Would You Rather: Sochi Problems Edition

So The Olympics officially ended last night. We have a feeling that all the journalists, spectators and athletes rushed as fast as humanly possible to the airport to fleeΒ  decided to stay and have an extended vacation in beautiful Sochi, Russia.

Lisa and I have greatly enjoyed watching The Olympics and deciding what our Olympic sport would be. You are probably thinking ice dancing or the luge, aren’t you? You would be wrong. We have officially decided to enter ourselves (we are assuming it is like a contest or slip you fill out somewhere?) to be Olympic curlers. While we don’t actually enjoy sweeping our own homes, we feel totally up to the challenge of sweeping the ice. Plus, have you noticed how those curlers shout instructions to their teammates? Clearly, all of our years of motherhood would serve us well for that job!

But back to glorious Sochi and the topic of this week’s unique would you rather. Instead of presenting our typical either/or option, we are going with a multiple choice style quiz for all our Dose Peeps. In this case, two choices just aren’t enough.

So, would you rather…

A) Find yourself thirsty in your hotel room and fill up your drinking glass with this?


B) Find your hotel room looking like this?


C) Be excited to find out your hotel does in fact have free Wi-Fi only to find this?


D) Share a room with a relative stranger that looks like this?


E) Open your hotel room door to see this wandering the halls?

Turns out if the water in Sochi doesn’t kill you, then the wolves just might.

For the record, the last one is actually a Jimmy Kimmel joke, but let’s be honest here y’all, based on what we have seen it is not out of the realm of possibility!

If you picked even one of the choices above, congratulations, you can take your next vacation in Sochi, Russia!

If you chose none of the above, then we just feel sorry for you. Where is your sense of adventure? You only live once, after all. Which is more than enough in Sochi!

What was your favorite of the Sochi problems?



Would You Rather: Sochi Problems Edition — 130 Comments

  1. So awful! The water had to be the worst thing…oh wait, no it was the constant threat of terrorism…oh no wait, it was Bob Costas’ pink eye!
    Being a blogger, I would HAVE to pick the room with internet connection, even if it’s dangling from the ceiling! Yikes!!

    • Oh poor Bob Costas’ eye! It was just sad to look at it, right?! The internet connection would be challenging, but I am sure you packed an extra long cable, didn’t you?! πŸ˜‰

  2. I would take the internet dangling from the ceiling because the other options are all just too yikes (if I can use yikes as an adjective)!! And I tried curling once after the last winter Olympics! It’s so much fun; mostly because you feel so incredibly silly when you do it!

  3. I would probably pick C I mean I need my internet I don’t care if it’s causing me distress dangling from the walls lmbo < Can you tell I am addicted to the internet.

  4. I would pick E, just because I would want to see a wolf outside my door!
    In Russia, are wolves like the mascot?

    You know, some hotels, motels and B&Bs have wandering mascots.
    Perhaps, he was just trying to welcome them to Sochi!

  5. I’m going to be the buzzkill here and say that at first I thought it was humorous but then read an excellent OpEd piece on the fact that while it’s easy for all of us and the journalist and Olympians to laugh at it, now that the games are gone the reality is that the residents of Sochi are still stuck living in those conditions. Oh and for the record… the water one was fake πŸ™‚ XOXO

  6. I was gonna say B – but I think I might need a hazmat suit to sleep in – if the curtains look like that, I don’t wanna imagine the sheets πŸ™
    So maybe C – but all that dangly mess – what if there was a peep hole!
    Guess am gonna hev to go with D – at least the wolf would be like extra security and if my hotel room was all sorts of swanky, I wouldn’t mind staying in FOREVER or till the wolf took a nap πŸ™‚
    As always – awesome post ladies – hope “curling training” is going well πŸ˜‰

  7. I think I would hate D the worst. No way I could sleep with two strangers within 2 feet. You would be crazy to drink any of the tap water,even if it was clear, and if you tried to use any internet the Russians would hack everything in your computer in about 10 seconds.
    Ended up being a fun Olympics to watch though, way to go Mikaela!

    • I could definitely see that being a deal breaker for you! πŸ˜‰ It was a fun Olympics to watch for sure! πŸ™‚

  8. Hm. I think I’d go with the wifi dangling from the ceiling because I’d be able to get a whole post out of it. Although the wolf would make for a pretty good post, too, as long as he didn’t eat me. That water is nasty!
    OH OH! You chose well with curling. I read somewhere that it’s the one sport where they don’t have to be in top physical condition to perform so the curlers were the only ones going out to the bars at night. So the only athletes having any fun see?

    • We did choose well then Kristi…that is definitely our speed…not being in top physical condition is like our life motto! πŸ˜‰
      And you could totally get a post out of the dangling wi-fi provided you could reach it! πŸ˜‰

  9. Hmmmm. I’m going with the three beds to a room. I’m with my best pals – my teammates – so what better way to bond than by sleeping within 4 inches of them. However, who am I kidding? We’re all so nervous about the wolves, the water, being bonked on the head by the internet that we’re not sleeping. We’ll push the beds together and drink hot chocolate (from the bottled water thank you) and think about how we’re going to not have hat head on the podium.

