Forget #30 Days Of Gratitude, We’re Doing #29 Days Of Complaining

We honestly thought after two years of this going around that perhaps we would be off the hook this year, but nope. Here we go again. The #30DaysOfGratitude meme has begun in earnest on our Facebook feeds. Excuse us while we heave onto our keyboards with all of the platitudes we are reading posing as status updates.

Yes, yes…we’ve kept gratitude journals and we like to look on the bright side too, but come on people! You don’t fool us!! We actually KNOW you!!  We can hear you complaining in carpool line that you had to stay up until midnight helping your 3rd grader finish her diorama. We saw you at Target enraged because they ran out of 48 count Zip Lock Heavy Duty Gallon Sized Bags just when you are trying to pre-bake your pumpkin spice cookies. This is a stressful time of year. It’s okay if you let it out.

We are proposing a new meme idea this year for those of us with less than perfect attitudes. We’ll call it #29DaysOfComplaining (Even we can manage being thankful on Thanksgiving). It will take the pressure off those of us who find it difficult to craft 30 idyllic FB statuses (statisi?) in a row, and it will make the grateful people feel even more happy they are living better lives than us. Everybody wins!

We’ll start…

29 Days of Complaining Pin

Nov. 1st: The children are fighting over ownership of the full-sized Snickers that one of them received trick or treating. Imagine how irked they will be when they discover I already ate it. #29DaysOfComplaining

Nov. 2nd: Showed up for church an hour early thanks to the time change and there was hardly any free space on the bulletin to play tic-tac-toe while we waited. #29DaysOfComplaining

Nov. 3rd: I accidentally bought decaf coffee at the grocery. I’m drinking DECAF COFFEE ON A MONDAY. I may not survive. #29DaysOfComplaining

Nov. 4th: A robocall awoke me at 6:01 a.m. reminding me that today is election day, as if the non-stop attack ads weren’t enough. #29DaysOfComplaining

Nov. 5th: My jeans shrunk 2 sizes. Thanks a lot Halloween candy. #29DaysOfComplaining

Nov. 6th: Annual dental appointment scheduled for today. Can I cram 6 months of flossing into the next 5 hours? #29DaysOfComplaining

Nov. 7th: TGIF…or I would feel that way if my alarm had gone off this morning. Instead we all had 5 minutes to get ready. Who needs a shower anyway (except me)? #29DaysOfComplaining

Nov. 8th: I seem to be the only person in this house who knows how to operate the dishwasher. #29DaysOfComplaining

Nov. 9th: Was really looking forward to watching “The Good Wife” tonight. Too bad my cable went out. #29DaysOfComplaining

Nov. 10th: Middle schooler forgot to have me sign her homework folder for the week. She registered an 11 on the hysteria meter. #29DaysOfComplaining

Nov. 11th:  No, I don’t know where YOUR tennis shoes are and no, you cannot wear swim shoes to school instead. #29DaysOfComplaining.

Nov. 12th: On 5th time in a row of listening to “3 Blind Mice” on the recorder. Whoever invented this instrument did not have children. #29DaysOfComplaining

Nov. 13th: Husband is at a fancy business dinner eating steak. I just ate the kids’ leftover mac-n-cheese cold. #29DaysOfComplaining

Nov. 14th:  Why can’t people just RSVP yes or no for a party? Is it really *that* hard? Evite already told me you’ve opened the invitation 8 times. #29DaysOfComplaining

Nov. 15th: “Slept in” until 8:00 a.m. Remember when “sleeping in” didn’t require the use of air quotes. #29DaysOfComplaining

Nov. 16th: Family pictures today. The teenager just popped the zit on his chin and the preteen is wearing two different socks, I think on purpose. Hold me now.  #29DaysOfComplaining

Nov. 17th: Common core math or lattice method or whatever they call it these days is of the devil. It’s physically impossible for anyone over 12 to understand.  #29DaysOfComplaining

Nov. 18th: Who let the dog out? No REALLY, who let the dog out as she is now running through the entire neighborhood while I chase her. #29DaysOfComplaining

