We Had Words With An Actual Celebrity!

We *LOVE* this month.

Is it the never-ending cold? Is it the string of 101 back-to-back snow days where we’re all trapped inside with hours of togetherness?


It’s because it’s “Febru-Arie”– a month so special it is named after our favorite reality TV superstar.


(Bet you thought we were going to put the kissing video here. Ha! No way. We’re totally doing that at the end.)

During a very important blog meeting where we read Entertainment Weekly’s excellent interview with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler aloud in Starbucks (Totally legit blog work, y’all), we came to a realization…

Ashley: Why don’t we ever get to interview celebrities?

Lisa: I think it’s because we don’t know any celebrities.

Ashley: That seems really unfair and arbitrary.

Lisa: Well, it could also be that we’ve never asked a celebrity for an interview.

Ashley: You can’t just do that…just ask them!

Lisa: Why not?

Ashley: That’s not how it’s done.

Lisa: I bet it is. Let’s do it! OMG…do you know what would be the best thing EVER? Let’s ask Arie! He follows us on Twitter so if we tweeted him about 500 times surely he’d eventually respond, right?

Ashley: Or block us…but we’ve got to go for it.

And so we DID!

After only 23 tweets in which we tagged and hashtagged him relentlessly and several direct messages, he agreed! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?

Dose Girls & Arie!

Obviously he was wildly enthusiastic about the idea!

Now, we offered to do our interview via Skype in which we suggested he attend the interview shirtless. (You see, we’ve never done a celebrity interview before and we’ve been told that it helps if you can visualize your audience is in his underwear)

Unfortunately, Arie’s schedule (and the pesky restraining order) didn’t allow for our Skype session, but he did agree to answer some email questions for us. (But we’re relatively sure that he was shirtless when he answered them).

Here are our probing questions, his answers, and our reactions to them.

Q: Obviously Febru-Arie is our favorite month. We celebrate by photoshopping your head into various pictures with us. How do you commemorate this magical time of year?

Arie: I think the best thing to realize is that chocolate and wine make everything better. Make sure to commemorate FebruArie by consuming these on a nightly basis!

Well if Arie says we have to, we have to! Weight Watchers be damned! On it!

Q: What is your favorite blog? Is it The Dose of Reality or is it our blog, The Dose of Reality? Please elaborate.

Arie: Haha! Well I do appreciate your commitment. I think all of America should get on your level. It would be a better place!

OMG…did he just propose to us? Did he just says he wants a commitment with us? We sort of blacked out and everything just went foggy.

Q: We made a “Flat Arie” and we carry him everywhere. If we made a Flat Lisa and Flat Ashley and mailed them to you, what kind of selfie would you take with them?

Arie: How’s the racetrack? Could you handle the speed?

At the track with Arie

Q: As you may know, we are both in the medical field so this question is strictly professional. Since you have been scientifically proven to be the best kisser in the Western Hemisphere, how do you keep the four muscles comprising your obricularis oris in shape?

Arie: Practice…practice makes perfect. 

“We’re so glad you are such a perfectionist,” said every woman in the world.


Q: We are known for two things: our devotion to Arie and Pinterest Nightmares. Of these three Pinterest Nightmares–The Nubrella, Meggings, and The Slobstopper— which would you wear and why?

Arie: Meggings all the way…I mean, I think I already saw Juan Pablo rocking them?

We wouldn’t know because we are boycotting this season. We wanted Bachelor Arie, and we weren’t going to settle for anything less. But…


Arie in Meggings
Now, we bet that some of you reading this probably think we have made up this interview. Nope! These were actual Arie’s actual answers!! For reals you guys!!
So thank you, Arie, for having a few words with us and for being the subject of our first ever celebrity interview! You’ve totally made our dreams come true. There will be no living with us now!!


