Would You Rather: Always Have To Take A Cold Shower Or Always Lose An Hour Of Sleep?

School mornings where both Robert and I have to be out of the house by 7:00 a.m. are a bit dicey at baseline. I mean, he has to leave every morning looking like a person who will spend all day working at his desk. Some days I can get away with yoga pants and my hair in a scrunchie, but other days I actually have to see people, which requires some basic self-care and cleanliness.

So, Thursday night I decided that I would set my alarm for 5:00 a.m. so that I could be up before my hubby and my children, take a shower and get myself ready for the day in a leisurely manner.


I thought about doing that. I mean really, really thought about it. And then I set my alarm for 6:00 a.m. like I always do.

Because, hello, sleep.

6:00 a.m. is painful enough as it is.

I felt like I had probably made the right choice until I stepped in the shower approximately five seconds after Robert left to take the girls to school.

I figured I had probably not turned the knob to quite hot enough when I was pelted with what could only be described as icicles coming out of my shower head.

So, I cranked it all the way over to the hottest setting. Because, surely, I could at least manage to get a lukewarm setting to justify my “sleeping in” (I don’t think you can call it sleeping in when roosters are not even awake yet).


I wish I could have had on a coat in the shower.

Was it worth it? That extra hour of sleep traded for a case of early morning hypothermia? Maybe once. But what if it was every day? Would I be able to take a cold shower every morning for the rest of my life? Or give up an hour of sleep?

My hypothetical self chooses sleep. In fact, I would probably be willing to take two cold showers a day if I could have an *extra* hour of sleep each day. I really do love sleeping.


So, the question today for all you Dose Peeps out there is this…

Would you rather always have to take a cold shower or always lose an hour of sleep?







Would You Rather: Always Have To Take A Cold Shower Or Always Lose An Hour Of Sleep? — 51 Comments

  1. There is NO way I could take a cold shower! I’m always cold. Even in the summer. It has to be 95 degrees for me to turn the air on in the car. Seriously. I wake-up at 5:15 every morning to get a jump on my kids so…if NOT taking a cold shower meant I had to wake-up at 4:15, I guess I would but I would be asleep by 8pm the night before!

  2. This is tough because I do love my sleep. (I am actually trying to get myself motivated to get up earlier and exercise – TWO things I hate!) However, I don’t think I could handle a cold shower every morning. If I have to choose, I going with getting up early (ugh!) and getting a hot shower. (BTW – do you ladies still have the WYR I emailed you a while back? Just wondering if you were going to use it. If not, I may stick it in some Ask Away Friday posts! :-))

  3. UGH! There is NO good answer to this one. Definitely NOT a cold shower. I say sleep the hour and invest in no poo and wash up in the sink! I have mastered the art of looking clean when not! However, if you don’t stink, you are clean. Love these posts girls.

  4. This is an easy one, I would forgo sleep and actually have done it when I needed to, because nothing is worse then an ice cold shower and actually was shivering a bit reading about how you had to take one!

  5. Yeah see having suffered because of a nasty phenomena I like to refer to as ‘frostbit nipple syndrome’, where that part of my anatomy feels as if they were left in a freezer for hours and are painfully attempting to come back to life. Cold shower is NEVER an option. I have gone on as little as 2 hours sleep in 3 days so bring on the less sleep.

  6. I would forego sleep for sure. Hot showers are my favorite. I often put off bedtime just to get a hot shower before getting under the covers. My body would soon get used to less sleep. Cold showers would just make me cranky!

  7. I sacrifice for my wife and usually just shower the night before. Then in the morning I use a squirt bottle to fix my hair and I’m good as new. Good as new for a balding 40 year old which, now that I think about it, is not anywhere near “good.”

  8. This chick is always freezing so I will give up an hour of beauty sleep to take a steaming hot shower. I did read one time that taking cold showers was good for you but it was just that one time and was probably written by a crazy person!

  9. I take really hot showers, so unless it’s 90 degrees outside with 100% humidity, I would rather take no shower than a cold shower. And since I’m already being woken up most mornings around 5:00am by my cute little alarm clock, I would have to go with losing an hour of sleep.

  10. Oooh! This is another good one! Such a dilemma! I am a serial snooze button pusher. It drives my husband insane but I will hit “snooze” on the clock for at least an hour and it’s like the best sleep of my life! LOL! But as for showers, it needs to feel like I’m stepping into a sauna. So, I know I couldn’t do the cold shower. . .I guess if your’e putting a gun to my head, I’d have to pick losing the hour of sleep. It’s not like I’ve gotten more than 8 hours since my kids were born anyway! 😉

  11. I’ll take the sleep because being chronically sleep-deprived makes me an utterly miserable person. Maybe my body would get used to the cold showers day after day? Maybe I’d be motivated to work up a sweat every morning so they’d feel more refreshing? Trying to be an optimist here!

