Pinterest Nightmare #001:The Nightmares That Still Haunt Us


A year ago we wrote a little post about the strange and disturbing things we’d found in our Pinterest feed… and the Pinterest Nightmare was born! As we celebrate the first anniversary of this Dose of Reality staple, we thought we’d also take a little time to reminisce about the original ten pins that started it all–or as we like to call them–The Pinterest Nightmares That Still Haunt Us!


We absolutely love Pinterest.

We can drool over recipes we would burn if we ever tried them, dream of furniture our kids would destroy if we bought it, and covet outfits we wouldn’t know how to accessorize even if they were in our closets. But for those 10 minutes 2 hours a day when we are on Pinterest, anything seems possible!

Along the way we’ve also found things that make us laugh out loud–and not on purpose. These are things that are so bizarre, even we cannot get behind them–and we cherish weirdness. We even made a board solely dedicated to them: our Oh, Honey…No! Board.

So here are some of our “favorites” from the board in no particular order…

The 10 Dumbest Things We Found On Pinterest (So Far):

1.  The Glass River Landscape Feature


If you aren’t fortunate enough to have a real moat on your property, this will add such beauty and majesty to your shrubbery! Who *doesn’t* need more glass shards in their yard, amiright? Don’t forget to stock up on bandages and make sure your tetanus shot is up to date prior to installation!




2. Toilet Shaped Mug


Touted as “hilarious” on the website, we were thinking “repulsive” was the better descriptor. Perhaps drinking out of the toilet is best be left to dogs-especially when the water is brown. Someone needs a trip to the gastroenterologist! *shiver*




3. Voice Activated Shopping List Generator



We all know how great voice activated technology works. It ranks slightly below a toddler randomly hitting your keyboard and just above the auto-correct feature on your iPhone. What could be less frustrating or more time saving than speaking into a box and having it generate your grocery list for you? We mean, besides writing what you need on a piece of paper.



4. Crafting With Cat Hair



For less that $10, you too can learn how to craft unique items with your cat’s own hairballs! Why settle on creating things FOR your cat, when you can create things FROM your cat!! And to think, all this time I’ve been trying to *minimize* my cat’s production of hairballs. What was I thinking? Well, besides I am a normal person who dislikes handling hairballs.



5. Fleece Lined Tights



What woman doesn’t crave a layer of lumpy fleece between her skin and her tights? How else would we know what our cellulite would look like if it went all the way down to our ankles? But if it’s so cold regular tights won’t provide enough warmth, what else can you possibly do? Oh…wear pants.




6. The Nest Chair



Just picture it. You’ve had a totally exhausting day working and running errands. You’re really looking forward to getting home, kicking off your shoes, and sinking into a cozy chair for a little “me” time. Nothing says comfort like slabs of wood at odd angles digging into your back. You’re feeling relaxed just looking at the picture, aren’t you?!



7. Live Moss Bath Mat

feb6ec2cf242c5949a45266bd35cae7cThis moss bath mat supposedly thrives from the drops of water that fall off your body as you exit the shower. I don’t know about you, but when I see stuff that looks like that in my bathroom, I reach for the Tilex. Also, won’t I have to climb back in the tub again to wash the smelly dirt and moss from my feet?


8. Handcrafted Rope Bracelet In Red



This lovely piece of jewelry will set you back $85. It will also make people rush to your side, apply direct pressure, and call 911…because we’ve got a bleeder on our hands!!





9. The Bosom Sleep Supporter



I can’t tell you how many sleepless nights I’ve had because my giant breasts touch each other while I’m asleep. Oh, wait…yes I can. That number is zero. Do you know what *would* disturb my sleep? A giant piece of foam on my chest, that’s what.




10. The Pet Friendly Shower Curtain
dog shower

Who doesn’t want to re-enact scenes from John Travolta’s epic Movie of the Week, The Boy in the Plastic Bubble, every time they wash their dog? “This poor doggy! He just wants to live a normal life! But we can only touch him through the plastic. He cannot survive human contact!” *sob* I’m sure it is not at all disturbing to have a shower curtain with two empty gloves just hanging there when you aren’t bathing the dog.


So, come follow us over on Pinterest to join in the fun! If they keep making these dumb things, we’ll keep pinning them!!


Pinterest Nightmare #001:The Nightmares That Still Haunt Us — 71 Comments

  1. I remember these! And to think they seem so tame compared to some of the most recent Pinterest Nightmares you’ve shared. The bosom sleep supporter is still one of my faves! Happy Pinterest Nightmare Anniversary.

