10 Best Recipes On Pinterest That Will Make You Mom Of The Year!

Here at The Dose of Reality, we are just a wee but obsessed with Pinterest.

Like, sometimes, we forget that we have children, husbands and homes that need to be cleaned because we are just over at our Pinterest page pinning like it is our job. By the way, wouldn’t that be the greatest job ever?

We find ourselves spending a lot of time pinning recipes based mostly on the delicious nature of the photo and often on the small number of ingredients required. Based on the number of recipes we currently have pinned, we could cook for half a year and never run out of choices. Imagine the delight of our families if instead of a pizza box on the kitchen counter, they found a homemade meal courtesy of mom.

Sadly, there is a reason that our recipe board on Pinterest is called Feed Me, Mom. This type of work is just not in our wheelhouse folks, and we really wish there was a way to change this about ourselves. All of these yummy recipes out there, and we keep finding ourselves at the nearest drive-thru. Maybe we should have put it on our 2014 goal sheet. Maybe.

In the meantime, when we saw the topic at Tuesday Ten from Rabia and Lisa we knew we had to link-up this week. Who does not love talking about food? Or thinking about food? Or reading about food? Or quite honestly eating food? We sure do.

So, without further ado, we present the 10 best recipes on Pinterest that we would make…you know, if we actually cooked stuff!

  1. Oreo Truffle Brownies– Quite frankly, they had us at Oreos. And truffles. And brownies. Imagine if you showed up with this little tasty treat at the next neighborhood potluck. People would probably cry.
  2. Brisket Tacos– The beauty of this meal is that it is made in the crock pot, so it isn’t even like you have to be slaving over a hot stove while your kids are driving you crazy at the end of the day. It totally takes regular tacos and makes them look gourmet. You would definitely win at dinner. 
  3. Jack O’Lantern Fruit Plate– Seriously adorable. And seemingly easy to assemble. We can totally see the looks of awe we would receive from the classroom teachers if we showed up with this for a class party. Plus, you totally get points for being the healthy, yet creative mom. We almost think we might try this one for real. Almost.
  4. Watermelon Pops– The picture alone makes it worth trying. There is no way our final product could ever resemble that, mostly because this recipe involves a lot of steps, so chances are good we would screw it up. But what if we didn’t? We would definitely be the most popular guests at the 4th of July family picnic that year. 
  5. Ham and Cheese Breakfast Bake– We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and yet we consistently find ourselves living off of the half a Poptart the kids didn’t eat and then wondering why we are starving by 10:00 a.m. You know who would benefit the most from this recipe. We would. And Oprah would totally tell us that a well fed mom makes a happy mom.
  6. Parmesan Chicken Bake– It is cheese and chicken people. What is not to love about that combo? Nothing we say. Even our children would happily wolf this down, and our husbands would wonder if they came home to the wrong house. Everyone would go to bed happy if this were on the dinner menu. 
  7. Cookie Dough Bites– Y’all, it is bites of cookie dough. With chocolate drizzled on top. Excuse us while we devour the entire batch standing right at the kitchen counter. Because, yeah, these right here pretty much equal love. 
  8. Glazed Doughnut Muffins– Picture yourself at a kids’ sleepover when you serve these tasty treats up to the guests. Then picture yourself with five new kids in your family when said guests refuse to leave and request immediate adoption in your household. Don’t worry, you can just share the recipe with their own mothers as you send them out the door with a full belly and a smile! 
  9. Strawberry Cream Cheese Cobbler– This is probably actually pretty healthy if you think about it. Something tells us that when you found yourself serving up a big bowl for breakfast the next day, you totally wouldn’t even feel guilty. There *is* fruit in it, after all.
  10. Rainbow Sprinkle Cake– We wouldn’t be surprised if making this made us Mom of the Year. Obviously, our children would love us forever and never again complain about anything, right? Martha Stewart would probably show up at our houses and ask us to be on the cover of her magazine. 

Great, now we are hungry.

For anyone reading this who actually cooks, let us know if you attempt any of these recipes.

And, feel free to send us the leftovers.

Sharing is caring, after all.

The Golden Spoons


10 Best Recipes On Pinterest That Will Make You Mom Of The Year! — 61 Comments

  1. I’m hungry now too! That last cake is so amazing there is no way I could ever make it!! I’m loving anything you can put in a crockpot and yes, my husband would probably cry and buy me something shiny if I made those brownies! I guess I can add “grocery store” to my list of things to do today 🙂
    PS – I was totally thinking you were going to show us some kind of crazy and/or disgusting Pinterest recipes. I can’t imagine what those would be but…I’m sure they’re out there!

  2. Yes, hungry here now too! I’ve always wanted one of those rainbow cakes…
    That fruit plate would be adorable for school, except we can’t ‘unpeel’ anything per school nurse’s orders. : /

  3. Totally pinned this one ladies and seriously WOW to that last one and actually all of them. I haven’t even had breakfast yet and am checking in. Now, I am drooling!! Thanks and you know I am going to have to try a few of these now 🙂

  4. Oh my gosh!! I was thinking this was going to be a Pinterest fail type thing, but this is a WIN!! I need those truffle brownies in my life in a bad way!!!! So glad you linked up with #TuesdayTen!!

  5. Ladies, YOU CAN get paid to do Pinterest all day long, and the perfect tool to help you with it is ViralTag. There are bloggers (like me) who really don’t like spending time on Pinterest, but definitely see the value of being on it. I even forget to Pin my own posts.

    Anyways, these are great choices for sure. I love the fruit face the most because I can see my kids getting excited about it and wanting to eat every part of his cute adorable face. I think that cake is just to pretty to want to eat it.

