Would You Rather: Watch Grease Or Grease 2?

The Dose Girls don’t disagree about much, but when we do, it is quite devastating.

Not since the great Barry vs. Neil fight of 2012 have things been so heated over here.

Thankfully, the argument intense debate friendly disagreement went down over the phone, because otherwise things may not have been pretty.

We each took a little time-out and gathered ourselves, because would it really be worth it to have a knock down, drag out fight over a couple movies?

Um, yeah. Because, duh, these two movies in question are not just any old movies. They are classics. They are life-changing. They are the stuff of childhood memories and career aspirations (if singing into a hairbrush could be considered a career).

Grease vs. Grease 2.

Turns out we are each very attached to our favorite version.

Lisa is a Grease fan, through and through. She and her best childhood friend used to take turns playing Sandy and Danny. Because Lisa was better at the lower register, she got stuck being Danny a lot, but even that did not dissuade her love of the movie.

Whereas, while I loved Grease (especially those insane leather pants at the end), I was more attached to Grease 2. My sister and I rented it from our local video store so many times one summer that I am pretty sure we would have been better off skipping the “be kind and rewind” step and just buying the movie outright.

When I suggested that we settle this battle the old fashioned way, i.e. making our beloved Dose Peeps pick their favorite and see who came out the victor, Lisa laughed out loud.

She said, and I quote, “We can, but only if you want to get trounced”.


She asked if perhaps I was still just stinging from the “Adele Dazeem” incident at the Oscars and maybe it was clouding my judgement. I will admit that my blood pressure does still go up whenever I think about, but honestly, whose doesn’t?

Really, though, I just loved Grease 2. Everything about it.

And Lisa feels exactly the same way about Grease.

So, we need you all to decide for us. There may even be a Starbucks (and eternal bragging rights, of course) riding on it, so think hard before you make your choice.


By the way, I can’t help the fact that the Grease 2 video is larger. I can only go off of what You Tube has to offer (and I think it is quite clear which movie they prefer). [What is that old saying? Good things come in small packages? Certainly true in this case. Besides, our Dose Peeps won’t let a little thing like video size keep them from picking the right answer.-Lisa]

It is now in your hands, and we anxiously await your answers. Tell us in the comments. Would you rather watch Grease or Grease 2?




Would You Rather: Watch Grease Or Grease 2? — 111 Comments

  1. Sorry, but I am with Lisa not his and have to say Grease all the way. I saw Grease 2 once all the way through and did nothing for me. But just me and can’t help that John Travolta even with all his speech screw-ups nowadays had it going on back in the day and Grease was legendary, partially due to him!! 🙂

    • You should probably watch it again just to make sure Janine.-Ashley
      Of course it did nothing for you. Good answer.-Lisa

    • Well, I will give myself partial credit on this one, since you have not seen Grease 2 and can’t properly say for sure.-Ashley
      Um, no, she clearly picked Grease.-Lisa

  2. Welllll, Grease was part of my childhood, and the soundtrack was a must for every sleepover. As far as Grease 2, Maxwell Caulfield was way hotter than John Travolta, so there’s that. Other than that I can’t say I remember much about Grease 2. That clip you included didn’t do Ashley any favors. “Like birds of a FEATHER, we’ll be TOGETHER…” ??? That’s just… painful. So I have to give this one to Lisa. Grease wins.

    • Damn. I knew I should have chosen Cool Rider instead. My bad.-Ashley
      YES! Another point for me!-Lisa

  3. Grease is for sure a favorite! I never really got into Grease 2. I will bust out into song at the mere mention of “I got chills”, “Beauty school” or “Summer Nights” and remember, “a hickey from Kenickie’s like a Hallmark card…when you care enough to send the very best.”

    • Ah, yes, that is definitely a movie quote for the ages!-Ashley
      I busted into song just reading your comment!-Lisa

    • The fact that you had the song book, too pretty much means I never stood a chance with you on this one Patti. It is okay.-Ashley
      It is the easiest question, right?-Lisa

    • I do appreciate your apology even if it is breaks my heart Dawn.-Ashley
      I can practically taste the Starbucks!-Lisa

  4. Grease 2! It was on HBO that first summer our family got cable TV. And I mean it was on daily. And I have 2 sisters. Grease 2 practically babysat us that summer. I can sing along to Grease 2 as well as I can sing along to Frozen!

    • Aww, that is so sweet of you to pick Grease 2 just to make Ashley feel better.-Lisa
      YES!! YES!! YES!! Finally someone who gets the magic of this movie! WOOHOO!-Ashley

  5. Wow. Tough choice. I have all the songs to both memorized. (Which horrifies my husband!) I have seen both movies too many times to count. I even stayed at the drive-in last fall until almost 4 AM to watch Grease the way it was meant to be watched. But, I had the Grease 2 soundtrack on cassette. I believe I bought it with my own money. So, I guess my heart really belongs to

    Grease 2!

