School Breaks Are The Best–Said No Mom Ever

Having the kids back in school has really increased my productivity. No longer do I have to let weeks worth of Keeping Up With the Kardashians build up on my DVR because the kids are home and therefore my daytime TV watching hours are gone. I am officially caught up on all of my back issues of US Weekly (did y’all know that Brad and Angelina finally tied the knot??!!) because I don’t have to spend my days playing 8,700 games of UNO.

With Lisa back (as long as I don’t mind her sans pants), the old blog is finally dusted off and we are able to get some real work done.

We had one of our first “blog meetings” in a while on Thursday.

Lisa: So, what is your schedule like for next week? Can we get together Monday and do that awesome post we have been talking about?

Ashley: Monday is out because the kids don’t have school.

Lisa: No, you are thinking of 2 weeks from now when they are out for school conferences.

Ashley: Yeah, they are out then, too. But they are also out on Monday for Fall Break.

Lisa: I had absolutely no idea! That certainly would have made Monday awkward when I pulled up to an empty school for drop-off.

We both decided that it made perfect sense for them to have a break, what with them being in school for 8 weeks already. Phew. That is a lot of learning. Time to kick back and relax for a well deserved break!


We totally complained to each other for an hour on the phone about how these random days off really are a buzzkill…FOR US.



School Breaks Are The Best–Said No Mom Ever — 50 Comments

  1. Yup, I had to schedule a guest post for today, as the kids and Kevin have off for Columbus Day and more to come in the next few weeks, plus half days, too. So, right there with you loving and yet complaining about it for blog scheduling purposes.

    • I’m glad we’re not alone, Janine! Come to Starbucks with us for a fall break Pumpkin Latte…with the kids of course! (We’ll set them up at their own table then pretend we don’t know them if they get too loud) 😀

  2. Scarlet did not have school on Friday and there is no school or daycare today. Yippeee! Honestly it’s fun but my DVR is BACKED up. My library books are collecting fees. My Nashville obsession is on hold.

    • Blergh! It’s sweeping the nation! BOOOOOOOO say moms everywhere!! (And that’s’s not a cute Halloween boo, either…but a disapproving boo!!)

    • Exactly, Katy! Maybe we’d get behind it if work and school were always in sync! (Who are we kidding…we still wouldn’t get behind it, but at least it would be better!!)

    • Oh boy, do we hear you! We just had an hour long conversation last night about all the ways in which we are living the dream! 😀

    • Exactly, Kita!!
      We *love* that it’s actually called “Fall Break”. It should be called “Fall Extra Work for Parents” time! It doesn’t have the same ring to it, but at least it would be truthful!

  3. School holidays have no effect on my life now, other than extra teens in the house while I’m trying to sleep for work the next day. When my boys were little though, the disruption to our routine sometimes caused epic chaos.

    • NO WAY!! You stay put, Shashi!
      We hardly have a week WITHOUT a day off. I think it was last April before they ever went a full five days in a row! It’s awful!!

    • Bwahahaha! I just know I’ll make a walk to the mailbox today and then have to say, “Oh, yeah…Columbus day. Ugh!” Those bills will just have to wait until Tuesday!

  4. Ah, fun times ahead of me. Last week the Monday playgroup I usually take Eve to was canceled since the schools were closed, so kinda like having school canceled, right?

  5. Fall break? I never got no stinking fall break. Plus “school conferences”? For the amount of money you are paying they should be taking care of them full time.
    Also, is get together and do that awesome post code for Starbucks?

    • Exactly, Bill! They should be delivering them home after a nice dinner and tucking them into bed for the price of tuition! Alas, they don’t see it that way!

  6. Oh, those were the days… I remember feeling like we went months without the kids being in school for a full 5 day week. Clearly enjoying a Pumpkin Spice latte in your yoga pants is the only way to go. Although joining Kelly for Canadian Thanksgiving would be a very, very close second!

  7. I’m at the point now where I love a Monday or Friday off – another day to sleep in! It’s the half days that kill me. I don’t want to get up at 6:15 only to have my kid home by 11:15.

  8. My boys had school today but are off Friday – not gonna lie – I’m looking forward to it because it means I don’t have to get up at 5:00am!!! Days off are much more fun now that the boys are older – now I have to try really hard to get them to play a game with me and 30 minutes is about their max time.

    • Bwahahahahaha! This is so true, Kim! Teens aren’t exactly breaking down the door begging for more quantity time with mom! Our day is coming!

  9. My kids are home today. It took me 5 hours to edit and post today because I kept getting interrupted. The crap was written, it just needed to be edited and some social media scheduled. Nightmare!

  10. I made the mistake of going through all the days off/half days for the entire school year in August, and ended up wondering when in the world the kids will actually learn. Thankfully we survived our first Fall Break. We’ll see who comes out the winner during Thanksgiving and Christmas……

  11. Love the title of this post!! I would so be like Lisa forgetting about a day off school in mid-October. Thank goodness she didn’t drive to school for nothing. 🙂

  12. I used to teach school and lived for time off. Now that I am a stay at home mom I love my “me” time when the kids are in school. The only thing I love about vacations now is I don’t have to wake up up early, make breakfast lickety-split, and rush out the door to get them to school on time! Mine want constant entertainment and it is exhausting!!!

  13. My kids have one half day and one whole day off per month. And they’re all on Fridays. They really mess with my work schedule. Honestly, I don’t mind the three day weekends, but my co-workers do…

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