Why This Blog Has Been A Mess

We are taking a break from our regularly scheduled Friday shenanigans to bring you this very special episode of The Dose of Reality.

No one is more acutely aware of having dropped the proverbial blogging ball than us. With each passing day/week, we have found ourselves further and further behind and feeling immense amounts of guilt over it. 

We kept emailing back and forth saying to each other “surely, things are going to get better starting…now” only to have everything fall apart again.

Posts we had planned fell by the wayside. Comments went unanswered. Re-run after re-run was scheduled with no time to return the blog love to our amazing Dose Peeps who were kind enough to keep showing up here each day.

You know those times when you just try to fake it until you make it, but after awhile you realize that there is a reason why your mom always told you honesty is the best policy?

Since we are all about telling you like it is..like it *really* is, it means that it is time to come clean and tell you all why this blog has been a mess.

Things have kind of fallen apart for both of us as of late.

And by fallen apart, we really mean things have sucked.

The good thing about running a blog with your best friend is that *usually* one person can pick up the slack for the other…unless of course you are BOTH dangling by a thread.

In addition to the regular stress of our children starting school (3 out of the 4 in brand new divisions this year), Lisa’s son Bobby suffered a massive break to his leg 2 weeks before school began. He had surgery to screw his bone back together and is now spending the next 6 months recovering. Needless to say, this has been quite a challenge…and by challenge, we really mean, TOTALLY INSANELY DIFFICULT.

Lisa also has had some serious health issues as of late and will now be undergoing major surgery next Thursday. If her husband Robert manages to actually take care of Bobby’s needs and still gets Lucy to dance class on time, we won’t even begrudge him the standing ovation he will richly deserve!

Ashley has hit the part of the year where she supplements her blogging pennies by trying to make some actual coin doing full-time nursing work. Cholesterol does not check itself, you know.

Her fantastic father-in-law has now spent several weeks in the hospital so she has been traveling back and forth on the weekends to attempt to help out and wade through all the medical speak (everyone feels better when you can translate “complete volume overload” into “he needs to pee more”).

So, there you have it. The Dose Girls are struggling, but we know things are going to get better soon.









Why This Blog Has Been A Mess — 72 Comments

  1. Oh girls, I am sending you nothing but good vibes! I hope your lives settle to some sort of normalcy soon. Lisa, best of luck with your surgery. I will keep you both in my prayers. One of my favorite quotes, “Sometimes, you just have to bow your head, say a prayer, and weather the storm.” This too shall pass.

  2. Definitely get it here and you are preaching to the choir. I truly love you both and will be here for better or worse myself. But yes with summer and now school starting again this past week, I too have had a less then stellar track record lately. Don’t beat yourselves up and just do what you can right now. And sending you both good vibes, especially to Lisa with her upcoming surgery. Hugs to you both now 🙂

  3. Oh, girls! I’m so sorry! Sometimes real life just takes over. I’ve been absent a lot myself and I keep thinking I ready to start getting caught up, but it hasn’t happened yet.

    I think Richard Marx said it best:
    “Wherever you go
    Whatever you do
    I will be right here waiting for you
    Whatever it takes
    Or how my heart breaks
    I will be right here waiting for you”

  4. It is so hard when everything hits at once! I am so impressed you not only wrote this post, but that it makes sense. I have looked back at some of my posts written last winter and have had to overahaul them.

  5. The fact that you were able to get even one re-run post up on the blog in the midst of all of this probably qualifies you for a blogging award of some sorts. It is HARD to blog when your real life is going crazy.

    Things will get better. I promise.

    Sending you both lots of love today!

  6. Yikes… you guys are really trying to make your lives live up to your blog name aren’t you?? Take deep breaths, say a few prayers, drink a glass (or bottle) of wine and delegate like hell. but most of all..take care of yourselves as that is the most important thing. XOXO Mama Hen

  7. Sending prayers your way for health, patience & recovery… I will stay tuned for the return of your regularly scheduled programming!

  8. Ladies, I’m so sorry to hear this! I certainly hope everyone is feeling 100% better very soon! I completely understand where you’re coming from though. My poor little blog has been so neglected lately. I’m beginning to fear I’ll never have the time to concentrate on it ever again.

  9. You know, I had noticed things were a tad discombobulated over here. Well no wonder! Holy Hannah, gals, you’ve been dealt quite the deck. Just one of those events would derail any train!
    Please know I’m sending you love and light and wishes for speedy recoveries all around.
    Your slew of fans and readers will be here. Always. You two are the best.

  10. Wow. So sorry to hear about all of your various troubles. I so look forward to your funny posts, but I have BTDT, so I’m sending prayers and good vibes to both of you and your families. Hope things smooth out soon. Your families are much more important – we can wait!