  6. First of all, SO glad you ladies linked up today!! 🙂 This is the perfect post, too! I have so many recipes pinned that I haven’t tried. I actually have that same Parmesan chicken baked pinned. That strawberry cobbler looks heavenly and my kids would freak out (in a good way) if I made that rainbow cake!

  7. Eh, I’m trying to do a low carb diet (and constantly failing) so I don’t need to look at cake & brownie recipes right now. Though I think I could actually pull off raw cookie balls. My little guy rather eat cookie dough any day.

  8. You had me at Oreo Cookie. I think I have the ham and cheese and parmesan chicken on my food board. This makes me want to challenge myself and make two things from Pinterest every week. Hmmm…yes…I like this…

  9. Such cute recipes! Now, why does my cooking never look as good as those pictures? My girls love, love, LOVE sprinkles, so that Rainbow Sprinkle Cake is going on my list of recipes to try!

  10. Ok I had to click over to the watermelon pops and the glazed doughnut muffins, those must be made! My goal for this year is to master my food photography because most people do this same type of browsing, including me, we eat with our eyes first. These recipes all look delicious!

  11. Some of these look surprisingly edible. I say surprisingly because I thought everything that was on pinterest was supposed to make your stomach feel bad or your head hurt.

  12. remember how your olive loaf made me lose my appetite? well, this has done the opposite. cookie dough bites? oh my stars! I love the watermelon pops! this is a great list and I will be pinning away!!! for once I can say oh yes!! pinterest yes!!

  13. Those all look really good. Let me know if you actually make any. Even if you messed up the watermelon pops, they would still taste ok.
    I was hoping you would have the meat suspended in gelatin from the previous column. I can’t believe anyone ever ate that, much less cooked it.

  14. I cannot IMAGINE cooking that cake!! Oh, girls- it’s all I can do to ‘add water’- to the mix. Great finds!! Now…

    You need to have someone make them for you, and send them to you for a TASTE TEST and you can vlog it!! Wouldn’t that be AWESOME??!!!

  15. If only I had time and the desire to cook – these recipes look amazingly delicious – so I’m pinning the whole post to my recipes board – where I pin all the other recipes that I’ve never had time to cook. LOL Maybe someday. In the meantime, I loved your post – especially your comments about each recipe – and am so glad you linked it up to Tuesday Ten. 🙂

  16. That rainbow sprinkle cake looks AWESOME… but there’s no way anything I baked would come out looking anything like it. I have WAY more Pinterest fails than wins when I try something so advanced!

  17. I have made those cookie dough bites (well, my version of them) and they are delish! I’ve even seen that rainbow cake done…It is quite impressive! Good choices, ladies! Those muffins sound yummy! Well, honestly, it all sounds yummy. Thanks for the hunger pains! 😉

  18. WOW!!! Thank you for sharing this! With you girls, I don’t even need to spend hours on pinterest! You’re the best food editors ever! Thanks for posting this, my grocery list just doubled!! Gotta make these recipes!!!

  19. I have tried a few dishes from Pinterest and the food ones are mostly a miss only one was a hit. Now the baking stuff turns out pretty good but I am scared of the food I always have to add something or take away something.

  20. Just thinking about trying to make that cake is making me twitchy!!! Now, if someone wants to make it to share – I would be super happy!
    You had a lot of tasty things here – I repined most of them so that I can have more recipes to drool over!!

  21. I don’t know if I could attempt any of these..but the rainbow sprinkle cake and the brisket tacos are speaking deeply for me.
    Cassidy! He will make them for me. (in my dreams)

  22. I don’t know how we survived or what we ate before Pinterest came along. The food category is my favorite by FAR! I could browse through recipes for hours!

  23. Just looking at food all day on Pinterest should really be our full-time job! Who is hiring for that? 😉

  24. Y’all know I love to cook….but I have definitely found Pinterest more dangerous than helpful. All those pretty pictures! Then again, I have a tendency to gravitate toward the recipes that look good and realize too late that they’re a pain in the rear to make!

  25. With it just being me and my husband, I can’t imagine making any of those things. He REFUSES to eat leftovers! ARGH! He’s a horrible pain to cook for. But, I did discover he will eat the Stouffer’s meals. Thank God. I don’t cook much, especially right now with TMJ issues and all I can eat is soft stuff where I can only barely open my mouth without pain. I know, though, as soon as I have my jaw surgery and I’m healed, I’m off the hook and will have to start cooking again. Keep those recipes coming. Something will click. Have a blessed day.

  26. I’m trying to decide if any of them appeal enough to actually put forth the effort of making them. Hm. Probably not quite, but I’d eat them if someone else made them.

    And that cake at the end is gorgeous!

  27. Rainbow cake! Oh my sprinkles. So reminds me of New Zealand fairy bread which is bread buttered and covered in sprinkles. If you need any help with the leftovers you are sent email me. I’ll fire off my address asap.

  28. You gals are not alone. I like to think of pinning things on PInterest as part of the job description of a blogger. At one point I was going to try and make one thing a week that I pinned, but that resolution didn’t last long. You would be mom of the year if you made that sprinkle cake 🙂

  29. This all look delicious and I’d like to say that I will try many of them. But like you ladies, cooking is not my thing. The cookie dough bites I could manage though!

  30. I don’t think I’ve made more than a handful of things that I pinned. Pinning it almost means it’s in my dream about only category.:) I want a glazed doughnut muffin real bad.

  31. Pinterest is still missing one essential element – someone to come over and do this for me. Out of the bazillion recipes I’ve pinned I think I’ve tried one.

  32. I can understand your obsession with Pinterest. That’s why I don’t go to the site. I know I’d spend all day on there. Those cookie dough bites look A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

  33. those watermelon pops looks so refreshing and they actually don’t look too hard to make. i say that, even though i never cook / bake / or do anything in the kitchen.

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