  10. I don’t know. I guess I’m not as adventurous as I thought, and that’s stretching it a bit. I consider camping is picking a hotel that borders on some trees with a well stocked store next door.

  11. Okay, do I get to sleep in the room with the hockey players? Then I choose that one. No? I have to be a hockey player sleeping in there? Then I choose the second one and the wolf one, had it been real would have FREAKED me out. I would have never left my room in which case I would have died because I wouldn’t drink that water.

    • LOL AnnMarie! Yes, the stakes would be different if you were the one sharing the room…I can completely see that! πŸ˜‰

  12. The wolf one is kind of cool. Good photo op! If I have to pick, I’m picking the wolf. As long as he isn’t waiting outside my door. A friend of ours did an exchange program in a place where there were water issues, and it definitely was a little scary the precautions he had to take not only with drinking water but with showers and even brushing your teeth. We take a lot of stuff for granted.

    • We do, don’t we Michelle? My sister spent a year traveling the world doing volunteer work, and she definitely shared some amazing stories about the good fortune here at home.

  13. For the record, I think that’s a Siberian Husky and not a wolf. Totally looks like my dog and it’s Russia, right? Personally I could probably deal with any of these things while traveling internationally. As long as it’s short-term. It’s part of the adventure, right? Plus, good blog fodder.

  14. I think that the lack of toilet stalls at some of the venues would probably send me over the edge! I would go with any of the room problems except the water.

  15. I’d have to take the featureless room w/ three beds. Can’t be worse than dorm living. And I’d take the bed furthest from the door so the wolves eat my roommates first. That water is just amazing.

  16. Oh my dear goodness. I wish I’d been following the Sochi twitter feed more. Those are hilarious. Hands down, it’d be the 3 beds in one room. Just remember to pack earplugs!!

  17. Just wow. I can’t believe there was a wolf in there! I had heard about how “not-together” the country was for this, but it’s a lot more fun to read/see about it in these hilarious posts! You girls are my favorite way to keep my finger on the pulse of what’s going on in the world! Very funny!!

  18. I’ll go for the dangling internet. Because I’m pretty sure that the place that can’t even make the curtain rods stay on the wall does not have great internet capabilities.

  19. I’ll take the wolf in my hall way. It would make for some badass pictures, especially if I turned on my front-facing camera and got him in the background. I couldn’t make it without my wifi or pee-infused water.

  20. OMG, that is awesome! Those totally cracked me up! I have to say, I skipped watching a lot of the Olympics this year, which makes me feel like kind of a loser. But I’ve totally enjoyed hearing all about what I missed on the late-night comedy shows! Best part! πŸ˜€

  21. I would take D. That’s right. D. Because here is what I figure- if they are “relative strangers” than everyone is going to be so mortified they’re sharing a room with “relative strangers” that they’d do whatever it took to be quiet. And not move around too much. You know who DOESN’T do that? Relatives. Like as in the small ones that have no sense of personal space. These “relative strangers” would be so uber sensitive to everyone’s personal space that we’d all get a good nights sleep. For the first time in…kids.

  22. Well, that;s how we live down here in Louisiana….just kidding! I think I would probably take the wolves n the hall….I drink way too much water, like my privacy, and depend on the internet too much to take any of the other issues!

  23. I believe I would take the internet dangling from the ceiling. As long as wolves weren’t climbing through the openings, I’d be thankful to have wi-fi. Otherwise how would I get my Dose of Reality?!?!?!

  24. I’d definitely take dangling wi-fi…just don’t use any of your credit cards or log in to any accounts, because you know that it’s going to be completely tapped! I mean, really, even the showers were tapped.

  25. The Wi-Fi please.

    Also, for some reason I knew you girls would be perfect for curling and it was the first thing that popped into my head. No offense intended though πŸ™‚ I’d like to think of it as knowing you girls really well.

  26. Such outrageousness! (Is that not a word? It should be, in honor of #Sochi2014). That water looks like piss! I’ll take the room with dangling WiFi, provided there is a Reassurance That Everything Works Properly discount included. Everyone got one of those, right?

  27. Finally! Someone else who thought Curling was the sport to see. I tried to convince my co-workers that we needed to start a Curling team, but they weren’t having it. Wimps!

  28. I would have to go with B…I could deal with dangling curtains. The rest? Probably not so much. Fun times at the Olympics! On a complete side note, I have a friend who runs a curling club out in San Francisco. It’s surprisingly big out there!

  29. Water! Eww….thats not good for world-class athletes. Imagine A + getting sick and staying in a room like C, and then you can’t even go out because there’s something like E outside of your room. At least you would have WiFi (B).

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