And no, Dose peeps, we’d never forget to include this…



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  1. I can’t believe it! You guys are BFFs now! He’s probably reading this right now! Remember us little people when you go on to star in your own reality show. Oh my gosh, you won’t even have to change your URL! Dose of REALITY!

    • YES!! We’re total BFFs now! Once his restraining order against us expires, we can even invite him to Starbucks for one of our blog meetings!

  2. This was so awesome and seriously so happy that you ladies got an interview with Arie. I can only imagine the excitement you too felt and totally well deserved after your long time commitment to all things Arie!! 🙂

  3. Oh this post had me rolling the whole way through! Interview on skype shirtless!!!! And you aren’t missing much on Juan Pablo’s season. I got bored and stopped watching.

    • Bwahahahahaha. That is a question for the philosophers of our time, NJ.

      Arie is so fun and funny! (and it’s smart funny, which is our favorite kind of funny!)

  4. This is so fun!

    And clearly the best interview he has ever given. Or gotten.

    Hmmm. I’m not sure which of those is right.

    But the most important thing is he looks good….and y’all make him look even better. You should be in charge of all his interviews.

  5. You see? All of those totally legit Starbucks blog meetings paid off! You got the interview! And he was absolutely in his underwear when he answered those questions!

    • It was a total “Ask and ye shall receive” (or maybe be Twitter blocked) kind of moment! And now can write off our lattes on our taxes, too. Win-win.

    • Oh, Jen. This hurts our hearts, but glad you recognize quality when you see it!! He is a professional auto racer and the best contestant ever to grace one of our favorite TV programs of all time…The Bachelor/Bachelorette. He ranks among our top 5 things ever: Arie, Starbucks, yoga pants, weird things on Pinterest, and the invention of the DVR.

    • YES!!! Endless squeals….and we may have dance around a little bit. My dog was so startled by the uproar, she left the room to find a quieter place to nap. 😀

  6. That is pretty awesome, even though I really didn’t know who he was. I haven’t watched The Bachelor in years. His answers amused me!

    I wish this would happen with John Krasinski. Maybe I should try tweeting the crap out of him? I just want him to know I EXIST.

    • He is totally amusing and great, Amber! We don’t know if John will turn out to be as awesome as Arie, but go for it! 😀

  7. You guys are too much! This is hilarious and should be part of your rotation. I did see your Facebook link, btw! But to be honest I had no idea who this was and at first thought he was a she, like a real housewife or something.

    • Arie is *totally* a part of our regular rotation, Liz. We’ve written tons of post about him!! He’s one of our favorite things!

    • Good luck, Nicole!! It will be hard to find someone that will be as fantastic as Arie, but we are rooting for you! 😀

      • This says it all! Dying over here…I’m dying! Can you imagine how crazed you would be if you had done a phone interview? Listening to the voice that comes out of that MOUTH!!!!

        • I’m not sure we could have survived the experience, Stacey. I think we might have just keeled over right. Everything works out for the best!! 😀

  8. Oh my GAWD. You girls know I’m not a Bachelor addict but I almost threw up for you. Seriously. SHUT UP. This is awesome. Y’all are awesome.

    I even watched a minute or so of the video to remind me if Arie’s awesome. Ehem.

    • Thanks, Andrea! Most. Exciting. Dose Day. EVER!! Thank you for sharing the excitement with us!

      You had to watch the video, Andrea. It’s just good manners! 😀

    • You know we do, Amy. I print out a fresh copy each night. (and Flat Arie is propped up at my desk in a place of honor right next to my phone charger and 3 hole punch.)

    • Oh, Kathy!! What would we ever, ever do without you?!?! You are just the best!!! (You can start our fan club if we can start yours, too!! ) MWAH!!! XOXOXO

  9. Omigod! Omigod! Omigod! How did I not know that you girls were in love with my boyfriend, Arie? I’m really sorry that he’s so busy kissing me all the time to take shirtless photos for you, but I have a few selfies he’s sent me. 😉 Seriously, though, I do love Arie. He and Brooks by far have been my favorites. I had a small squee moment this season when he tweeted with me TWICE one night!! Seriously…I squeeled like a little girl. They really should make him the next Bachelor….b/c I really like watching him kiss…a lot.

