Pinterest Nightmare #414: Grilled By A Cookie Before Dinner

You all may have seen a link up that has been sweeping the blogisphere. It’s called “Ask Away Friday”.  It’s a simple concept. Two blogs team up on a Friday, ask each other 10 questions, and publish their answers on their blog. Deep insights and revelations about life follow.

It’s something we’d never do.

Answering questions about ourselves makes our palms sweat. We’d rather be strapped to a lawn chair and forced to watch 4 straight hours of Calliou….TWICE. We really don’t know what animal we most resemble or where we see ourselves in 5 years (except we’re sure a carpool line figures in there somewhere).

Plus, for the past year we’ve been reserving our Fridays for Pinterest Nightmares. Since Ask Away Friday is done on FRIDAY (it’s right there in the title!), we thought we were off the hook. Until…


Yes. Corn Pudding. You see, one of our best blogging buddies, the totally delightful and fantastic NJ from A Cookie Before Dinner, sent Ashley a corn pudding recipe last Thanksgiving. Until this recipe, Ashley’s kids ate NO vegetables. Nada. This is evidence of genetics at work since the closest Ashley comes to eating a vegetable is her daily gummy vitamin that happens to be shaped like a carrot.

But thanks to NJ, the whole family can now proudly say they all eat *one* vegetable: CORN! Now, don’t go all registered dietitian on us. We know that corn is generally counted as a starch if you are studying the food pyramid, but…baby steps, people.

So when NJ approached us to pair up for some Ask Away Friday fun, what could we do? NJ is our kind of people. She’s real and authentically herself. We *love* reading her blog. She can make us laugh, cry, and think…sometimes all in the same post. Plus she’s a great and supportive friend. She’s just special. On top of that, she brought dietary variety to Ashley’s family. Now that their palates have been exposed to new vegetable delights, they might start eating something green that doesn’t have M&M printed on it. WE OWE NJ.


So…for the FIRST and LAST time ever we are wiping off our sweaty palms and joining our pal NJ for Ask Away Friday…Dose Girl Style!!

Here are the questions NJ asked us with our answers….

1. My friend is having a baby, and I’d like to throw her a cake and card shower. What is the ultimate baby shower cake?     

You are such a good girlfriend! The ultimate baby shower cake has to be the centerpiece of the entire affair! We’d advise going with something sophisticated and elegant…with just a touch of whimsey. Whenever we are looking for things that fit that bill, we take to the search box on Pinterest and it never lets us down…

as pinned from

as pinned from

Nailed it!! Look at the fondant work on that bow! This cake just reeks of class and refinement (or maybe it just reeks). I call dibs on the corner with the soiled diaper!!


2. What would you eat if you had 1000 extra Weight Watchers points?

If we were *really* going to splurge, we’d definitely turn to Pinterest for guidance. Our “Feed Me, Mom” board has wonderful recipes and pictures that will make your mouth water!

as pinned from retro food

as pinned from retro food

YUM!! Who isn’t looking for a delicious Jello-o salad with meat and olive garnish just like Grandma use to make?! Plus, it will satisfy both sweet AND savory cravings! We might even improvise a little and add a can of Veg-All to add a little color and texture!


3. What is is the hottest look for spring?

We are *so* glad you asked because we are kind of known for our fashion sense. We keep close tabs on all things stylish and current…

As pinned from

As pinned from

This outfit has the perfect sherbet colors that really say “spring” as well as a flattering silhouette! This piece shows why every girl dreams of getting to wear couture at least once in her life. We all just want to look this pretty.


4. You say hot, I say creepy. What is the MUST HAVE toy for kids today?

You know we are partial to the Human Slingshot, but unfortunately small children can’t get a good airborne trajectory due to their size. Luckily, Pinterest and our friends at Hammacher Schlemmer came through with something even better…

as pinned from

as pinned from

It’s The Human Bowling Ball!! It is priced to sell at only $5,500 and is suitable for kids 5 and up! What kid wouldn’t go head over heels for fun like this?! Just make sure you get them out of the hermetically sealed PVC ball before their oxygen runs out. FUN!!


