Straight Out Of A Sitcom

Nothing beats a story that as you are reading, it makes you think that it could come straight out of a sitcom. You can *literally* picture the main characters experiencing the situation and just know how funny it would be.

While we have enough of those moments in our own lives, it is even better when it happens to someone else. So, when we read this post from our dear friend Kelly McKenzie we found ourselves crying with laughter about our favorite parts on the phone during a very important blog meeting.

Kelly has a way of writing that truly makes you feel like you are right there with her having it happen to you, too. She finds herself in some seriously awkward/embarrassing/downright hilarious predicaments. In her words, it is “just typikel”, meaning it can only happen to her. We adore her blog and get so excited whenever we see that she has a new post.

The one we are sharing with you all today is one of all-time favorites, because it not only involves Kelly, but also her mother. Let’s just say that we have decided that if we can’t convince Kelly’s mother to adopt us, then we are at least going to make it our life’s goal to be just like she is as we get older! Her mom is 91, but lives like she is not a day over 25. We love it!

We are so excited to share with our Dose Peeps a brief part of the story and know that you will love heading over to Kelly’s site to read the rest of the adventure! Don’t worry, she is expecting you!

My 91-year-old mother can still shock the hell out of me. This time it happens while we’re cruising 38,000 feet up.

“My Doctor says I’m not to travel any more. I don’t care. I’m living life to the fullest – at 91.”

Wait. What? She’s not to travel anymore? And she tells me this now? I turn to question her further. She takes no notice.


You are totally on the edge of your seat, right? Trust us when we say, you will not want to miss what happened next!


Living Life To The Fullest–At 91


We thank Kelly for letting us share her hysterical story. Comments are closed here today, so you can show all your Dose love to Kelly. So head on over and tell her The Dose Girls sent you!


Kelly and her Mom

Cutest mother/daughter pair ever!



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