    Ok, so I know you’re not watching this season, but when you start watching again, you should check out this page: http://hellabuzzed.wordpress.com. Recaps from a dude’s point of view. They’re hysterical.

    • Oh, MANDI!!! We knew from the first time we read your blog, that we were meant to be friends! Our biggest goal is to have an Arie the Bachelor season. There could be nothing better. We’d have to bronze our DVRs after that one!! 😀

  10. OK, we’ve already established that I am joining you and turning your duo into a trio, right? Well let’s make that happen the day before Arie come on board too! I’d love to be in on that Starbucks meeting…and I don’t even drink coffee!!

    • Perfect, Rabia. You’re IN!! Then we’ll add Arie and get a table for 4 by the window! Lattes for everyone!! (we’ll get you a tea or something)

  11. Amazing, congratulations! I can’t imagine how exciting this must have been! And I’m glad he actually responded. Are you really going to send him your cutouts? Because he sounds like he just might sport them (in his meggings of course).

    • GAH…JP…don’t even get me started. Fleiss deserves what he’s getting this season for this pick. Ugh.

      Can’t wait to read your Andy interview! I *love* that he does so much humanitarian work.

    • One thing we’ve learned from our time in the parenting trenches….moms are always right. (Even when we werre teenagers. It’s so annoying) Love you too!

  12. Wow, ladies! Awesome for you! *high fives* Total score! 🙂 I knew he’d agree eventually. 😉 You all rock! He just got a totally awesome guy score of 10 out of 10 from me for being on your blog! Is he gonna drop by and comment? That would be sweet!

    • He is beyond awesome, isn’t he?!?!?! 10 out of 10 for sure!

      It would be so great if he left a comment. He’s never done that before. We wouldn’t wash our computer screens ever again. 😀

    • You know us so well, Ellen! We’ve back up, bought a zip drive and backed up there in case both of our computers crashed at the same time, and loaded in on a pin drive I stole out of my teenager’s desk….and then we made sure it was backed up on the cloud. We had to take precautions! 😀

    • We know!! He could have just said “Ok” We got 4 more letters than that. His excitement was palpable! 😀

      (We pretty much DO consume wine and chocolate nightly. We build in into our Weight Watchers points. We’re not dummies. 😀 )

  13. I’m so happy for you guys – you must have been over the moon! I’m writing a post involving a famous person tomorrow, and I am going to follow your lead and tag him relentlessly in the hopes that he will respond.

    • Awesome and intriguing, Dana!!! Can’t wait to read it! We’ll keep our fingers crossed your tagging efforts work! We’ll tweet for you tomorrow, too!

    • We loved his answers, too! (But he could have typed just about anything and we still would have SQUEED out loud. We’re an easy sell.)

  14. Am I the only one who thought Arie was a dud? And please dont steal Febru-Any from Subway…..Its all they have at this point. Pretty stoked that he replied to you and agreed to do the interview but Arie? The women are the crazy ones and will spill their guts more. Interview the crazies. That would make for a killer interview. I like to recap my thoughts to our Bachelor pool once a week and post for us to have fun talking crap about everyone.

    • You are totally the only one, Dave!!

      The only lady contestant we’d want to interview is Tierra—and even then we’d really just want to talk to her eyebrow. We’d definitely try to steal her sparkle. That’s how we roll.

  15. Wow – y’all are awesome – not only do you know celebrities, you get them to grant you a shirtless interview to be shared with all of us!!!
    And, that kissing video – what was he thinking! Emily was a nut job!!!
    I guess he was just using it as his kissing “how-to!!”