  11. Oh man, a definite rough patch. I hope things turn around for both of you and that you’re able to take a breath soon. I have thought about you two so much lately, particularly with the announcement of Farmer Chris. I am so already bored with this season and so very much disappointed that our Arie will not be on my screen every Monday night.

    I hope Lisa, her son, and the father in law all heal quickly and as painlessly as possible. Take your time. We will still be here.

  12. Oh dear – yes things are going to get better for yall – first, sorry about Bobby’s leg – hoping it heals quickly and Lisa’s husband is able to maintain his sanity while holding down the fort. Second, I hope and pray Lisa’s surgery goes well and she recovers and third, Ashley – I pray you have strength through all the fulltime hours nursing and back and forth visiting of your father in law! I agree with Julie – family comes first – us readers – we will be here when y’all are ready to come back – sending yall big virtual hugs!

  13. Oh ladies, sending you the biggest virtual hugs! Of course your families and health come first. Lisa, I hope everything goes well with the surgery, and that Bobby and Ashley’s BIL heal quickly. We all need a break sometimes and you have a huge virtual family that will be waiting to embrace you with open arms when things settle down.

  14. Oh, man! I’m so sorry to hear about all of the everything. Big hugs to both of you and your families (a gentle one for Bobby to not hurt his injury), and prayers for a successful procedure and recovery for Lisa.

    None of us are going anywhere. Truth.

  15. I just joined your group of followers but I have to say, the blogs I’ve already read have lifted my spirits. Be kind to yourselves and don’t worry about adding more stress to your lives. Sending healing thoughts and prayers to both of your families. Much Love 🙂

  16. You guys, I’m so sorry. Sending you prayers and love and anything else you need. Things will get better & we all love you! We’ll be here whenever you feel like posting.
    Saying some prayers for the Dose girls and their precious families,

  17. Things will get better? Well, no, not necessarily, there’s a lot more that could go wrong. Oh, sorry, I shouldn’t have said that.
    Seriously, this is one of those times when you realize how trivial the normal day to day problems are. I’m sorry for you both, this is really a lot of bad at once.

  18. You will make it through all of this I have no doubt in my mind about it. Nothing like a cluster (bleep)to knock you around but you will all make it and come back with even more incredibly stupid Pins to throw at us 🙂

  19. The very most important thing is for you gals to take care of yourselves and your families. I know all too well how it feels to be overwhelmed when tough times pile upon tough times – especially health related difficulties. It is during those tough times that we rely on the love, support and understanding of our friends and family. I hope that you are feeling all of the hugs and prayers that are coming your way from me and every other person whose lives you have touched. XXOO

  20. Oh, geez. That’s a lot of trouble. Feel free to post LOL cat pictures on the blog until things calm down. We’ll be here. Or maybe a guest poster could step in? I’m sure we’ve all seen crazy things on Pinterest!

  21. Good grief ladies when it rains if flipping pours. I hope everything starts to get better for you. Don’t worry too much about your blog we will all continue to be here. We will be eager and ready when you want to return. If there is anything you need you know who to call…no not the Ghostbusters. You know. xoxo

  22. Oh – no!! So sorry to hear that y’all have both been going through some rough times!!
    Lisa, I will be thinking about you and hoping everything goes well with your surgery next week!!
    Ashley, I hope your father-in-law is doing better!
    Y’all need to take care of y’all!!!

  23. I’ll be keeping you both in my prayers and pints (as in raising a glass to you)! Hey, stuff happens! I just took 9 months off from my blog to deal with real stuff. (Hopefully starting up again mid Sept.). That’s why moms blog, it’s flexible! Looking forward to more posts when life calms down and everyone is healthy.

  24. As they say, things can only go up from here, right? So sorry you girls are going through some tough stuff right now. You and your families always come first. Don’t worry about this blog – it will be here and so will you readers whenever you can fit it in. Prayers, good vibes, and virtual hugs coming your way!

  25. Oh, my friends…I am right there with you. This summer was one medical nightmare after another. Sometimes it all get to be too much, doesn’t it? I’ve missed you guys and will be thinking of you and keeping you all and your families in my prayers.

  26. Right. Things will get better. They must!
    I’m so sorry about everything. I actually quite enjoyed you posting old posts because some I had never seen! And unseen Dose Girls material is worth a fortune!
    Take it easy. We miss you but you’ll be back.