  12. I’m going with a hot shower and less sleep. Mainly because I never get anything close to 8 hours of sleep but I always make sure to take a shower, and those few minutes are really a pleasure I would not give up! As always I have so much fun coming here! xox

  13. I love sleeping in but cold … I hate the cold! So I’d have to give up an hour of sleep – work out or something or just lay on the couch until I feel normal. But I’d get up… That was the question.


  14. Another great question to ponder this Monday Morning!
    I would most definitely choose forgoing an hour of sleep for a HOT shower! I absolutely detest cold showers – unless it was 120 degrees outside! 🙂

  15. This is a tricky one! Actually, it’s a questions I deal with every Tuesday. My husband gets up extra early on Tuesdays and uses all the hot water. I typically sleep til the normal time(6) and then Just suffer through a quick, cold shower. Other mornings we shower together, so no one runs out. I think I’d really rather have the hot shower than the sleep, which is a totally non-Rabia type answer.

  16. There is no right anwser for this. I think I’d rather lose the sleep because cold showers are the WORST! They make me hurt like no one’s business. Besides, my kids are generally early risers, so it’s not like I’d really be losing *that* much sleep, right? That’s what I’ll keep telling myself, anyway. 🙂

  17. This is easy, sleep. Kind of need the hot shower to loosen things up plus usually I’m just lying awake anyway.
    I do love sleep though.

  18. Good question. I guess I would have to get up earlier and try to sneak in a nap later. I don’t think I could ever get used to cold showers.

  19. Ugh! I’d have to say sleep, even if that probably has longterm health problems to always lose an hour of sleep.
    I love my warm showers so much. I don’t know that I could live without them. That would be dangerous to my mental health!

  20. I pretty much lose an hour of sleep anyway because it takes me an hour to fall asleep. And the first weekend we moved into one of our apartments, the hot water wasn’t on. That cold shower was miserable. Like… not to get too graphic, but my butt cheeks wouldn’t let me wash that area properly because they were too clenched from the freezing cold water.

    If I lived in Hawaii, then I’d take a cold shower because it would be refreshing. Otherwise, no way. I’ll take the sleep deprivation.

  21. Ugh, another deadly dilemma. Guess I’d get up earlier to take the hot shower. I only take cold(ish) showers if I’ve exercised first, which I’d also have to get up an hour earlier for. Will I ever sleep again?

  22. I’d have to say it would be easier to lose the extra hour of sleep because my husband has installed that in our life lately because he wants me to get more work done. (I have to admit it’s happening.) I don’t like it, but it’s been for the best.
    I couldn’t handle a cold shower all the time because the few times in my life I’ve had to do it was pure misery and I didn’t feel clean.

  23. I would be stoked if I ONLY lost an hour a sleep a day. Lola is adorable, but still hates sleeping. Last night I saw every hour of the night with her.


  24. Well this is just the most horrible decision to have to make ever! I love sleep. lovelovelove sleep. But a hot shower is just so so so good in the morning. And I am always up early anyways, so I am going to have to say give me the shower and I’ll just go to bed earlier and/or nap under my desk ala George Costanza.

  25. This is tough. I’d say I’m already giving up an hour of sleep because I’m up at 4am every weekday; and I LOVE a warm shower. But if it meant I had to start getting up at 3…you’d see me shivering under the water, because a girl can only take so much sleep deprivation!

  26. Ummm….I lose sleep every night – last night I was awake from 1:30 -almost 3:30 (and then my alarm went off at 5:00- rude!). I will continue to lose the sleep as long as I can have a LONG hot shower every day!!!

  27. Oooh, I can’t stand to take a cold shower. Definitely lose an hour of sleep. My sleep patterns are so erratic anyways so it probably would matter.

  28. Since I have been living for seven years on less sleep than I’d like, I know I can do that… but cold showers? No way. Had to do that when I lived abroad and it was the worst. I love a nice, hot shower.

  29. being a light sleeper, Tony waking me up when he comes home from work, and getting up with Dino soemtimes I hardly get enough sleep as it is…So I would take one hour less sleep. There is NO WAY I’m getting in a cold shower..that cold water isn’t going to clean away all those germs, LOLOL

  30. Totally depends on when this question is asked. Flash back 20 years? “An extra hour of sleep!!!! Give me just one extra hour of sleep!” Flash forward to today? “Cold shower! I’m so freaking hot all the time. Throw the water at me. Go on. The colder the better.”

  31. Will there ever be an easy one to answer here??!!! ACK!!! Well, I will pay the price for more sleep- even if it means I am pelted with icicles to start my day!!

    It will surely suck- every time. Brrr…..

  32. I definitely love me some sleep but I’ve taken cold showers before and they put me in a pissy mood. So, for the sake of my sanity, I’d choose losing an hour of sleep a day.

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