    • Spending your own money on something does make it more special Cheryl, so I get it.-Lisa
      I can feel that the tide is turning y’all!-Ashley

  6. Do you really have to ask?? The original is definitely better, but I have to say that Grease 2 has entertainment value all its own. . . I mean, who doesn’t love a “cool-ool-ool rider?”

    • So, it sounds like you are on the fence, then? I will give myself half a point on this one.-Ashley
      She clearly picked a side. She was just being nice to you.-Lisa

  7. Growing up my dad often reminded me that “Good things DO come in Small packages” (yes I have been slightly vertically challenged) and now I have to vehemently agree with Lisa and go with the One – the Only – the ORIGINAL – GREASE! (Sorry Ashley) 🙂

    • My parents used to tell me that all the time, too Shashi. I am short also.-Ashley
      Thank you Shashi for seeing it my (the only!) way.-Lisa

    • You could John, but it sounds like your heart is not really in it. I will put you down as a solid maybe.-Lisa
      Um, YOU BETTER!-Ashley

    • Since you have not seen Grease 2 in a while, I will mark you undecided on this one Shell.-Ashley
      Um, no. She definitely said she was going with the original. Nothing undecided about that.-Lisa

  8. Uhhh I love you guys, but Ashley what were you thinking?! It’s Grease, hands down all the way.

    I think you two should vote on which John Hughes movie was better, at least there’d be a more level playing field.

    • Got any suggestion of the 2 John Hughes movies we should pick Tara? We are game!-Ashley
      I know, Tara, right? Isn’t it sad? What could she have been thinking?-Lisa

      • Hmm I would like to see who wins over The Breakfast Club and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Honestly, I’m not even sure which one I’d pick. They’re both so good!

    • Are you really sure Kim? Do you want some more time to think about it?-Ashley
      Duh, Kim. You said it.-Lisa

    • Are you really sure Janan? Do you want another minute to think about it?-Ashley
      Nice use of the ALL CAPS to truly emphasize that you picked the RIGHT ANSWER. Thank you.-Lisa

  9. Grease is the word, for sure. Although I will be your girl for all seasons, Ashley, if you’ll be my cool rider. Wanna bowl tonight?

    • I totally want to bowl tonight. And I will definitely be your cool rider Dana! It sounds to me like you may not have your mind completely made up here.-Ashley
      You are so nice to throw her a bone Dana, but we all know that Grease is the word for sure!-Lisa

    • It was a serious question Allie. I guess I just underestimated the level of Grease love out there.-Ashley
      I know Allie. I tried to talk her out of it.-Lisa

    • But what about Michelle Pfeiffer and Maxwell Caulfield? Dreamy British accent? No?-Ashley
      Exactly Jennifer. Well said.-Lisa

  10. I would rather watch Grease 2. I’ve seen Grease 2 so many times, it’s easily my favorite musical. I know it’s bad. You know what? Grease is bad. I just watched it days ago. Both movies are silly in so many ways.
    Here are some objective and subjective reasons why I believe Grease 2 is better.
    *60s > 50s
    *Motorcycles > Cars
    *Michelle Pfeiffer > Olivia Newton-John (in Grease terms)
    *Maxwell Caulfield > John Travolta (in Grease terms)
    *Supporting Grease 2 T-Birds > Supporting Grease T-Birds
    *Both sets of Pink Ladies are at least equally awesome
    *Pamela Adlon
    *Christopher McDonald
    *Tracks from the Grease soundtrack get skipped more than tracks on Grease 2 (Skip: Love is a Many Splendored Thing, Hopelessly Devoted to You, It’s Raining on Prom Night, Alone at the Drive-In Movie, Blue Moon, Rock n Roll is Here to Stay, Those Magic Changes, Hound Dog, Born to Hand Jive, Tears on My Pillow, Mooning, Freddy My Love, Rock n Roll Party Queen… For Grease 2, skip: Charades. That’s it.)
    **Here is a ranking of songs from both soundtracks:
    Back to School Again
    Summer Nights
    Score Tonight
    We’ll Be Together
    Girl for All Seasons
    Greased Lightning
    Cool Rider
    Who’s That Guy
    Do it for Our Country
    Turn Back
    You’re the One That I Want
    Look at Me, I’m Sandra-Dee
    We Go Together
    Beauty School Drop-Out
    There Are Worse Things I Could Do
    ***Don’t take my ranking of comparable Grease songs higher than Grease 2 songs as a sign of weakness (Grease>Back to School, Summer Nights>Score Tonight, Greased Lightning>Prowlin. I think they might objectively be better songs, but I’d rather listen to their Grease 2 counterparts, and I’d much rather watch Grease 2 over Grease.


