Fashion Woes & Wacky Weather in the Springtime

According to our calendars, it is officially spring, which means spring is in the air. Or at least it should be. However, according to the outside temperatures, winter has decided to stick around a little longer. Needless to say, this weather phenomenon has reeked havoc on our already lacking fashion sense. And let’s be honest, everyone, we don’t need any more struggles when it comes to our clothing.

This is about the time of year when we would normally be about to begin to chore of organizing our closets into winter clothes, spring clothes, summer clothes and clothes that actually fit. But with each passing day where we find ourselves debating between boot cut yoga pants jeans or capri length yoga pants jeans and deciding whether we need a light sweater or our full, heavy coat, we are kind of over it.


It is actually quite exhausting, if we are being completely honest. Add in the ever rising pollen count, and we are miserable over here.

It is no secret to any mom out there that actual “sick days” don’t come with this gig. You may be able to sneak in a quick nap on the couch when you are feeling under the weather, as long as you count a nap as being something that happens where you don’t actually sleep. Kids don’t see mommy trying to rest on the couch any differently than mommy being at their beck and call. Snacks don’t make themselves, you know.

So we are finding ourselves sucking on HALLS® (sugar free, y’all…see above for ill-fitting clothes situation) day and night. Lisa is totally loving the black cherry flavor and will only buy those. Ashley, on the other hand, is going between the citrus blend and the honey-lemon. The honey-lemon are especially soothing on her throat at night after a full evening of attempting to just make bedtime happen already.

Spring is in the air, which also means it is in our noses and that is making us sneeze and cough. Thank goodness we have HALLS to the rescue. Now, if only HALLS could help us with our clothing situation!


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Fashion Woes & Wacky Weather in the Springtime — 32 Comments

  1. I totally use Halls when I am sick and need them. And I seriously couldn’t agree more on this weather and would love to know where Spring actually is. I think Mother Nature fell asleep at the wheel!! 🙂

  2. I didn’t know about black cherry! My kids love the Breezers – all flavors – and we are going though a lot of them right now in this icky, wet, cold, windy spring.

  3. Hubby is the king of allergies here and lives off those things. As I have them too (not as bad) I might try them but only in cherry flavor. I’m fearing when spring springs here and the pollen explodes 🙁

  4. My husband’s allergies are in full force too. I’m crossing my fingers that mine don’t get bad. I’ve been taking Allegra. I would have never thought of Hall’s for allergies. Thanks for the tip. Hope you feel better soon.

  5. I always have Halls handy this time of year. Heck, we still have ice on the ground right now. The temps are so up and down, it’s hard not to get sick! And allergies are right around the corner. Boooo

  6. Mmm I used to love those Vitamin C cough drops but I was eating them like candy, so I had to stop. I used to love the cherry Halls though, I’ll have to try them again!

  7. I love me some Hall’s! Mostly for allergies, which come like a lion in New England. And everywhere ever except when I lived in California.
    Then I bought Hall’s for normal things, like colds.

  8. I like the honey lemon when I have a bad cold but mainly the Hall’s Daily Defense when I need something just to soothe my throat. They aren’t nearly as strong as the regular cough drops.

  9. So – here is one of my bad habits – I like to suck on Halls at night (Cherry). I have perfected having one in my mouth almost all night long. Last fall I had a cavity in my gum and the dentist suggested that the nightly cough drops were the problem – I haven’t stopped though. (it helps me breath better!!!)

  10. It may be taboo to admit this on a Halls post, but I’ve been more of a Ricola person. But then again, I love the idea of cough drops that are actaully directed more toward allergy sufferers.

  11. I have a lifetime aversion to any cough drop that has even the slightest taste of medicine. Yuck. I prefer the ones that just taste like candy, even if they are less effective!

    And, layering is the way to go with the wacky spring weather. Total fashion win with the muppet jacket and mu mu!

  12. Black cherry sounds YUMMY!! I may use them instead of eating my jelly beans. And thanks for the reminder to go buy these at the store later tonight- along with my groceries!

  13. I’m a huge Halls fan! I didn’t even know they have a new black cherry flavor. I’m going to have to check that flavor out the next time I need them. (Which praise God isn’t to often since I left Ohio!)

    I am with you on the fashion issue. Yesterday I thought it was going to be warm outside, but when I went out yesterday morning it was still cold. So, here I am in my summer dress and wearing a sweater over it that in now way matches it or goes with the outfit! Then later on in the day I was able to take it off and enjoy feeling like it was actually SPRING.

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