5. What is the ultimate Pinterest Nightmare? Have you ever come across something that was too horrific to blog?

The Ultimate Pinterest Nightmare is something that makes us stop in our tracks the moment the pin appears in our feed. Sometimes crying and/or shrieking is also involved. We have found SEVERAL things that were too awful–to dreadful– to foist upon our gentle readers. Here is the worst pin we ever saw…

pinned from...oh we love you too much to tell you

pinned from…oh we love you too much to tell you

Obviously we decided to redact the really grisly parts for your protection.


6. Tell me a story from your recent girls weekend together!

Oh, dear. What happens on a Girls’ Weekend stays at the Girls’ Weekend, we’re afraid. However, we will neither confirm nor deny that this little beauty was cradled lovingly by Ashley as she slept.

as pinned from

as pinned from

It’s the Ryan Gosling Body Pillow! It’s really a crying shame that the pillow cuts off at the bottom just in the area where it’s starting to get good.


7. How did the Dose Girls get their start? How long have you been friends?  Are your husbands friends too?

We have been friends since our girls started school together 6 years ago. Technically, our friendship began when Ashley stalked Lisa and forced her to be her friend. Venti Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Lattes may have been involved, but the details are kind of fuzzy at this point. It was just meant to be. Our husbands are friends and even have matching shoes.

As pinned from John Brewer

As pinned from John Brewer

SPORTY MANDALS!! And you thought Crocs were ugly!! Back off ladies, they are all ours!


8. Who is the best Bachelor of all time?

We choose Arie. We don’t even care that he was not *technically* the Bachelor. It is only because Mike Fleiss hates America and did not respond well to our Arie campaign of the summer of 2013. Why, Mike, Why?


Right-click the photo and open the link in a new tab if you want to see the kissing video again. Go on, we’ll wait. You know you want to.


9. I stole this one from Rabia. What is the oldest unfinished draft in your folder? Why haven’t you finished it yet?

The title is “Mr. Wizard vs. Mr. Softie”. We have absolutely nothing written in it. So, your guess is as good as ours as to where we were going with that one. Tis’ a shame since the title seems quite clickable, no?

Mr Wizard vs Mr Softie

The world may never know…


10. It is 9:00 pm. The kids are at a sleepover and your husband is out with friends. How are you spending your time alone?

This one’s easy. We’re getting into this little baby PRONTO…

as pinned from

as pinned from

It’s The Body Blanket!! All the convenience of footie pajamas with the fashion sense of a Slanket! Flattering on all body types. What could be better?!

Oh, Pinterest (and NJ!). No…just no.

Now, head on over to A Cookie Before Dinner and see the 10 questions we asked NJ! We may or may not have inquired how much she was willing to pay to bail us out of jail, among other things.  At the very least, we’re sure you’ll want to ask her for her delicious corn pudding recipe!! 😀



Pinterest Nightmare #414: Grilled By A Cookie Before Dinner — 98 Comments

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  2. This is simultaneously the most obscene and funny Pinterest nightmares EVER.

    That cake made me cry. So funny! And WTF? Who thought a dirty diaper was a good decoration? Yuck!

    Thanks for playing a long with me this week. And I’m glad you love corn pudding, it should be a national treasure!

    • I think your corn pudding IS a national treasure! It performed a miracle at Ashley’s house! I don’t know why anyone would think associating fecal matter with something you are about to eat is a good idea. GAH!

      • I’m a nurse, who worked as a CNA through nursing school. I’ve wiped butts and wondered what I was gonna get at the snack shop for dinner at the same time. So although extremely out of place, that cake looked yummy to me! (AKA, you could always send that kind of thing to a baby shower taking place for a nurse, with her nursing buddies! It would be a hit!)

