Would You Rather: See Katy Perry Or Beyoncé In Concert?

It is no secret that we are big Katy Perry fans in my house! After seeing Katy Perry: Part of Me in the theater three times, we were hooked for life. We loaded up our iPods with every possible Katy Perry song, and I promised Emma and Abby that if she ever came anywhere near Charlotte we would go.

When she announced her Prismatic Tour (on Emma’s birthday, by the way), I scoured the interwebs for dates and cities and found out she would be in Raleigh, N.C. for the opening night of the U.S. part of the tour. I bought our tickets as soon as they went on sale (on Abby’s birthday, coincidentally). It was meant to be!

So, I surprised my girls on Valentine’s Day.

The time is finally upon us and in less than one week, we will be heading to Raleigh to get our Katy Perry on! Just between us, I am honestly just as excited as my children!

RoarCollage2ForShirtThey have been practicing their roars!

Planning for this concert got me thinking about all the great artists who are touring this summer and who else I would like to see if given the chance.

I feel like going to a Beyoncé concert would be an amazing experience, too. That woman knows how to rock the house, am I right?






Just the chance to hear Single Ladies live would be insane. I have a feeling she could rival Katy Perry in the choreography department. But Katy still totally takes the cake in the costume arena. Sorry Sasha Fierce.

So, I thought I would ask my favorite Dose Peeps to weigh in on this one. Would you rather see Katy Perry or Beyoncé in concert?





Would You Rather: See Katy Perry Or Beyoncé In Concert? — 48 Comments

    • Katy is cute but so cliched. I like Beyoncé because she has such a strong voice…..so I would pick Hayley Williams and Paramore. But do have a great trip to see Katy. *s*

  1. Hmm…(don’t shoot me but) am not a big fan of either of these ladies…if you twisted my arm and pulled my temple hair, I might have to pick Beyonce – besides from the few performances I have caught, beyonce does know how to rock da house – or maybe it’s cos I haven’t seen enough Katy Perry concerts…

  2. Ummm, neither one. But I really really liked the video of the girls, they are so excited. I know you will have a great time. Let us know if Katy picks them out to go on stage.

  3. Well I like them both, but I think my daughter would rather go see Katy, so my vote is with her! I can’t wait to hear all about it. A few years ago my husband took our son to see his idol, Paul McCarteny. It was truly some of the best money ever spent! My husband said he didn’t know what was better getting to hear Paul live, or getting to see his son so happy to be there! Enjoy!

  4. Katy Perry all the way here too. Especially after watching Beyonce virtually make love to her husband to open that awards show awhile back. Waaay more than we need to see here. I’m all curmudgeonly that way.

  5. Oh this is hard!!!! I haven’t seen either but (as you know) I’ll be seeing Katy in July. Hmmmm although I love my Beyoncé, I def have more Perry tunes on my iPod for spin class so I have to go with Katy!!!

  6. LOVE that adorable video!!!! Oh those GIRLS!!! You are gonna have SO MUCH FUN!!

    You always give us such hard decisions to make! ACK! I will go with Katy because I know Cass (and probably Cade!) would love love love to see her!

    Hands down. Everytime I watch her live, I’m amazed at her energy and stage presence.

    I want to see the Beyonce and Jay-z concert but couldn’t get tickets to that. So sad!


  8. First of all, how much do I love Abby saying, “I’m not dancin’ …” and then totally changing her mind and saying yes. TOO much. They’re too cute.

    Now – I had an AMAZING chance to see Queen Bey in concert when my daughter was so little that we had no babysitters and my husband eventually turned the tix down and I CRIED.

    But I am mad at her and her BS and fake marriage and all that crap so while I think she *might* be the better performer when it comes to a concert, I’d pick Katy. Which has me totally mad that I didn’t get tickets for this weekend, but totally excited for you guys. Squee!!

  9. Tough call! I’d give the slight edge to Beyonce for myself but to have the opportunity to dress up and experience Katy Perry with your two fabulous daughters – priceless!
    A friend of mine recently saw Katy in concert and said it was beyond amazing, the people watching was beyond words and that she skewed the average age of the crowd up about 30 years! Have fun!!

  10. I hate to say that I am not a huge fan of either, but I sing about three Katy Perry songs in my band so I’d have to say Katy Perry. And Dark Horse is a good song. Also I imagine she puts on an intense show! Also I think I’m kind of boycotting Beyonce after the whole ‘eat the cake Anna Mae’ song her and Jay Z performed. I feel like Katy Perry is more bubble gum and lollipops and less terrible domestic violence references. Have fun, and please post lots of pics!

  11. Neither one of them! Even if I had a free ticket and they were offering free cake slices after the show. Wait, noooo… I’d totally go for the free cake. Momma’s gotta eat.

  12. Oh, hard! I want to say Kay Perry because Scarlet loves “Part of Me” and some of her others. However, she also loves that “if you like it, then you better put a ring on it” song. Is that even Beyonce? Is that even the right wording? I’m so out of touch!

  13. Probably Katy. But I have reached the milestone where my daughter is old enough to get dropped off at the concert. That means I do not have to attend a second One Direction concert, and for that my eardrums are grateful.

  14. We have a tie in my house. I say Beyoncé and Jason says Katy Perry. But I’m really more about the rockin’ moves. I guess we’d just have to go to both if given the chance. 🙂

  15. Confession: neither of those artists is really my style. But since I couldn’t even name a single Katy Perry song (might recognize them if I heard them, but haven’t gone looking for one), I would probably choose Beyonce. Besides, that woman is definitely versatile. All ‘would you rather’s’ aside, I hope you and your girls have lots of fun. Going to a concert is a huge deal for a young girl, so you’ll likely be the best.mom.ever. …for the duration of the trip at least.

  16. Okay, this is tough one. I keep waffling back and forth. I think it might have to be Beyonce because I love the good dancing. And Katy Perry is meh on the dancing.

    You girls are going to have a blast!! 😀

  17. Don’t get me wrong–Beyonce is the fiercest… but I’m kind of over her. I bet Katy Perry puts on an awesome show… and you are an awesome momma… loved seeing how excited your kids were 🙂 So sweet!

  18. I believe I have to go with Beyonce’ because that girl can sing! I’m sure Katy Perry puts on an awesome show…and I do like her music but after hearing live on TV one New Year’s I’m not sure how well she can sing when she’s not on radio. (Don’t throw rocks at me!) 🙂

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