    • I will definitely give you full credit for showing your work here Matt, but I must take off points for not liking Hopelessly Devoted To Me. COME ON.-Lisa
      Matt, you are my favorite today.-Ashley

    • Well, at least you feel badly about it, although technically your vote can’t count until you see Grease 2.-Ashley
      Pretty sure that is not how this works.-Lisa

  11. I gotta go with Numero Uno baby! Grease 1 all the way. That way, it’s just Grease. No number needed. Just too perfect, like don’t mess with the original, right? You guys are just so funny and I love the pug–say that to my face! I am still laughing!!!!!

    • Glad you enjoyed the pug (it made me laugh, too!), even though your answer made me cry.-Ashley
      So well said Karen. Grease doesn’t even a number. Duh.-Lisa

  12. Co-oo-oo-ool rider! Grease two, hands down! I’ll be your girl for all season?! We’re gonna score tonight? Let’s do it for our country, the red white and the blue?! Man, I need to see that movie again!

    • Oh Angela, you poor thing.-Lisa
      YES! Angela, you are my people. I knew you would understand. I probably need to watch it again, too. Because it is the BEST.-Ashley

    • Well, you should check it out before rendering your vote then Susie…because you might just think it *is* better than the original!-Ashley
      You won’t.-Lisa

    • Maybe you should give it another shot Michelle, since you don’t really remember it. I will put you down as undecided.-Ashley
      Save yourself Michelle.-Lisa

    • You probably do need that 701st time Tamara instead of the one time for Grease 2. Trust me on this one.-Lisa
      SSSSHHHH! Don’t listen to her. You have made the right choice for sure!-Ashley

  13. Grease 2. We had Grease 2 on video as kids and watched it every weekend, I didn’t see Grease until I was 16 and it was disappointing. Motorbikes are cooler than cars and Maxwell Caulfield isn’t anywhere near as creepy as John Travolta.

    • I will grant you that new school JT has gotten a little waxy, but old school JT, come one now Rachael.-Lisa
      Perfectly said Rachael. And it looks like things are really evening up in this battle.-Ashley
      No, they’re not.-Lisa

    • Well, Jeanne, until you have actually seen Grease 2, you can’t really decide. Check back in after you watch it.-Ashley
      No need to do that Jeanne. Your heart will always be with Grease.-Lisa

  14. I just can’t! I can’t even think about which one is better. It’d be like choosing my favorite child. Grease is a classic and it’s in my bones. We had the double vinyl album growing up and I used to listen to it incessantly until I melted it by falling asleep on the chaise with while the afternoon sun (Hawai’i in the summer) came in through the window. I was devastated!


    Grease 2 was an awakening. I was 4 when Grease came out, so it was just one of those movies that, to me, always was. I remember the thrill of watching the movie for the first time, and being SO EXCITED because I didn’t know what was going to happen next. I rode the whole emotional gamut with that movie, and it was one of the very first ones that took me on that ride.

    Also, come on! Girl For All Seasons? The best. OMG the best.

    Let’s just have a Grease / Grease 2 movie marathon night, pierce each other’s ears and be done with it. It would be AMAZING.

    • No need Kris. Grease is the right answer.-Lisa
      Don’t listen to her. You do need to see Grease 2 to pick one. We will wait.-Ashley

  15. OMG Girls! LOL!!
    I’ve been gone forever and I come back to a post like this! Last time you asked us to pick a movie I had to go and watch both cos I hadn’t watched either. Well guess I have a movie mission. AGAIN 😀

    • Poor Xae! We don’t mean to give you these hard challenges, but ys, it looks like you are on another movie mission! ;)-Ashley and Lisa

  16. Seriously, I have to go with Lisa on this one. Grease is a classic! As far as Grease 2 goes, I’m going to have to go with Janet Maslin from The New York Times on this one: the movie is “dizzy and slight, with an even more negligible plot than its predecessor had. This time the story can’t even masquerade as an excuse for stringing the songs together. Songs? What songs? The numbers in Grease 2 are so hopelessly insubstantial that the cast is forced to burst into melody about pastimes like bowling.” How is this even a contest?