    • Bwahahahahahaha. That didn’t take long, Jenn!! If you go to our “Oh, Honey…No!” board on Pinterest, you’ll find lots of disgusting things! (That’s a promise, not a threat) 😀

  3. Ok, seriously you took Ask Away Friday to a whole new level and just had me cracking up for the entire five minutes that I read this. Seriously, ladies you are my hero now and forever! And I don’t care how long you two have been friends, but hope the friendship lasts forever!! 🙂

    • Aw!! Thanks, Janine!
      We’ll be friends forever! Nobody else understands our particular brand of crazy like each other. (And Ashley is too scary to have as an enemy…TRUST ME!) 😀

  4. The human bowling bowl is really scaring me! It looks like…a baby in a womb or something! Am I the only one to see this?
    “Sherbert colors” made me wipe away tears in laughter. The meat jello thing? Well I wasn’t feeling very well to begin with this morning, so at least you made that go in a definitive direction.

    LOVE to see you at Ask Away Friday, even on your own terms. It’s just awesome.

    • I was hoping you were having an epidemic of wellness at your house now. Darn it! I’d hate to think the delicious meatloaf Jell-o mold sent you tumbling in the wrong direction. I think the Human Bowling Ball is terrifying. It will lead to asphyxiation or a neck injury for sure…but baby in a womb rolling toward oversized pins is equally disturbing.

  5. One of my favorite blogging buds! Hey NJ! 🙂 And girls, I’m not too happy right now. The image of those mandals is forever etched in my brain. I’m going to need therapy! LOL

    • I’m guessing a lot, Denise. The addition of the olive slices is the dead giveaway that the lady was on the sauce.

    • I wasn’t going to make the meat Jell-o salad, but imagining the look on my family’s faces if I set this down in front of them has made me re-think my plan. I may have to give it a whirl! 😀

    • It does look awfully warm and snug, doesn’t it? We had a warm few days, but we’ve hit another cold snap here today. The Body Blanket looks pretty appealing to me, too!

    • Hahahaha. Thanks, Rabia! And I love the question that you inspired NJ to ask us about our oldest draft. SO much fun!!

  6. Dang it! I was going to call dibs on the stinky diaper. Who wouldn’t want a piece of that! I really think the nose warmer my mom made me would look fabulous with that spring outfit. It’s peach too so it would totally go with the spring time theme! I so have girl crush on you both! I love starting my day off with you!

    • Bwahahaha! It does, Shashi! And the diaper is just the icing on the cake…ba dum bum! 😀

      Have a great weekend! XOXO

  7. I knew we were in for it when I saw what you were pinning yesterday but this? This is so over the top……I don’t have the proper adjectives for this. I will be sending you my therapy bill as you have truly traumatized me for life. Although I did think #4 was cool 😉

    • Bwahahahaha! You have discovered the secret of the “Oh, Honey…No!” board on a Thursday, Teri! I used the least offensive cake possible, didn’t I?! There were WAAAAY more disturbing alternatives that I kept off the blog so as not to upset the delicate sensitivities of our gentle readers. Back me up on this one! 😀

    • If you only knew, Kathy. That cake could have been SO much worse. There are cakes with babies being born…in fondant…on them. Even as a physician, I had to say, ‘OH MY’ and clutch my pearls. GAH!!!!!

  8. I feel compelled to point out that vegetables come from plants. Coffee and chocolate BOTH comes from plants. Ashley gets plenty of plants in her diet… she’s practically a vegetarian.

  9. Nice! I love the mixing of Pinterest Nightmare Friday post and the Ask Away Friday post. The spring “outfit” and mandals, however, I will lose no love on, though I am sure I will lose plenty of sleep over them! Nightmares await! *runs to find nearest panic room and hides in the corner, rocking myself while wrapped in a blankie and holding a teddy bear* (Yes, it was that bad, and I refuse to admit that I am being dramatic!) 😉

    • Hahahahaha! This is not the first time (and I hope not the last) that we can bring panic room worthy nightmares straight to your computer screen, Julie!!! I have a shiver running down my spine just thinking of those mandals again. THE HORROR!!