Nov. 19th: Homework tonight involves making a turkey puppet and then putting it in a disguise. It was suggested that glitter should be used. #29DaysOfComplaining

Nov. 20th: Asked hubby to bring home bread and milk. He forgot the milk, but did manage to purchase 4 different varieties of CheezIts. #29DaysOfComplaining

Nov. 21st: Cleared the calendar to play hooky with my fellow Dose Girl to see a movie today. As we were leaving, the school nurse called me to pick up my child. It might be lice. #29DaysOfComplaining

Nov. 22nd: Suggested to my family that we get a head start on cleaning for company coming next week. Everyone started crying, including me. #29DaysOfComplaining

Nov. 23rd:  Really glad the grocery store was so lightly staffed on a Sunday afternoon after church. I love standing in line for an hour with my kids. #29DaysOfComplaining

Nov. 24th: So glad the school decided to hold an assembly today requiring my presence. It’s not like I had anything else to do 3 days before Thanksgiving. #29DaysOfComplaining

Nov. 25th: How did I manage to forget to buy rolls? It’s the only Thanksgiving food my kids will actually eat. I’m off to the grocery store…again. *sob* #29DaysOfComplaining

Nov. 26th: Forgot to thaw the turkey. Now I’ve got to sit it out on the counter or there’s no way it will thaw in time. Hope nobody gets ptomaine tomorrow. #29DaysOfComplaining

Nov. 27th: Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! We are celebrating the day surrounded by our loving friends and family. We are truly blessed in so many ways. Hope your day is filled with joy and love.  #TrulyGrateful

Nov. 28th: Really y’all? Really? That flat screen TV was honestly worth trampling people? Weren’t we all grateful just 12 hours ago? #29DaysOfComplaining

Nov. 29th: So much for all the leftover turkey sandwiches. My hubby forgot to put the turkey away last night. Thanks, honey. #29DaysOfComplaining

Nov. 30th: Let’s decorate for Christmas today, they said. It will be fun, they said. Yep, it’s all fun and games until you take a mistletoe sprig to the cornea. #29DaysOfComplaining

So feel free to get it out of your systems, folks. We won’t judge you! It’s all good…or if it’s not, feel free to complain about it!



Forget #30 Days Of Gratitude, We’re Doing #29 Days Of Complaining — 83 Comments

    • Right, Allie?! I think my kids must be arguing in their dreams so when they sit down for breakfast they are just picking up where they left off. How can they find something to fight about at 6am? GAH!

    • Thanks, Tara! It was kind of cathartic to get almost a month’s worth of complaint out of our systems in one go. We slept well last night! 😀

  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you. The whole 30 days of grateful, or 10 or 3 or whatever latest foolishness the people of FB think up always makes me want to take a fork to my eye.

    • You are our people, Vanessa. Come over here and sit next to us. This kind of thing tests the limits of our patience (and the strength of our eye rolls).

    • Right, Bev? It’s not hard at all! And we’ve all thrown parties and know how awful it is when people don’t RSVP…so why is it so hard to get people to do it? GAH!!!

  2. Ha! Love it and I would be much better at this than the gratitude, sadly. Let’s see, today I would say “Been going to the gym for 2 months and haven’t lost ANY weight at all” OR “Seriously people! I did not move the trash can – it is still in the same place it has been for the last 4+ years, so pick up your candy wrappers and throw them away!!!” Or perhaps “How do you not have any clean jeans?? I just did the laundry yesterday – again. without any help.” I could keep going, but I’ll spare you. Also, I think I may have a touch of PMS in case you couldn’t tell.

  3. As usual you two ROCK. I too try to be mindful about how lucky I am and grateful and blah, blah, blah. But then, as you pointed out, I turn around and complain about many, many things. So for today here’s my complaint: I’m not (whimper) adjusted to the time change (whimper, whine) and am up too early. Why can’t they leave well enough alone.

    • Holly, we are with you! There is just no winning with the whole time change. Either way it is just miserable. It will take 5-7 days to get back in the swing of it. Blergh!

  4. The dentist one got me. Time for that checkup today, just in time to assess the damage and roll more money into the FSA come January so I can pay for the honor and joy of getting old and watching things fall apart! #29daysofcomplaining for sure!

