Pinterest Nightmare #334: Half Christmas

It’s hard to keep up with trends during the summer.

With the kids at home all day, we’re busy making meal after meal (didn’t they *just* eat a few hours ago?), applying and re-applying sunscreen (quit wiggling!), and sending children to their respective rooms so they can think about their actions.

As fun as all of that is, it doesn’t leave much time for figuring out what’s new out there…until PINTEREST!!

As we perused our Pinterest feed this week we noticed many Santa Clauses popping up and loads of pins with tinsel and mistletoe. Was it already December and we’d mysteriously missed six months of our lives? Are people just starting their holiday prep really, *really* early this year? NO!! Pinterest was just filling us in on the latest trend that is sweeping the nation…it’s HALF CHRISTMAS!

santas-comingWell, maybe not Santa, but Half Christmas really is the “IT” thing for the summer! It takes place on June 25th when you are six months from last Christmas and six months away from next Christmas. It was even featured in the TV show Workaholics where they used it as an excuse to drink keg nog! (egg nog out of kegs, of course)

On Pinterest you’ll find people are baking Half Christmas cookies (half a batch), putting up Half Christmas lights (but only on half of the house), and singing Half Christmas Carols (Like The Six Days of Christmas)

It is BIG!

At first we weren’t too keen on this idea. I mean, who is thrilled to have more to do, bake, and decorate while sweltering in the summer heat surrounded by bored children?

Then we found out that Half Christmas is a gift giving occasion. Who doesn’t want half a set of earrings or half a board game in their Half Christmas Stocking on June 25th?! (half a stocking would be a footie sock, maybe?).

Thank goodness we have Pinterest and our “Oh, Honey…No!” board to help us find the perfect gifts befitting a holiday of this caliber!


Pinterest Nightmare #334a: Baby Doll Head Half Christmas Tree Topper


As pinned from

As with any major holiday, you’ll want everyone on your list to have sublime decorations. The Baby Doll Head Topper makes the perfect addition to any Half Christmas tree. The lights running up and out of the lifeless eye sockets really scream, “I am festive!”


Pinterest Nightmare #334b: Toilet Fondue Pot


As pinned from

The genuine porcelain Toilet Fondue Pot is ideal for the foodie in your life. What could be more appetizing that a gift that brings to mind a Norovirus outbreak? Now you can just sit back and wait for the thank you cards to roll in.


Pinterest Nightmare #334c: How To Avoid Huge Ships, Second Edition


As pinned from

Nothing says “I am the ultimate Half Christmas gift” like a fantastic beach read! The page turner in everyone’s tote bag this year is sure to be How to Avoid Huge Ships (second edition…so you know it’s up-to-date!). Without a book like this, non-sailor types like me would think you could just use your eyes. HA! Amateurs! This book delivers 112 pages of critical advice that will keep you safe and sound in your little dinghy. Ahoy there, matey!


Pinterest Nightmare #334d: Metal Detecting Sandals


As pinned from

Who wants a gift that combines high fashion with enough buried treasure to make a pirate jealous? Why, everyone on your Half Christmas list, that’s who! These unisex beauties exude taste and style while offering the promise of potential riches!! They are the ultimate gift that keeps on giving. (Just remember to loosen the strap once every 30 minutes. Cankle strap lines from the battery pack are a fashion DON’T.)


Oh, Pinterest. No…just no.



Pinterest Nightmare #334: Half Christmas — 72 Comments

  1. Oh girls, I absolutely love all your picks and would gleefully except any one of them! The doll head tree topper would looks so fab on my tree that I put out in my sunroom. It would totally freakout young and old who pass by my house! *insert evil laugh here* The metal detecting sandals I would wear under my clothes so no one could see it. I would play dumb and keep walking as beeping and screeching sounds came my skirt. Plus I may find a treasure!

    • Bwahahahaha! Every sunroom Half Christmas tree deserves a doll head topper! I *love* the idea of the metal detecting sandals randomly beeping as you go about your day, Susie! It makes me want a pair more than ever. Thanks GOODNESS Half Christmas is just around the corner so I don’t have long to wait!

  2. I honestly can’t past half Christmas to be honest and it isn’t even July yet and so not wanting to think about Christmas not for another few months at the very least, but that fondue toilet just screams nightmares now for me, lol!

    • I’m just so glad that Half Christmas exists because summer is far too carefree and fun without a holiday to stress over! The Fourth of July just doesn’t have enough serious decorating challenges or time commitment in the planning department. You grab some red, white, and blue bunting and a few sparklers and you are set. With Half Christmas, I now have something I can really work up some anxiety over! Yay!

  3. Half Christmas, huh? Sounds like a half baked idea to me. haha! Jeffrey would be so ticked if he got half a treat.

    Wondering if the metal detector sandals come in small sizes. I’ve been trying to find the metal rod that determines my property line for months.

