Would You Rather: Give Up TV Or Books?

Today’s would you rather question is courtesy of the lovely Lisa of The Golden Spoons so don’t blame me when you rock in the corner and cry trying to answer it.

I mean, that is what I did when I really thought about it.

I kept saying to myself, “But this is too hard. It is like asking me which of my children I love more (p.s. the answer is always the one who is not whining at that particular moment, duh). I can’t give up TV OR books. That wouldn’t be fair!!!” (said in my best whiny voice…yes, I see the irony).

This question seems to be especially good for the summer, because there is something so fantastic about binge-watching a TV show or curling up for hours with a great book. Even as an adult, you feel kind of justified to use the summer to enjoy what you love.

netflixDoesn’t everyone?

Here at The Dose of Reality, it is a well known fact that we enjoy ourselves some TV. Whether it be viewing the reality shows or more high-brow shows like Game of Thrones or House of Cards, we are not strangers to having back-up remote controls for our back-up remote controls.

You may not realize, though, that we feel the same way about reading. Neither Dose Girl is ever without a book. We read EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. no matter what is happening. We LOVE reading. So much so that when we go for a while not loving a book (still always reading, though), we feel less happy.


This book isn’t going to read itself, you know.

So, when push came to shove on this question, we both chose reading.

We would give up TV before we would give up books.

Even as I type the words, I feel myself get a little shaky. Because, hello, TV. But, I know in my heart of my hearts we chose wisely.

I think.

I mean I am pretty sure.


This is too much. I have to stop thinking about it now. The question is turned over to you Dose Peeps. Would you rather give up TV or books? And this is forever, by the way. FOREVER.








Would You Rather: Give Up TV Or Books? — 49 Comments

  1. Easy. TV. I don’t pay for cable so I don’t get all of that, we use an antenna. And when it’s on, for me it’s just background noise. I rarely ever actually “watch” tv so it can be taken away. I’d be fine with it.

  2. Oh man, this definitely is a hard one being that I love both so much. I think I would have to go with giving up TV, too, but still couldn’t say for sure. Definitely struggling on this one though and please dear god don’t ever let me really have to make this choice if I don’t have to!

  3. TV, for sure. I gave it up for lent one year and got so far behind my shows that I just stopped following them. I’m not addicted to NEAR the amount of shows I used to be and mostly I am too damn tired to stay up and watch the ones I am interested in. I can watch hour upon HOUR of Barefoot Contessa and Property Brothers though. And you might catch me on a free day (what is that? I know…) watching some Kardashians run around all drama-ish about something. But give up books? GIVE. UP. BOOKS??? No way. My bookshelves runneth over, I refuse to get a kindle…I am a book-a-holic to the nth degree and could not imagine a life without a hefty tome just waiting to be read on my bedside table.

  4. This is a tough one. I love books, but haven’t had the time to read much lately. TV is my go to background noise and the provider of my drama fix. However, you said TV. That means I can still have internet. Yup, you can take the TV.

  5. You are killing me with this question. But I’ve found a loophole. I’ll give up books for TV since (technically) I can read books on the Interwebs. Loophole achieved!

    I love my nature shows on TV. I learn lots and it’s family time for us.

  6. Not an easy choice, but not as hard as I thought it would be when I thought on it for a bit. I would give up TV. I still have the internet, so I can look up news and such. I could even watch Netflix or something via computer or tablet, but I feel that would be “cheating” so I guess I’d have to make friends with that. But giving up a good book? No, thanks! I’d rather be able to have quiet and time to curl up with a good book than the noise that is TV. I think it might even be a whole lot more peaceful to go without TV. It would take a bit to get used to, but I think it’s possible. 🙂

  7. I binge watch TV so I’m going to say I’d give up TV. There’s something so calming, so peaceful about reading books. I’ve always feared dying without being able to read all the good books in the world.


  8. That is a really hard one this time. I watch a lot of tv, have the dvr and premium channels. But, I guess there are a lot more good books I haven’t read that tv shows I haven’t watched, so I guess I would have to give up tv.

  9. Books. Hands down. I love TV, but I hate TV because I can’t stop watching it. Mmmmmmmmbyeeee TV, I’m going to go stick my face in some books and never come back.

  10. Put me down for the giving up tv. Love it but then every once in a while it throws me for a loop like subbing in a completely wrong person to play a character from a well loved book. I mean they absolutely got it right with Colin as Darcy but usually things go so very wrong… God help ’em if they televise the Outlander series and screw up Jamie Fraser …

  11. I’d have to give up TV. It would be hard and there would be tears, but I don’t think I could ever give up books. What would I do in the car when Ken is driving!?!?!

  12. This question is giving me anxiety!! I can take any more stress this month!!! NOOOOOOOO!
    (I’m going to go hide under my bed until next week’s question)

  13. Well, I am certainly in the minority, but I would give up books. I don’t read that much anyway (I know, very bad). Perhaps, though, if I gave up TV I would find time to read more! Thanks for sharing my question and sorry for making you cry! 🙂

  14. You’ll take my TV when you tear it from my cold, dead hands. I love books but pretend to read them much more than I actually have time for. I keep showing up to book club even though I haven’t read our assignment in 6 months.

    The thing is, with the TV I can multitask. If one of my kids wants something (which is every second of the day) I have to stop reading, but I can keep the TV on while I slap together a PB&J. So basically my choice is TV because it allows me to neglect my children just a little less than books do.

    I’ll be expecting CPS any time now.

  15. This makes me want to curl up in the corner and cry! I guess I would have to pick books too though. Does that include comic books? I don’t currently read any but I think it might be a nice substitute for TV if I am forced to give it up.

    Excuse me I meant graphic novels because I’m classy and not a 13 year old boy.

  16. This question is not fair in any way!! I would almost give up running before either of these. OK – that was a bit/lot extreme but it is right there with these 2 things!!! I guess if the only way to play is to pick one then I would give up TV. (can I watch Hulu on my laptop?)

  17. Yup. I’d give up TV. Books are mind candy and you can take them everywhere. You can’t take your TV everywhere although I think I remember something on the Pinterest horror list. Like.. a TV you could carry around in a hat or something. Does that ring a bell?

  18. Well- I am seriously thinking about giving up tv (except for the world news, because I NEED to know what is going on in this world) for the rest of the summer and going straight to my books. I don’t have time for both! I have so many books just waiting to be read!!

  19. Forever? Then I would have to give up books. I am a television junkie and even have it on when I’m not watching just for noise. Giving up TV would be practically devastating!

  20. Does Lisa have Golden Spoons or Golden Knives? Because she’s stabbing me through the heart w/ this question!! Sigh. I guess I’d give up TV. I can’t not be a reader!!

  21. Sad as it may seem, I read the title thinking that it would probably be giving up books, seeing as I haven’t had the time to really sit down and read a good book in almost five years. But if you’re making this a forever thing I’m gonna have to give up TV. Besides, most television these days is based on a book, and the book is always better!

  22. I’m with you. I need to keep the books. Total escapism for me, and I like imagining the characters and plot playing out in my head. Still, tough choice. I often turn to TV when I am utterly exhausted. And I do love me reality TV. 🙂

  23. I could easily give up TV. We cut cable a few years ago and there are only a handful of shows that I love enough to try to keep up with (even with Hulu+ and Netflix).

    I love reading and books, even if I don’t get much time to read these days!

  24. I hate to admit it, but I would give up books. I am a TV junkie, and if I’m lucky enough the book will get made into a movie or TV show. A few of my favorite shows are from books: True Blook, Game of Thrones. And if I really start to miss books I’ll put on Gilmore Girls and listen as they talk about books.

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