  2. Oh what a wonderful trip down nightmare lane!!! I am laughing because I think I have seen all of these through the year and it’s STILL so darn hilarious! I’m looking forward to what you both find this year! 🙂

  3. These still make me giggle. Especially the crafting with hair one. Yikes! And the glass? My daughter would have sliced up feet often as she loves to go barefoot..

  4. Most of these are hilarious and I totally agree with you. However, I have to admit something- I own the fleece lined tights. I know it seems crazy but I really love some of my dresses and the fleece tights make it possible to wear them in the harsh winter months. And they are actually quite comfy!

  5. I’m ashamed to admit that I only just recently discovered your tremendous blog – so I never saw these Pinterst Nightmares before today. Thoroughly enjoyed your look back as each and every item on your list completely cracked me up! 🙂 Your captions are amazing and I loved this! 😀 Thank you!

  6. Ahem…in the words of Marlon Brando in Apocalypse now “The horror! The horror!” But those fleece tights? Might want to reconsider them if that wretched polar vortex ever comes back (and I hope it doesn’t – EVAH)

  7. Not sure which is the worst to me – but I’m thinking the toilet tea cup, moss bath mat, and the boob pillow! Thanks for the laugh this morning. Oh honey, NO!

  8. JUST as funny the second time around!!!! Every single one of them- and how you describe them…. like I said- it’s all about your brilliant delivery girls!!

    YAY for A YEAR of hilarious pinning!!!!! You gals ROCK this and it’s fame and fortune will go down in the record books of BLOG WORLD CHAMPS!!!

    I swear I could read these all day long…. You girls should totally write a book with them in it- seriously would be a best seller in a heart beat!!! DO IT!!!

  9. Thanks for celebrating a year’s worth of nightmares with us, you guys!! MWAH!! (And I have to say, more than one Dose Peep has assured me those fleece lined tights are FANTASTIC. I do admit I saw some of these at Bed, Bath, & Beyond the other day and I stuck my hand inside them. They felt soft and sort of wonderful. My own thighs are not shown to their best advantage by extra layers of circumference though. 😀

  10. Crafting with cat hair is the craziest book EVAH!! I wonder how much they made off that baby? I need to know!!! You two are once again at the top of your game. Luff you!!

  11. I missed this a year ago so I’m happy you reposted!!
    True story – my husband always tries to come up with unique things for me and one year he got me that voice activated shopping list!! After spending hours trying to get it to realize that peanut butter was peanut butter (fun because the boys played, too!!) – I gave up and did what I do – kicked it and threw it against the wall – much better!!!

  12. Only a year? It seems like you’ve been doing these forever.
    I still like the YardShards ™. Nothing could go wrong with them, they should use them in playgrounds, day cares, etc.

  13. Thanks for the recap. That hairball craft set is perfect one on one time with your cat after you learn how to break the news to him that your having a baby. I wonder if you can get a two for one for those items?? That bosom sleep supporter is great because my girls are dog tired flopping around all night.

  14. So glad you all love the YardShards (good one John)! It is one of my favorite things ever. I’d love to meet that landscape designer. People who can meld artistic sensibility with practical real-world solutions are hard to find.
    We definitely need to try to get an Amazon bundle special on Crafting with Cat Hair, How to Tell Your Cat You’re Pregnant, and Teach Your Cat to Read. 😀

  15. I remember all of these as well and It still stands that I would totally use the cushion for between my boobs. Trust me when I say I already take one of my pillows to do just that. Of course when my boobs are the size of a small island their weight makes laying on my side correctly nearly impossible. I so wish I was kidding about that..

  16. Ah the list that started it all. May you have many more years. I’m sure the world will keep supplying fodder. The bosom supporter looked like she accidentally rolled over on a Muppet and killed it.

  17. Some of these are not bad compared to what you have found since then! But, the toilet mug, the cat hair crafts, and the dog shower curtain are awful. And that boob thing?? WTF?!?!?! (When I saw the picture I thought it was – ahem – something else.) Anyways, Happy Anniversary!! Cheers to many more nightmares in your future! 😉

  18. These are really some of the best! I remember all of them and had a celebratory laugh in each one’s honor! Can’t believe it’s been a year–keep them coming cause these are always so much fun! The PNs are truly a staple in the Dose world and belong here right along with the Ryan Gosling bust. 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  19. The cat hair one totally grosses me out, maybe because I’m not fond of cats. No, wait. I love dogs, and a dog hair craft book would gross me out too. Happy anniversary!