    • Oh, Carli! I’d say you could find the small sandals for you, but I know your teeny tiny little feet are *really* small. Perhaps if you wear the smallest size metal detecting sandal with tube socks they will stay on your feet as you walk your property!

    • I think these presents are *exactly* the caliber of presents that Half Christmas deserves! 😀 Reconsider!

  4. OK… I laughed with this one… but the funny thing is my son always had a half Christmas in his life… it was called his birthday. He was born on June 24th. And I always figured since it was the beginning of summer, he got his summer reads (he didn’t), his summer gear (clothing, sneakers, sandals etc. – he wore out and grew out of it) and of course the quintessential Mom nightmare, his video games (he really wasn’t a couch potato, his real love was basketball, but I needed something to keep him in in the heat of the day).

    Anyway, in a few weeks (probably now) you will soon see boaards and pins for Christmas in July by various direct sellers… So yes Virginia, There is a Santa Claus and he refuses to stay in the North Pole until December.

    • You have been partaking in Half Christmas for years and you didn’t even know it, Carla! 😀 You a holiday pioneer! 😀

    • Thanks, Eva! Pinterest keeps us on the cutting edge: fire facials…drop crotch pants…Half Christmas…and the list goes on and on. What would we do without it?

    • In my mind the creator of Half Christmas are the same folks who wear their dogs on fanny packs and construct elaborate Valentine boxes for their children to take to school. They really have the Half Christmas spirit!

    • I love Chocolate it *all* of it’s forms, Echo! (even if it looks like it needs a course of Imodium) I think all kids should have a copy of How to Avoid Huge Ships! We need to keep our youth safe!

  5. Those sandals make me think of my favorite boxcar children book, when Benny finds a locket with a metal detector. Maybe that one wasn’t really my favorite. I liked the one when they got snowed in and had to write “help” in salt on the blinds. And the one when they found a secret recipe to make buns. Actually I think I loved all of them.

    • BOXCAR CHILDREN!!!! OMGeeeeee! I *loved* those books! I haven’t thought about them in years! See, Half Christmas brings joy to everyone!! 😀

  6. The most disturbing? The toilet fondue pot. GROSS! However, the thought of Christmas in the summer time does appeal to me. I am thinking that would avoid the awkward “Who do we spend Christmas with? Your family or mine?” convos. Just spend December Christmas with one side and Half Christmas with the other! You can also avoid dangerous travel weather (assuming you don’t live in tornado alley or something) in June. Win-win! 🙂

    • There you go, Julie! You are an optimist and a problem solver! Celebrating Half Christmas really does have its advantages! Maybe you’d like the fondue pot more if you used it with cheese instead of chocolate so it looked more like urine in there? Delicious!

    • Oh, darn it! Half Christmas came too late for you this year, Elaine! That makes me so sad! 🙁 Just be sure you tell Half Santa that the metal detecting sandals are on your list now and you will be able to go to town on your next beach vacay!

  7. I thought the baby doll head tree topper would be creepy, but then I saw that its eyes light up. Not scary at all now!
    I really hope half Christmas does not catch on.

    • That was what caught my eye, too, John. (no pun intended) It totally takes the entire topper to another level. And really, that’s the level that Half Christmas demands, right? 😀

  8. This is horrible. I don’t want to think about Christmas until at least November and certainly not when I’m carefully planning beach time!!! Who comes up with this stuff? This whole thing should be a NO, Pinterest!!! *wagging finger*

    • Oh, Allie! Summer is such a laid back time of the year. Surely you have loads of time on your hands between races, training, work, your blog, and taking care of the twins! Half Christmas is just the way to fill up all of your extensive free time!

  9. Christmas in July….NOPE

    That toilet fondue pot is hilarious! I never realized I could get so creative with my tree toppers either. Creepy baby heads for the win!

    • I feel like baby doll heads are just the tip of the iceberg, Tara. The sky is the limit when you let your Half Christmas spirit flow!

  10. Merry 1/2 Christmas Girls! Laughing out loud here. So, so funny. I must say that I am torn between the lovely items displayed here. Hmmm. If I had to go for one it would be the book. Freighters are a reality in my world and there can be up to 18 in the harbour on any given day. Of course, we all live in fear here that we’ll collide with them. How could we not? Well. Not any longer. Guess what EVERYONE on my list is getting this year? “HTAHS.” My only question would be – how did it manage to get to a second printing without my being aware of the first?

    • I know!! We’ve been living under the menace of huge ships all these years. Now we can all breathe a sigh of relief! I feel like the publishing industry really let us down keeping the first edition under wraps. Thank GOODNESS we are in the know with HTAHS now. It’s a Half Christmas miracle!

  11. I think that is both amazing and incredibly unbelievable that someone wrote not one, but TWO editions of how to avoid large ships. Because I often miss them when I’m out at sea, they’re just so hard to see with their grandeur.

