Would You Rather: Be Spoiled Or Left In The Dark?

Today we are going to talk about The Good Wife. So, if you have not watched the show for the past couple weeks and plan on doing so, STOP reading right now. Don’t say later that I ruined it for you by not warning you in advance. Consider yourself warned, people.

I do not normally watch TV shows live, because thanks to the invention of the DVR I can watch an hour of TV in just 42 minutes. 18 minutes goes a long way when you are playing Candy Crush or surfing Facebook making school lunches, unloading the dishwasher, folding clothes, etc.

However, last Sunday night, The Amazing Race started late, so when it was over I just sat there and started watching The Good Wife. By myself. With no one around to talk to when I realized that what I thought might be happening was *actually* happening.

Will was dead. He wasn’t almost dead. He wasn’t in a coma. He wasn’t cracking jokes about the close call with Kalinda and Diane. He was dead. And I couldn’t even begin to process it.

I immediately online to see what people were saying. To feel less alone in my time of need.

Then I texted my sister, who lives in L.A., to tell her to watch the show.


She is used to being bossed around by me, so needless to say she does what I say.

Cut to Monday when I am still reading obsessively about it online because I cannot even believe that it actually happened. I had absolutely no idea that it was even a possibility that Josh Charles could be leaving the show, much less that Will Gardner could be dead. How was this even possible? How had this remained such a closely guarded secret in Hollywood, which these days seems to be all about the spoiler alerts?

So, I did the only logical thing I could do. I texted Lisa to see if she had watched it.


Cut to 39 minutes later when my phone beeped with this message.


We then wound up talking on the phone for two hours about the show having a very important blog meeting about whether or not it is better to be spoiled for something shocking or be left in the dark about it until it happens?

I am 100% totally anti-spoilers. I don’t ever flip to the end of the book I am reading. I don’t read things online about shows in advance. I like to experience the shows as a viewer without any preconceived idea of what is going to happen.

Lisa, on the other hand, has no reservations about reading spoilers. She said that if she is reading a book, and she is not sure that the characters will end up together, she totally skips to the end to check. It not only doesn’t diminish her enjoyment, it actually enhances it.

It seems like people are pretty much one or the other when it comes to spoilers.

So, we are asking all our Dose Peeps today to weigh in on this question.

Would you rather be spoiled or left in the dark?

And if all you want to talk about in the comments is The Good Wife, that is perfectly fine with me, too. Chances are, we all need to be talking about it. We can process this loss together, y’all. If the previews for last night’s episode were any indication, we are all probably still crying today.


Would You Rather: Be Spoiled Or Left In The Dark? — 74 Comments

  1. OMG I do not watch this show and I 100% want to be left in the dark. I hate spoilers!!! I love to be shocked and surprised in just the way you’re talking about. My stepmom was actually over last night and was telling me this same story…even though I don’t watch the show. She was stunned as if someone in our own family suddenly died. Oh how I love good TV!!!!

    • It really does feel like that, I swear Allie! I know it is insane, since he was just a character, but honestly, I cannot deal. Clearly, I need some help for my TV addiction.

  2. I hate spoilers! I never read them or look to the end of the book. I don’t even try to figure stuff out ahead of time because that takes the fun away, too! I just want to experience it the exact way the writer planned it!!

    My best friend growing up was the worst!! I would always tell her wreck it for me and she’d get so offended and say “I think I know by now that you don’t like being told,” so I’d say fine then what do you want to say and she’d say “all I was going to say was that you’ll never guess who she gets together with at the end, it’s totally not who you think”! Or something like that. She could not understand what it meant to not spoil it!!!!

    • My mother used to do the exact same thing to me Robin! It drove me INSANE!! You described it perfectly. SO ANNOYING!!

    • You don’t even try to figure stuff out?! That’s crazy, Robin! I am all about spoilers, I HATE being left in the dark. I swear, the top most visited website I go to is Wikipedia so I can read synopses of books and movies so I can watch them without getting anxious. I used to be way better but by better I mean I had more time to read books in one day because I can’t stand not knowing what happens.

  3. I love the Good Wife, but I was behind watching my DVR, so I knew something big happened…I wish I had been able to watch it with NO SPOILERS! I still have to watch last night’s episode, by myself, with a big box of tissues.

    • I am so sorry Ginny Marie, because honestly I do think that episode was so much better when you had no idea what was going to happen. And yes on the need for Kleenex for last night’s episode.

  4. I saw this online the day after. I don’t watch this show, but my mom does and had to ask her immediately if she saw it, because I was a bit shocked myself. As for spoiled or kept in the dark. It hunk kept in the dark tends to be more fun and like the element of surprise believe it or not. If I have read about it before, it just tends to be anticlimactic for me.