    • Thank goodness one “f” Jef took one for the team that season, Kim. But, since it was the season that gave us Arie, it still goes down in the books as our favorite of the entire Bachelor franchise.

  16. OH. MY. GOD!!!!! Good for you girls!!!!! Don’t be fooled by his lukewarm enthusiasm of “ya sure”–he’s gearing up for it and doesn’t want to expend all his energy just yet. For the record, I am so happy you featured Arie in meggins!!!!

    • Hahahaha!! Yes! Join in the squeeing, Stephanie! We don’t want to be the only ones making a scene over here!! 😀 (We like being called “charming”!! Usually it’s just “Twitter stalkers”!!)

    • I can’t imagine we ever COULD top it, Mo. It’s a “one and done” kind of situation. We could quit blogging now, too. It will never get better than this!!! 😀

  17. This whole thing is adorbs!! (I don’t know if I say the word “adorbs” because I love it or because it annoys my hubs, but I think it’s really because I love it.) Great job!

    • Oh, ADORBS totes works for us, Shay! I use adorbs so much the autocorrect on my iPhone knows it!! FOR REAL!!! (and people do hate it, which just makes it better! 😀 )

  18. This is too cool!! I’ll be you nearly freaked out when his direct message reply was “ya sure!”. I almost freaked once when one of the Green Bay Packers sent me a direct message in response to a tweet I sent to him. lol

    • Oh, JEANNE! How cool is that?! I KNOW how much you love your Packers!! Yes, the freak outs were probably exactly the same!! 🙂

  19. I cannot believe it – what a dream come true for you/ALL OF US!!! He seems really witty and how sweet to agree to the interview (and shirtless too!!!) I am LOVING the meggings picture – it made me just die!!! The side comments also killed me. Thanks ladies you never let me down!!!

    • Aw! Thanks, Dana!! You’re the BEST!!! It *was* so nice of him to be such a good sport and do our interview. And it was really nice of him to pick meggings. I have to admit, I would have been sad to have to put him in a Slobstopper.

    • I think it just shows how great Arie is!! (and he is perhaps the only man alive that could potentially make meggings work. 😀

  20. Ok so I’ve NEVER heard of or seen this guy in my life but seriously – WHAT A SWEETHEART! I’m so excited for you that you got your first celeb interview. You handled like balance between flattery and obsession like a boss!

  21. HOLY SHIRTLESS SHIT!! you guys did it! You’re famous, and amazing (I mean I knew that part already but holyfuck wow~~~).
    Wait. Who is Ari?

    for real, I don’t know who he is but you guys are beyond awesome and awesome.

  22. Totally admire you guys’ ambition (and persistence!). I’m sorry to say I don’t know who he is (eeks!) but just from his responses and his willingness to chat with bloggers, he seems like a really nice guy 🙂

  23. My picture is on Arie’s helmet, he sent me a direct comment on Facebook once and now I happen upon two other “Arie Rocks!” girls who actually got a real live (well, kinda/sorta) interview! I almost feel I’m not worthy! I loved it! And you saved the dessert for last. Yum.

  24. Please say we can still be friends even if I don’t know who this is. I don’t watch reality tv. It’s too emotionally intense and I feel the emotions of others too strongly. It actually hurts me when I watch even a little, so I stopped a long time ago. Like after the fifth season of survivor.

    But he is awfully cute! Nice get.

  25. My favorite post so far today – laugh out loud funny. Need this on a day where the highlight is going to be paying a plumber more than I paid for my first car!

  26. Whoot! There it is! I am dancing around my living room for the two of you now. I don’t watch the Bachelor or follow Arie but I may have to now. I mean if he’s “committed” the The Dose Girls and wants to go fast with you (hehe) then I think he’s got to be the man of everyone’s dreams.

  27. OMG!! That kissing vid… (fanning with both hands).I’m so envious of that girl right now… You should dedicate 2014 to him, my gawd!!! It feels hot in here, or it’s just me…

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