  20. I’m pretty new to your site, so these were new to me. I had so many reactions: Ouch! Ew! Why?!

    You know what though? I bet at least a few of these businesses are thriving, and for that, I can’t hate on them!

  21. I am always thrilled when someone purchases a Pinterest Nightmare so here’s the link to the toilet mug as requested:
    It can be yours for only $12.99! I have purchased several of the Pinterest Nightmares and a few other readers have, too. What could be better?!?!

    It’s nice when we can have a collective nightmare together. LONG LIVE PINTEREST!! You guys make our Fridays fun!! Your comments are the best thing about any Pinterest Nightmare post!! 😀

  22. I remember a lot of these!! Laughing so hard at all of them. The glass river reminds me of the time at a hotel when I saw some “glass” on the floor in the hall. I told my son to be careful not to walk on it (as we were passing the ice machine…) He said, “Yes, the glass machine must have a leak.”

  23. OMG YOU GUYS!! Ok please don’t hate me but I’d totally buy that toilet coffee mug as a gift for somebody thinking it was repulsive and hilarious. And come on, you’re both young, but you DO have your chest wrinkles to think about. I’m sure that foam thing between the girls at night would decrease the wrinkle time. Or, um, end up choking you in your sleep. Awesome. I always do a little clap when I come here and see the No Pinterest in the headline ;D

  24. I think I started following this discussion right before the funky chair. Woah, don’t know how I missed that. Even with a few pillows, I don’t think that chair would ever be comfortable. Congratulations on a monumental year. Cheers to another one.

  25. Ok – my two faves – (because of your accompanying write ups) are the chair and the dog washer. Just think of the fun I could have if I bought both! I’d sit in the chair, don my plastic gloves … No wait. First I’d heave Poppy (dog) into the bath, then quickly slam shut the curtain, then as she bolted through said curtain I’d magically whip on the rubber gloves and gently sink onto the chair. Repeat at least once as dog recovery would be necessary. Ok. Got dog settled, gloves on and chair in position. How very pleasant. Especially once the curtain steamed up and I had to feel for Poppy. Gosh I’d be exhausted by the end of the bath. I’d have to don my blood bracelet and go lie down. With the bosom sleep supporter of course …

  26. Congrats on reaching a year on this great series and thank you!!!! You fill my Fridays with much laughter. I missed a few of these last year, but who could forget the cat hair craft book, or the boob pillow! Love you both! xo

  27. These are terrible! But I have to disagree on the fleece-lined tights. Those are the BEST THING EVER! Seriously, they are so warm and soft. This is actually what I was wearing that one time I forgot to wear pants to work. LOL

  28. Happy Pinterest nightmare anniversary! I agree with a few of the other commenters at this point these pins seem so tame after the gems that have come out over the last few months. That cat hair crafting kit is truly a nightmare though, on so many levels.

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  30. OMG! Hilarious post! Reinforces my decision NOT to get a Pinterest account. I just don’t get Pinterest. Maybe you can explain it to me? Because I don’t get the point. I loved, loved, LOVED your snarky comments about those ten pins. Happy anniversary!

  31. All of those are nightmares except #5. I have a pair. The fleece isn’t blanket or jacket thickness. Not even close. It’s very thin and simply makes the tights super-soft on the inside, making them itch less. I don’t have them for warmth. I have them because they are really soft.

  32. I love, love, love your Pinterest Nightmares! Such a brilliant concept and you gals have done it proud!
    The moss rug reminds me of an episode of Trading Places from a million years ago in which one of the designers covered the bathroom wall with tree moss. This mat would be the perfect finishing touch on the room!

  33. Halfway through my morning coffee, I would realize that the boob pillow was still hiding in the great divide.But I would have killed for a pair of those fleece lined tights to wear Under my pants during this winter. I will be following you on Pintrest. My family has “gift wars” at Christmas and I just found new ammunition. Thank you!

  34. Ok I actually OWN the fleece tights…in multiple colors…yup. They are amazingly comfy except the crotch pulls down as you wear them – presenting quite a look when you try to hike them up. However, since I live in the arctic (Michigan) these come in handy in early fall and early spring.

  35. Got a good laugh at them, but gotta tell you, I have fleece lined tights and they are the bomb, especially in this hot mess of a winter we’re experiencing. But the crafting from cat fur? What the what???? LOL

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