  10. Hahaha! This was awesome, and I am still clueless and to what else is in the picture with the dog….I guess I probably DO NOT want to know. And is it only me, or does it look like there is a Spider Monkey in that human bowling ball thingy?

    • You don’t want to know what was under those black bars, Jennifer. TRUST ME!!

      I scrolled back up to take a second look at the Human Bowling Ball…and I THINK IT MIGHT BE AN ENORMOUS SPIDER MONKEY in there. Upon further inspection, I’m entirely sure there is a tail involved in the very least. YIKES!

  11. I believe potatoes are a vegetable. I’m sure somewhere in the world of google I could find proof of this.
    You guys are funny, I like the line about Ashley stalking Lisa.

    • POTATOES!!!! Yes, POTATOES!! How could we forget those?!?! They totally count! You’ve doubled their vegetable intake with one comment. Well done!! 😀

  12. Each picture got better and better (if any of them could actually be considered, um, good to start with!) Thanks for all the laughs this AM, heading over to check out NJ’s answers.

  13. Oh, I REALLY hope my mom gets a cake just like that one for Eve’s baby-naming ceremony next month! Poopy diaper cake + synagogue luncheon = class. 😉

    • I will keep my fingers crossed for you, Bev. Try not to be too disappointed if Eve’s cake doesn’t have the dirty diaper. Cakes like that don’t come along just every day. 😀

  14. Howling over here. Howling. What a wonderful set of 10 questions too! I would have asked the same ones. My particular fave response today has to be the body blanket. So revealing and attractive. It also would do wonders to hide the meat from the jello number. I’d wear it as I devoured that of course. Ok toddling over to grab a Cookie before Dinner. Wearin’ the body blanket of course!

    • I think most of life’s activities would be served best if we were wearing a body blanket, Kelly! (and I could quit bothering to count Weight Watchers points because it’s the perfect camouflage for my love handles!)

  15. Hands down, the best Ask Away Friday I’ve ever read. And that last PN made me laugh so hard I teared up. AND I kind of want to click over and see what the whole thing is about cause it’s looks ridiculously comfortable (and comfortably ridiculous).

    • Hahahahaha. Thanks, Angela!!

      You can tell by our personal style that comfort is our number one concern. People usually compliment us by saying, “Oh, your sweater! It looks so…um…er…comfortable!” That’s how we know we’re real fashionistas.

  16. I am dying with that last one!! OMG!
    But I have to say, why the heck does Ryan have a shirt on in that pillow photo? Who wants him to have clothes on?? Get it together ladies!

    • I totally agree, Allie. The etsy seller need to find a way to allow us to customize our Ryan Gosling Body Pillow, right? She’d make more money if she did. I’m just sayin’….

    • Oh, WOW!!! We didn’t even think of the two together. You have the natural instincts of a world class stylist, Dana. We bow down!! 😀

    • I didn’t notice the prominent tail at first, but YES. YOU ARE RIGHT. They call this the “Human Bowling Ball” but now I’m wondering if there is any truth in advertising at all?!?! It just might be the “Gargantuan Spider Monkey Bowling Ball” which doesn’t have quite the same ring to it.

  17. HAHAHA! Look at you girls getting your Pinterest Nightmare Friday in! And in GRAND style, I might add. but now I am all curious about the redacted pin…what. is. it???
    No, wait. Don’t tell me. I don’t want to know. Really. Don’t. (reverse psychology?)

    • Bwahahahahahaha. We don’t want to be responsible for the psychological damage that could ensue from this knowledge. We couldn’t live with ourselves. 😀

    • You won’t hear any argument from us, Amanda! Of course, we are people who have purposefully purchased Pinterest Nightmares, so that’s our frame of reference! 😀

  18. I don’t know if my last comment went through because my Internet went out on me. So, if this duplicates I am sorry!

    I for one think you should do these more often. I loved learning a bit about you and checking out all the neat things you found on Pinterest. This definitely created a barrel of laughs out of me. I totally enjoyed reading this.