    • I feel the same way Janine. Even though when I have no idea something shocking is coming and it can be totally devastating, I still prefer to knowing ahead of time.

    • I have a feeling that is what Lisa would say, too. It is weird in a way, because I am super controlling, but not about this stuff.

  5. I heard that he died. I don’t watch the show but I so hate when characters die! Well, the good ones at least. The bad ones I’m all, “See ya!”

    Like on Game of Thrones. Joffrey is probably going to croak this season and I won’t be sad.

  6. I am not a fan of spoilers if I can’t watch something I log off of social media and I dare someone to call me with info……I dare them.

  7. I hate spoilers on really good shows, the daily soaps, I check those out myself. No I get really upset if someone blurts out something that I haven’t yet seen on my favourite shows. I must admit the Good Wife had been one of my favourites shows until the start of Resurrection, so I missed the episode where Will was killed, still shocked about that one.

  8. I didn’t watch until Tuesday, but amazingly it had not been spoiled for me. I’m so glad it wasn’t – I DETEST spoilers. I was blown away, and that’s how I was supposed to feel. I’m still not over it.

  9. Will’s dead? I didn’t even know he was sick. Don’t watch Good Wife, but I think it’s funny that you can talk for two hours about a 45 minute show. I am anti-spoiler, though. Had to tune out people talking about the Breaking Bad finale because I was still a season behind.
    PS–like this new font/format better.

    • Thanks! We are still working on it…but hopefully only to make it even better! And yeah, Breaking Bad is going to be my summer show, but I have already been spoiled…that is my fault for waiting to watch it, though! 😉

  10. I’m fine with spoilers. I’m not really a surprise person. My youngest is like that too. He even likes to know what he is getting for Christmas and birthdays…he goes through elaborate things to find out. And it doesn’t diminish his glee on the day of at all. Meanwhile my middle child and husband HATE spoilers.

    • Isn’t it funny how people in the same family can feel so differently about surprises/spoilers? My girls are definitely like that, too!

  11. I’d rather be left in the dark. It bums me out when people ruin a show I haven’t watched yet. I don’t watch The Good Wife on a regular basis but I did happen to catch it that night and again last night.

  12. Oh, I can play with you guys today! I watch the good wife unlike my shaming Veronica Mars incident the other week. I CAN”T BELIEVE HE IS DEAD!!! I don’t like surprises. So I am good with spoilers.

    He was so cute and I was still hoping they would get together. I mean Chris Noth is getting unattractive these days.

    • Plus, I just hate Peter so much (like how I just believe that actors are really the characters they play). So glad you are able to participate this week! 🙂

  13. I like to be left in the dark. A friend that I used to work with was always reading all the spoilers and she wanted to always tell me about them – STOP!! I had to cover my ears and make noise on more than one occasion!!!

    • You have to do the old “LA LA LA LA, I can’t hear you!” trick…I used to have do that with my mother, too! 😉

  14. I’m okay with spoilers, usually not that big a deal.
    I guess you don’t want me to tell you how Noah ends. (you probably read the book)
    Actually,I like Laura’s response. Just the ok. I can just hear her saying yeah, yeah, yeah. Did she watch it?

  15. I’m with Lisa. I always thought it was just me but I often spoil books, TV shows and movies for myself to then see if I can emotionally process them that given day.
    Ah, the life of a sometimes anxious person!

  16. I used to watch The Good Wife but stopped (3 small children, no dvr!) But I heard what happened so I watched the last two episodes…so good! Sometimes I flip to the end of a book if I just can’t stand it (then I regret ruining the surprise). Just yesterday I searched online to see who will be dying in Walking Dead (I’m a season behind, again because of the 3 small children) because hubby and I were trying to guess and I wanted to know. Think I’m going to go back and catch up on The Good Wife now!

    • You should go back and catch up Paula…it has been SO GOOD this season! I admit that I did read all about the How I Met Your Mother finale last night, but I will still watch it today online.

  17. I would rather be left in the dark as well. I don’t watch The Good Wife, but my husband and I like Person of Interest.

    Last year, they killed off one of the main characters without warning. Well, that’s not entirely true. They hinted that someone was dying, but all the previews made it look like it was going to be one of lesser characters. But, when we realized he was going to survive, my husband said, “Did they trick us? Are they not going to kill someone off after all?”

    I had this sinking feeling in my stomach. I said, “No, I’m afraid they did trick us, but I think they tricked us into thinking it was a different person. I think it’s going to be Carter.”

    Sure enough, it was. We were both in shock!

  18. Please leave me in the dark. I never wanted to know the sex of my babies when I had my sonograms. That drove everyone else crazy but I wanted to be surprised! And I was until I had my last sonogram with my youngest baby and his sac kept floating in front of the screen! The tech didn’t say anything cause he knew I didn’t want to be told but it was obvious! Still I never told anyone about that incident till I was holding the lil stinkier in my arms!