    • Exactly, Bev!! Now we are all free from the scourge of huge ships taking us by surprise…if we read the book, that is! I’m just glad they are keeping the information up-to-date for us!!

    • I have no idea what you mean, Jenn! I think it would be difficult to create a sandal more fetching than the Metal Detecting Sandal. With a fresh pedicure and attaching the battery strap just so, it is very alluring!

  12. You’re killing me!! I’d love to know what accident happened that they needed to update the avoiding big boats book. Sounds like the Preface to the 2nd edition would be worth the price of the whole book!

  13. My birthday is half christmas! (well, three days after it) I was always really happy with my birth date because it meant I’d only have to go every six months without presents. It’s about time the world caught up to me. Sure, I would have liked it better if it was called ‘Angela was Born’ day, but I guess I’ll settle for Half Christmas (for now). And ‘how to avoid huge ships’?! I’m putting that on my Amazon wishlist!

    • You have the PERFECT birthday Angela! You only ever had to wait 6 months for presents. Excellent planning on the part of your parents!! I am *really* hoping that someone fulfills your Amazon wish so you will know how to avoid huge ships!! Happy “Angela was Born Day” a few days early!!

  14. I am still laughing at the kids in the bedrooms thinking about their actions… BWAHAHAHAHA!!! Oh girls- you never ever disappoint!!

    I really REALLY need those tips on celebrating half Christmas. I am ALL IN for more shopping, and baking and planning and decorating!!!

    Kill me now. Please. Just do it.

    • Exactly, Chris! Why spend your summer relaxing and taking it down a notch when you can be shopping and planning and busy, busy, busy?! Half Christmas for the win! We all want our kids to have happy Half Christmas memories of their childhoods!

    • They pull you into Half Christmas with excellent gifts like the Metal Detecting Sandals and before you know it you are decorating your house with half wreaths and singing rousing renditions of “We One and a Half Kings of Orient Are”

    • It’s so creepy it rounds the corner back to adorable, doesn’t it? At least that’s what I’d have to tell my self every time I saw it looking at me from the tree!

  15. Seriously?! People really go all out and celebrate half Christmas? I think that some of the people posting stuff on Pinterest have way too much free time!!!
    I’m thinking those metal detector sandals would be a dream gift for the people I always see trying to find buried treasure at the beach!!!

  16. AHHHHHHHHHHHH! The doll head! NOOOOOOOOO! And I’m glad my kid is out of school because if some young punkass kid with an overachieving mom told my kid there was such a thing as Half Christmas, I think I’d be arrested for assault. What a terrible, terrible trend!

    • YES! What mom isn’t looking for more to do over the summer months? I mean, things get SO BORING what with all of the relaxing and sleeping in.

  17. OMG… that baby doll head tree topper gave me the creeps. And the toilet fondue pot… no way. It gives new meaning to pooper scooper! Now that they’ve sucked some people in with half Christmas, they will be ready for Christmas in July!!

    • Exactly, Jeanne! We need as many decorating holidays per year as possible. If cooking,presents,and parties are involved, even better!

  18. I, for one, will NOT be participating in Half Christmas. I went to a few junk/thrift shops yesterday and actually saw a doll head similar to the one on that tree. Who knew it would’ve come in handy, if I would’ve just caved in and bought it.

    • Oh, opportunity missed, Terra! RATS! Maybe there is still time to go back and get it before someone else snatches it up!!

  19. This totally explains why I saw Christmas lights on a house last night. Of course, I was in Mexico, Maine, so it’s a toss up that they knew about the whole half Christmas thing. I’m loving the fondue toilet. Perfect for a dinner party. And I can talk sanitation at the same time!

    • Great point, Jennifer! It is perfect for a dinner party!! Half Christmas is just all that and a bag of chips…or toilet full of chocolate, as the case may be.

  20. Half Christmas?! Seriously?!! I don’t recover from real Christmas until about March… Besides, we already have – no lie – ten birthdays right around Half Christmas day. That is plenty! Of course, if I used the sandal metal detector, I could find some hidden treasure to give as birthday gifts… Just a thought.

    • Whew!! You have a *very* busy June and July, Mo! It will be hard to slip Half Christmas in there, but I think you ought to consider it. Given all the presents you have to buy, those sandals could really pay for themselves and then some!

    • Whoa! That blog is so cool! I bet they own BOTH editions of the book!
      The baby head wants you to have a very Happy Half Christmas, Ronnie! It’s not so bad as long as you don’t look it directly in the eyes…er…eye holes. 😀

  21. I am totally boycotting half Christmas!! No way, no how! Regular Christmas stressed me out enough. I do need those metal detecting sandals for our upcoming beach trip, though. Maybe for Half Hanukkah??

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