    • Well, clearly, Janet Maslin was not having a very good day when it was time to review Grease 2. I will chalk it up to a bad break-up right before or something.-Ashley
      It is not a contest Parri. I tried to talk her out of making it one.-Lisa

  17. I almost didn’t answer. This trouncing looks a little painful. Hate to layer it on, but I’ve got to say Grease. I’ve pretty much got that one memorized. I only saw Grease 2 a few times as a kid and all I really remember about it is how much everyone makes fun of how bad it is. Even Michelle Pfeiffer hates it. It stopped her from getting a a ton of jobs in the beginning of her career. Sorry, Ashley.

    • Awww, poor Michelle. She has probably changed her mind by now. She should watch it again.-Ashley
      Laughing out loud at your comment. When the star of the movie hates it, you know it is bad.-Lisa

    • I can’t have a blessed day with this answer Vicki! ;)-Ashley
      You are so right Vicki. Well said.-Lisa

    • That makes me sad Michelle.-Ashley
      Of course you do Michelle. It is the only correct answer.-Lisa

  18. This is one of those times that you must go with the theory that they original is the best. BECAUSE IT IS. I may be a bit biased since I played “Jan” in my senior high school production of the show, but still, it’s the better movie by far! I cannot believe y’all even posed this question really… 😉

    • Well, you are definitely biased Elaine, what with the theater memories and all. I get it.-Ashley
      I can’t believe she asked it either Elaine. Poor Ashley.-Lisa

    • Do you want some more time to think about it Tara? You seem kind of unsure.-Ashley
      Well said.-Lisa

  19. Sorry, Ashley, I’m with Lisa on this one! (Although, I’ll admit, I’ve only seen about 10 minutes of #2. But the first one was so good!)

  20. It is Grease 2 for me, all the way to Rydell High, baby. The outfits (Paulette’s gold bowling outfit? Ummm, yes.) Cool rider motorcycle, leather jacket, hot man with a British accent? Yes!
    Plus, it is really quite a resource. I am an event planner, and when I had to plan 1961-themed Hawaiian luau, where did I turn for inspiration? Grease 2 of course.

  21. I’ll admit… I watched Grease 2 WAY more. I know it was easily over 100x when I was young. I lost track somewhere around 102. Seriously. It was my favorite movie as a pre-teen/teen. However, as an adult, I tend to navigate more toward Grease because it seems less… cheesy? Cheesy or not, though, I have to watch it again after reading all of the comments. It’s been years!

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  23. Grease 2! ❤️

    I actually found this page from searching “why do people hate Grease 2 so much”

    Now, I do love both Grease and Grease 2 and even though I’d say that the Orignal Grease is technically better, I just can’t help but love the second one more. People really annoy me on this subject because a good two thirds of people that I ever have this debate with, have never actually even seen Grease 2, yet they instantly shoot it down! How can you decide whether you like something or not, if you’ve never even seen it? Sooo closed minded!

    I can’t quite explain what it is that I love so much about G2, I just do. Michelle Pfieffer, Lorna Luft, much better looking Pink Lady Jackets that can be reversed into a Leather Jacket, Adrian Zmed, motorcycles, the outfits, (paulette in her bowling outfits) the 80s vibe, personally more enjoyable songs (even if the songs from the first movie, always fit into the story.) The T-Birds have some really funny lines and are more representative of the guys in school who think they’re cool (when everybody knows that really they’re just a bunch of insecure d*ckheads, it’s only really the T-Birds themselves who think the T-Birds are so cool) In the original Grease movie, it’s made pretty clear that Rizzo has a thing for Danny and only really originally gets with Kenicke as a rebound and because she’s horny (she wants sex but is fed up with everyone looking upon her as a slut) but if you pay G2 closer attention, then it’s supposed to be obvious to us, that Johnny actually does have a thing for Paulette too but only makes himself appear to be so concerned with Steph because “he’s got a rep to protect” and NOT dating the head pink lady in his mind, takes him down in the cool ranks and to not appear to care about Steph hanging out with ‘nerds’ and somebody who isn’t a T-Bird, even more so. In the same way that Steph is torn between what she really wants and her Head Pink Lady status. I think G2 is a better representation of what it’s really like to actually be a Pink Lady or T-Bird once you are that age and are going through a phase where you’re maturing and starting to know what you want more but are still immaturely concerned with being ‘cool’ I know that is represented in the Orignal Grease but not in the way it is in G2. I also like how even though yes, Louis Dimucci was very sneaky in ‘Do It For Our Country’ trying to trick Sharon into having sex with him, the character seems to genuinely love her and even though he’s a T-Bird and so could probably have a pretty good pick of other chicks in the school, it’s still Sharon he’s waiting for. Oh my god! I’m going on and on here, I just love G2 and really don’t understand why it’s so hated compared with the original. 🙁

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