    • We did not find out with our 2 girls either! It was honestly one of the best decisions my hubby and I ever made! Love that you kept your knowledge of your son a secret! 🙂

  19. I hate spoilers!! I end up having to go on a Facebook/Zite blackout sometimes just to keep from having a rage blackout. Especially with some of the BBC shows I watch. Seriously, some people! – just writing the world spoiler and then IMMEDIATELY saying the spoiler thing is NOT enough warning for people to avoid it. Leave some lines of space (or dots, or whatever) Sheesh.

  20. I like to be kept in the dark. As it is I think coming attractions sometimes give too much away. I don’t want to know who’s gonna bite it. I don’t want to know who’s returning from the dead. I don’t even want to know if there’s a special guest star!

    • Lisa and I were just talking the other day about how The Voice totally gives away too much in their previews! In full agreement with you!

  21. I’m pretty anti-spoiler, though these days I have a hard enough time just finishing an episode of anything that I end up seeing some kind of spoiler before I can finish the DVR’d version!

    • I know exactly what you mean Leslie…sometimes I get behind on shows and then hop on Twitter and am spoiler immediately!

  22. Mostly I’d much rather be left in the dark but have NEVER seen the Good Wife (shit, note to self for netflix queue). I won’t remember this. I won’t I won’t I won’t.
    And have you seen Orange is the New Black???

    • You really should check it out! It is so good! I have not seen Orange is the New Black, but I will definitely check it out! 🙂

  23. Leave me in the dark, please! There’s nothing more exciting than waiting for that next episode and thinking about what’s going to happen next. Spoilers are awful!

  24. I don’t like spoilers, however I don’t watch The Good Wife. I’m more of a Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal kind of person. And, my cable channels have been flipping out on me lately so I’ve missed like over a month of both shows. The cable has figured itself out and the shows are showing again, but I’ve missed so much. I can’t just start watching now. I need to go back to all the shows I missed. So, I’m waiting for it to come out on Netflix so I can watch it all, uninterrupted. Sheesh! And don’t get me started on not being able to view “S.H.I E.L.D Marvel Heroes.”

    • I love Grey’s and Scandal, too! I am so sorry you have been missing them, because they have both been really good lately!

  25. Just by reading the title (before reading the post), I thought you literally meant be spoiled or left in the dark. I was prepared to write about my fear of the dark and how I love being spoiled BUT, now that I know that you weren’t meaning literally…

    I choose to be in the dark. I hate spoilers!

  26. I have not watched the show in ages, but when I heard what happened I watched. I firmly believe in being left in the dark. I know people are outraged because they “didn’t see it comeing” and it “wasn’t part of the story line.” I read a op ed about that and it made a good point. Tragedy, violence and death do not always give you fair warning. they don’t give you teasers. They don’t post warning signs that say, “hey, don’t go in this mall/school/movie theater tonight because there’s going to be a shooting”. Your body doesn’t send you a text saying, “hey, get everything in order because in 2 weeks you’re going to have a fatal heart attack, even though you’re only 40.” Tragedy and death come out of the blue and devastate people. So while it was shocking and people are OMG I can’t believe Will is dead!”, I don’t think they should be outraged. They should be all “holy shit these writers are fabulous”.

    • I totally agree with you. It was what made it so real. Because that is exactly how it happens in life. But I still miss Will.

  27. So I just realized I had started to read this post yesterday, got distracted, and then never came back to it to finish! Clearly I have no problem being left in the dark. No spoilers for me!

  28. My next door neighbor and I have had this actual discussion. She is a flip to the end of the book and read the last chapter person. I won’t even read the descriptions of books/jackets for fear of knowing to much and spoiling anything that might happen. I definitely don’t think you were alone with this surprise based on the reaction I’ve read and I don’t watch the show (but I do love Josh Charles, since SportsNight!)

    On another note: my neighbor (who is also my very good friend) does these other two very-opposite-of-me things:
    – must be at the movies early enough to watch every preview (while I squeak in in the dark)
    – she also will order a large popcorn but no drink, she doesn’t sneak one in in her pocket either, she just eats the popcorn without anything. I just don’t understand how that is physically possible.

    Where do you guys fall on those two issues?

    • I am 100% with your neighbor on the previews thing…honestly, one of my favorite parts of going to a movie! I am at least 30 minutes early to every movie I see. Lisa has been trained to go along with it! 😉
      However, I cannot imagine popcorn and no drink!! Seriously, how is she not totally dehydrated by the end??!!

  29. Can’t say I’ve ever watched The Good Wife. I prefer to find out things on my own by watching it or reading it myself. I don’t wanna know until I find out on my own.

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