Would You Rather Have: Oscar Style Or Oscar Arm Candy?

Everything Hollywood awards season culminated on Sunday night with The Academy Awards. We consider The Oscars the penultimate in celebrity viewing. And we need to say for the record that this post was crafted before the big, final awards were handed out. So, we don’t know if 12 Years A Slave did in fact win Best Picture. And if didn’t, we are outraged. Everyone, EVERYONE should see this film. We hope The Academy felt the same way.

Since we weren’t on the actual red carpet interviewing all the stars as they arrived for Entertainment Weekly as we totally wished on our last birthday candle wish, we had to settle for watching from our couches in our jammies.

The coziness of our loungewear led us to a very important discussion and naturally brought about this would you rather for today.

If you have seen a single magazine, online photo gallery or even the award show itself you know that Lupita Nyong’o from Twelve Years A Slave has owned the red carpet this entire awards show season.

She has been called a fashion icon because, well, she is one. She looks perfect on every red carpet she appears on. Her style is truly flawless.

See for yourself.


Just imagine if you could have her sense of style and wardrobe budget for an entire year.

Say goodbye to yoga pants and t-shirts and hello to Gucci and Calvin Klein.

But only for a year. Then you keep any clothing you got and any style tips you learned, but like Cinderella at the stroke of midnight you go back to real life.


You can have Leonardo DiCaprio on your arm (and at your disposal) through the entire awards season (which in our estimation lasts roughly three months).


Imagine showing up with him wherever you went. People would definitely stare. That girl from high school who was so mean to you (oh, you know who I am talking about, don’t even pretend you have forgotten her name) is suddenly sending you daily Facebook friend requests. It would be awesome in every way.

BUT (because of course there is a but)

You spend all of awards season being photographed on Leo’s arm, except you must always appear on the worst-dressed list. For every gown you wear.


What do you think Dose Peeps? Do you take Oscar style or Oscar arm candy? Tell us your choice and why in the comments!




Would You Rather Have: Oscar Style Or Oscar Arm Candy? — 58 Comments

  1. Oscar style for sure!!! I would love to have someone dress me in designer outfits every single day…even if I’m just going to the mall or movies with my kids. I love it!!

  2. Being that I have always had a huge crush on Leo, I would totally go for him. Hate thinking about being worst dressed, but still he is Leonardo DiCaprio and worst dressed or not still too hot to pass up in my book!! 🙂

  3. Ohhh, I <3 Bev's comment. I've got a pretty hunky hubby too, and there's usually an adorable monkey swinging off my other arm. So, I'm going with Oscar style for a year. Sure, I usually work in yoga pants and flip flops, but I'd love to rock a more glamorous look every now and then.

  4. I thought last night was the first I’d seen of Lupita. But now I remember her in that blue number with the flowers at the neckline. That said, I’ll take Oscar Style. Candy really isn’t good for me….no matter how much I love it…

  5. I’m taking the style b/c I’d get to keep all the looks, but I’d have to give Leo back. Plus, though he’s cute, I’m a little disturbed by all the other women who have *ahem* given him back.

  6. Oscar arm candy, but only if it’s Benedict Cumberbatch. Leo I can take or leave. Benedict I would do hurdles to get to. Well. I would try to do hurdles to get to. I wouldn’t actually be able to do them. What I’m saying is I would collapse on my face in a fat pile.

  7. Hmmmm…that’s a tough one. Anyone who knows me knows that I’d do almost anything to have Adrian Grenier on my arm. Do I get to choose my arm candy? Having said that, I attended the 2007 Emmy Awards and walked the red carpet with the celebrities. I hate shopping so much, but when I went to purchase my red carpet attire, I worked with a dress specialist who looked at me for about 5 minutes and then stuck me in the dressing room (with my 8 month old) and then brought me dress after dress until we both had that “OMG” moment with one dress. It was so much fun. The entire night was awesome. As fun as it was though, I think Adrian might provide me with a little more…ahem…entertainment. 🙂 You girls rock my face off. I’m so glad I found your blog. Makes me smile every time.

  8. I’d take Leo any day! Who cares what my dress looks like when he’s at my side! If he’s as friendly as he appears, I’ll be having too much fun to care.

  9. Give me the good clothes and I would attract some fine arm candy…(apologies to the hubs) Then again if the candy were Idris Elba or Brad Pitt you could dress me in a flour sack all day every day and I’d still glow 🙂

  10. If I could wear that swan song get up for one shindig, I would be thrilled! Talk about a conversation starter!! So then Matt Damon and I would have so many things to laugh about, while Bradley Cooper would swoop me away to the dance floor to do the Swan Ballet. Not that I’ve thought about this…

  11. Make it Taylor Kitsch or Chris Hemsworth and that’s what I would pick. I figure with them the bad clothes might be photographed but they won’t be on for very long. 😉 Oops, did I really just type that?

  12. I could use all the style help I can get! I would have to go with the first option. Bring on the new wardrobe and style tips! Besides, hubby would not be ok with me being on Leo’s arm. He totally hates him. Seriously.

  13. Halfway through reading this, I was all “Easy decision!” and then I read the BUT. Now the decision is more difficult, but as a nod to my 16 year old self, I’m picking Leo. The teenager in me would never forgive me for missing that chance, even if I have to look hideous doing it.

  14. I wouldn’t mind dressing like crap for three months if I had Leo on my arm for three months…I mean…who would be looking at ME and what I was wearing when they would be looking adoringly at him?

  15. Oscar style! I met get sick of the men on my arm, to be honest. I’d never get sick of gorgeous style.
    I swear you could hear a rousing cheer all through western Mass last night because Lupita went to Hampshire College for undergrad! Before Yale, I guess.
    So she has walked the snowy, icy paths I walk daily!

  16. I like Oscar style myself. I would love to have a brand new wardrobe that someone else helped me pick out for sure!
    I personally don’t think a handsome man would make me happy (with those handsome faces comes the men tendency and one of them is more than enough for me. 🙂 )

  17. Oscar style! No doubt in my mind. How could I bring out the best in the Wolf if I’m dressed in a duller than dull sack? Nope I’d spend the entire season making an ass of myself trying to woo Leo. If I’m dressed sensationally I shall have all the confidence in the world and it won’t only be Leo who’s hanging around. Plus I get to keep the outfits and the styling tips? Yes please!

  18. Style, absolutely. Even if the arm candy was even better looking than Leo. And btw, I enjoyed your tweets last night while I was watching the show!

  19. If I can have Lupita’s body then I’ll definitely take style! I’d just like to know what it’s like to be THAT in shape for a whole year. Though it’s hard to give up arm candy. I mean..really…Leo’s been complete eye candy for three decades now and he’s STILL going strong!

  20. While I could TOTALLY live with being on a Worst Dressed List (I probably am for work as we speak!), I would love the Oscar Style option…my wardrobe wants far outlast my bank account 🙂 I’d be fine with it only being for a year, I would maximize that year like nobody’s business!

  21. Easy! Style! With the guy you can always go with the personality thing and with no guy at all people can talk about how independent you are. But a horrible outfit, you’d never live that down.

  22. Ok I am going to be one of the the only ones on this list to say it but, arm candy! BUT there needs to be a stipulation, Leo has to be the arm candy between me and my spouse. So essentially we are his arm candy! And I can handle the worst dressed list, my high school career was preparation enough for that!

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