    • Thanks, Crystal. You’re so sweet! I think it was a one time only deal for us, but we’ve learned never to say never over here! 😀

  19. Loved NJ’s questions! Bachelor? Pinterest nightmares? extra WW points? She knows you guys well. And not for nothing, I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of that kissing video! Love you guys! And you NJ!

    • YES!! NJ is totally the greatest! (and you KNOW we are with you on the kissing video, Ilene. We could watch it every day and never tire of it!)

  20. My favorite ask-away Friday and the best of the Pinterest nightmares yet!!!
    The mandals combined with the spring sporty sense are definitely going to haunt my dreams!! And, I might be done with frosting forever after seeing that cake!!

    • Ashley and I decided that if anything could put us off cake forever, it just might be the dirty diaper version!!

      The mandals are for a very sporting kind of guy who wants to show off his toes, but requires a more sporty exterior and better traction that standard mandals generally afford. He’s a special kind of guy.

  21. I LOVE this Dose Girls’ twist on Ask Away Friday! And I love NJ, too!! I couldn’t figure out what was in the bad, bad pinterest pic. I guess I don’t want to know either. The mandals, the cake, and the body pillows had me dying! Thanks for the good laugh, as always!

    • Thanks, Gracielle!! We love NJ, too!! You really DON’T want to know what was hiding under those black bars…trust us on this one!! 😀

    • As long as your medical insurance is up to date and the kids don’t suffer from any vertigo or inner ear difficulties, that Human Bowling Ball is a go! 😀

    • We’d let you borrow the Ryan Gosling pillow, Kris, but it’s *really* hard to pry out of Ashley’s hands.

  22. Best. Askaway Friday. EVER. I laughed so hard all the way through. And can I just thank you for helping me with my own diet, I mean “lifestyle change” because that olive jello loaf may have made me lose my appetite the rest of the day!!!

  23. That meat olive jello almost made me puke up my lunch. Good thing I ate a few hours ago. My husband will want those mandals so I’d better keep him away from your blog! And please don’t think less of me but I think that the human bowling ball looks like fun! My kid would freaking love that thing. You two are the Pintrest Queens – finding all this bizarre stuff is a gift I say, a gift!!

  24. I was cracking up through this whole post! I can think of no worse torture by the way than being forced to watch Calliou for 4 straight hours (my boys are now 9 & 12 and the thought of that show still makes me shudder! LOL). I have to admit though the body blanket seems rather appealing this morning (it’s 2 degrees out there with a windchill of -15).

  25. I think that jello meatloaf thing was the most horrific pin of all. What could possibly be worse than that? Very much a shame about the body pillow. You’re just wrapping your legs around his waist at best. What kind of dreams will that lead to….

  26. Hilarious! So many Pinterest nightmares wrapped up in one post…love it! The human bowling ball thing is a little scary though…I’m thinking one roll around in that thing, and my neck would be toast.

  27. What a great pairing of Q & A! I really think I need that outfit…helmet and all! I mean I do have teens in the house! LOL! Truthfully, I can’t decide between the meat Jello dish or that cake for which to put on my own table…just to see the family’s faces! Hope you have a great week!

  28. Just now seeing this and DYING. Love NJ too and the beautiful stuff you all are able to find on Pinterest is a talent. You should give a class in “how to search Pinterest.” And that cake made me vomit a little in my mouth.

  29. i want that human bowling bowl. my whole fam would get a kick out of it. also would love to hear you guys weigh in on this season’s bachelor juan pablo. i watched maybe 1-2 episodes, but have also been following the aftermath on social media and think it’s kinda hilarious how opinionated people can get. i know it’s “real,” but it’s also reality tv so people need to keep their emotions in check!

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