take to the hillside!! I’ll put you down on our list as a “might buy” . 😀

    • Are you sure? It would be such a great way to bond and you’re going to have to use the bathroom anyway…it’s a win-win! 😀

  16. The bathroom is my escape plan. I already grimace because I have to share a sink and counter with my adorable hubby. We have 2 bathrooms in the house, but the 2nd (main) is all the way on the other end of the house. Which he’s nice enough to use in the mornings so he doesn’t wake me up as ours is an en suite in our master bedroom. But, doing the grunting and groaning together? That’s too much together-ness..

    • Are you SURE Vicki? It could be so romantic! BUT…We only have one sink and counter, too, and I do NOT want to share that at the same time…THAT is just going one step too far. 😀

    • I know!!! But I think Russia was inspired by the TwoDaLoo because it has been around since about 2007. Can you believe it! One day you could be house hunting and come upon a TwoDaLoo in the master bathroom. OBVIOUSLY you’re buying that house immediately!!

    • You are a GENIUS, Liz. That is an AWESOME idea! Bwahahahaha. They should totally make that an add on feature!! 😀

    • Are you absolutely sure?! The TwoDaLoo is the perfect way to multitask! Who doesn’t need more couples time and we’ve all gotta go… 😀

  17. How gross!!!
    Sometimes I think hubby’s PT is the only thing that keeps him coming home after work to our nut house. Where would he hide out!!!???

    • There is no hiding from love, Dana. I know we are all dying to spend every. single. moment. possible with our dear husbands. Now we can, thanks to the TwoDaLoo! 😀

  18. OMG!! Quite possibly the most disgusting invention ever!! What a moron! I know this guy has never been in a serious type relationship!! SMH!

    • It’s possible he’s a bachelor, Kathy…but I think the TwoDaLoo confirms that he knows the way to a woman’s heart! 😀

  19. CRACKING UP! NO way should this be a thing at all, let alone a Valentine’s Day post. 😉
    ALTHOUGH… the mom in me who never ever gets to pee at all let alone pee alone thinks this has a certain appeal: Potty training the toddler? Set up camp for them on one and you don’t have to worry about when YOU have to go anymore. You can leave them on the can & you can go, too! Preschooler taking all day on the commode and you have to go, too? No problem!

    • That’s it exactly, Allison!! It’s genius, right?! Not only will it provide more couples time, it’s perfect for potty training. Place your order now, before they are all out of stock! 😀

    • You can’t be old, Sarah, because I’m older than you and I am still VERY, VERY young (ish).
      BUT…you are correct!! It was an old-school SNL skit way, way back in the day. When the San Francisco Chronicle did their write up, they even said how they thought it had to be a joke because of that…but it wasn’t! Thank you, SNL! 😀

  20. My kid has developmental delays and is already smart enough to lock me out of his bathroom stuff so I just say NO WAY. oh. um. except that it might be really nice to know what in the hell my husband does for 40 minutes while sitting on the toilet so there’s that!

    • Wouldn’t it be nice to solve that mystery, Kristi?! Why are they all hiding out in there?! The TwoDaLoo will put an end to this!! It’s worth re-plumbing the bathroom for that reason alone!! 😀

  21. My kids would love this!! The surest ways to make someone have to go to the bathroom in my house: start chore time or have someone else go potty. My son swears he’s having an emergency every time his sister sits down! With this, they could just go together! #Winning

    • Bwahahahaha. When I was a teen, my dad said that it was a miracle how I always had to go to the bathroom every time they declared it was time to do the dishes. I’d just disappear. And what can you say if someone has to “go to the bathroom”? The TwoDaLoo will thwart chore shirkers throughout the land!!

  22. We’re an open-minded couple who finds fart jokes and poop jokes freaking hilarious. But this? No. I’ve smelled what comes outta my husband and there is NO WAY I’d want to be in the same room or right next to him while pooping. That’s just going too far.

    • You make a good point, Kim. I’m also thinking…if we’re both in there, who will we yell for when we need someone to bring us a new roll of toilet paper? It could get tricky! 😀

  23. Oh my gosh….. I am laughing so hard at this… I, for one, cannot stand the smell of walking into our bathroom when my husband is occupying the throne…. Much less sit and hang out with him! I think I will choose to bond over card games and ummmm other things instead. LOL

    • Bwahahahahahaha. Card games are definitely a great way to enhance your love…but if you play your cars right with the TwoDaLoo, you could be increasing your couples time two-fold!

    • You know they would, Dawn! It would take a regular visit at Dawn’s house and turn it into a couples retreat. Fantastic!!

  24. “And really, what could be more relaxing than sitting with the love of your life during your morning constitutional as you gaze into each other’s grimacing faces?” LOOOLL!! I died with that line.
    Good find girls! I can always count on you to find the most bizarre stuff from Pinterest 🙂

    • Think of how much extra couples time this would get you, Amanda! You could even do the crossword puzzle together…or just bask in the glow of each other’s…fumes. Lovely!!

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  26. When they get a celebrity endorsement then I might just run out and get one. LOL! After 14 years of marriage I still don’t want my husband knowing what’s going on in there. I can’t imagine that would be even close to relaxing.

    • I wonder what celebrity couple they could get…maybe Brad and Angelina. They look like they might poop together. I’m going to hold you to this deal, Carli. When Brangelina tells the world they have one of these in their Paris manse, I’ll forward you the TwoDaLoo catalog!

  27. Oh wow I wish I had a TwoDaLoo in front of me right now so I could barf in both bowls! Man oh man, I cannot think of an experience that I would like to share with my spouse less than my time on the toilet (or his!). I am still working on how I can get his bathroom time to somehow happen outside of the house! This will haunt my waking hours as well as my dreams! Hope you two had a great Valentine’s Day!

    • Bwahahahahahahahaha! Oh, Angela! I can hardly breathe!! If you figure out a way for that bathroom time to happen outside of your four walls, then tell me your secret! I want to know it, too!!

  28. Umm…GROSS! That’s just nasty! I don’t want to have a chat when I’m doing my business and my spouse is doing his, and I definitely don’t want the kids all like, “Mom, we have 2 toilets in there! Why can’t we use them at the same time!” I’m the one who thinks urinals need to go, so this definitely is not ok with me. Just yuck!

  29. My parents once bought a house that didn’t have a door to the master suite. Even though it had a half wall by the toilet, I still remember the conversations about needing to get that fixed. This is so.much.worse.

    • I can totally see why they’d want to fix that. Who just wants to see a head peeping over a half wall at them. You can’t even hold a decent conversation like that. No wonder they wanted to knock that wall down! 😀

  30. I think I’ll pass on this one! I can’t even stand being in the bathroom 10 minutes after my husband was in it – I couldn’t be in there while he’s actually in there! I might pass out!

    • But if he was sitting right next to you, he could catch you! You’d swoon and your hero would be there. It would be like something right out of a romance novel!!

    • That is the ultimate luxury! Whoo Hoo!!
      But wait…are you *sure* you don’t want to give the TwoDaLoo another chance, Catherine? If you put a TwoDaLoo in each bathroom…you’d have bathroom seating for FOUR!!! If two is good…four is surely better, right?

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