  27. I am ridiculously behind on responding to comments and visiting blogs. Sometimes there are just others things that have to be taken care of! I will be thinking of the both of you. Lisa – I hope the surgery goes well. Hugs to you, both! xoxoxo

  28. So sorry you guys are having a rough time these days! Lisa – hope the surgery and recovery go well and your husband manages to take care of a fraction of the things you do 🙂 I’m super impressed you all managed to post anything on your blog during that time. My life has been rough for the past few months, and I suck and just pretty much quit blogging 🙂

  29. I am sorry to hear about all of this, Lisa I knew Bobby had broken his leg – I didn’t realize how overwhelming that could be. Thinking of you and I hope your surgery goes well. To both you and Ashley, as everyone has said, I will totally be here when you get back and I hope things get better for both of you guys! Lots of good thoughts being sent your way!

  30. Duck, it’s a shit storm! Yikes ladies, I feel for you and yours and wish you all a speedy recovery. Your blogee’s will not leave you.

  31. Oh girls!!!! I am SO SORRY about all this ‘stuff’ that has fallen on you both!!! I have been wondering about Bobby especially, and now Lisa? Oh honey!! Are you okay? And Ashley- new schools and start the year and traveling and father in law and and and…

    I will be praying for you girls, BIG TIME. And please know, you will and forever be my dearest and most TREASURED of all friends. I mean it. You know I do. I’m not going ANYWHERE. And I’m guessing that you have MASSES of beloved friends and followers that are sticking right behind you in every way.

    Hold on girls. Hold on!! You can get through this!

    I love you so much. <3

  32. Sending you both lots of warm thoughts and positive healing energy! I find it stressful and guilt inducing when I can’t blog and it is a terrible feeling. And I don’t even make money blogging! You’re not alone there. Rest up and take care of yourselves ladies!

  33. Do not even worry about it. Your readers will be here whether you are or aren’t. You have a ton of good content on here to dig through – if you need a break, take it! We’ll be here!

  34. Thank you, thank you, thank you SO MUCH, dear friends!

    Thank you so much for understanding and having our backs even though we’ve been so lax these past few weeks. You all are the definition of “good girlfriends” (even you, our beloved male readers) which is the highest designation we hold in our hearts!

    Your well wishes and prayers are so touching and so appreciated! We’re typing through tears here because of your sweetness and love. YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST EVER!! We love you!!


  35. OMG. I’m so sorry to hear about the health issues, broken leg, nearness to nervous breakdown and everything else. Sometimes life does seem to pile on. Hang on, this too will be in your rear view mirror at some point.

  36. oh, Girls!
    Sending you good prayers for every struggle you’re experiencing. If anyone can get through this, it’s the two of you. I’ve never known anyone more upbeat and cheerful through even the toughest matters than you girls. You’ll definitely make it!

  37. Yes, yes, yes, things are going to get better. Times like this make me really jealous (in a good way) that you are the best of friends and have each other’s backs. Take care!

    P.S. My husband broke his femur twice as a teen. He’s got the nuts and bolts and scars to prove it. It’ll be okay, Bobby!

  38. Oh, man…that’s rough. Will one of you come smack me if I complain about being busy again? I hope everyone gets better soon and that surgery goes well. You’ll be in my thoughts and prayers.

  39. Life happens my friends! And I’ll be praying for you both. I am almost on two weeks of not blogging…and sometimes is freeing not to be under obligation to it. It’s such a love/hate relationship!

  40. I love you ladies, and I love your honesty. And I’m right there with you! I have dropped off the face of the earth too and just can’t seem to find that ground for my feet…solidarity and hang in there!

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  43. Kelly McKenzie from Just Typikel sent me your way. Love your voices and totally feel your pain. Last time I had such a crappy couple weeks, I ended up with shingles… on my lady bits. Ouch. So from one crazy mother to two others, sending virtual hugs and healing thoughts and a glass of wine and some chocolate (or suitable replacements for all of the above.) You don’t need to show up every day (week, month) all perfect and put-together. Just do what you can.

  44. I’m BAAAAACK!!!!! I think I am going to stop by here and hug and kiss you every day, just so you know how much I love you and how much I am thinking about you and praying for you!!!

    Hang in there girls!! And Lisa- I hope and pray your surgery goes/went smoothly honey!! Ashley- praying for your FIL too. <3 <3 <3

  45. I was going to say something warm & heartening, but that gif of woman frothing at the mouth with anxiety…LOL! You totally ruined it for me. Yet the band keeps marching on and things will definitely get better. xo!

  46. I’m BAAAACK!!!! Once again to tell you girls that I LOVE you so very much and think about you every stinkin’ day and pray for you both. Hang in there my friends… praying this season gets better for you soon. <3

  47. Your continued support means the world to us! 🙂 We have this post pinned to the top of the blog for anyone who comes by and does not know what is happening, but if you scroll down, we are trying to throw up (not like vomit, ha ha ha!) some new content also! 🙂

  48. Oh my goodness girls! I’m sorry you’re going through so much! Take care of yourselves and don’t worry about it. Sending good, healing thoughts, prayers and virtual wine!! xoxo

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