    • I don’t know why I don’t at least start my flossing a few weeks in advance so I’d have a chance at fooling them that I’ve been doing it all along. I generally try to get in one good flossing before going, but so far it hasn’t tricked them yet!

    • Thanks, Kathy! We’ve got a lot on our plates this month. We wanted to get a few complaints out of the way while we had the time! 😀

  5. Haha. Love it. My feeling with those gratitude lists is usually, okay, that’s nice, we get it, but complaining is more entertaining! Plus I’m really good at it. #blessed

    • Our take too, Liz. Plus nobody ever puts “Only one person ahead of me at Starbucks today. Score!” If they did, I could get on board with the daily gratidude posts more easily! 😀

    • We are totally thankful, too…but we can easily come up with a complaint every DAY so we are totally with you, Kita!!

  6. Oh, my! I think we all could fill well past 29 days with complaints if we wanted to. My biggest thing? I had to deal with making watermarks for my images (and will have to take the time to re-upload the watermarked images) because I’ve recently discovered that people have been pinning my hard work to the wrong source so my blog was not receiving any hits because no one knew it was mine! I also discovered that one of my images (the same one, actually) was even modified and marketed as someone else’s work, though that situation was resolved peacefully (they agreed to give me credit, and the only reason I didn’t go postal was because it was for a good cause and I’m nice like that). Don’t even get me started on health issues, school issues or other crazy train life issues! Anyway, welcome to November! What a horrid entrance you’ve made! LOL 🙂

    • Oh, MAN!! I could make 29 complaints just from that about your images. They even modified it?! GAH! Add in all the other life stuff…yep, we might have to extend November to get all of our complaints in!! 😀

  7. This is a good Monday morning column, thank you. All of them were good but I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t drink decaf on any day, much less Monday. Maybe if there were a blizzard and I couldn’t get the car of the driveway. Maybe.

  8. Great column, this should really catch on. Everyone loves to complain, although no one wants to hear anyone else complain about their trivial problems when ours are so much more important.
    Saving my complaining for after the election, don’t think I will ba happy Tuesday night.

    • We’ve got you covered, Kris! Someone’s got to bring their “A” complaining game to the table this month! 😀

    • I really feel like they should put at least one blank page in the bulletin for tic tac toe and freestyle drawing…like on a kids menu. It would be very considerate! It’s amazing how my jeans always shrink this time of year, Jen!;D

    • We totally need to check out the venting section, Shashi. If they also have one for a daily rage, that would come in handy too.

    • Thanks, Kristen! You should put that in a complaint!!

      Spit out my tea after spending 10 minutes getting the temperature just right. Ugh! Thanks a lot, Dose Girls. #MessWithMyTeaAtYourOwnPeril #29DaysOfComplaining

    • You are our kind of people!! We could do 29 before lunch, too!!

      We love sharing! We have buttons right under the post before the comments start…or you you can just copy and paste the URL to any social media you see fit! Thanks!! 🙂

    • One of my friends is actually my dental hygienist. She told me that if you floss for 2 weeks before your appointment you can totally fool them into thinking you do it all the time. Of course I never manage to do it, but I try with my 5 hours!! 😀

    • If you do try to quit, Robin, we’ll try to increase our complaining in your honor. Someone’s got to keep the universe balanced! 😀

    • I’m with you, Margaret! I can easily manage one complaint a day. If I have trouble remembering to post it, I can just complain about that! 😀

  9. So much more fun than 30 days of gratitude! Here’s one of mine:

    Nov.2: My mother has already asked the kids for their gift list. Three times. And she will want to buy everything on it, so I get to give them socks. #29DaysofComplaining

    • Bwahahahaha!! I know my mom will start with the list questions ANY MINUTE NOW. She refuses to give me a list for her or my dad until I give her the list for the kids. She’s ruthless!!

  10. I started cleaning all the baseboards in the house. By the time Thanksgiving rolls around the room I started in will look gross again. It’s the kitchen. #29DaysOfComplaining

    • Oh, it’s SO TRUE!!! There is nothing worthy of complaint than cleaning. You can never EVER put your feet up and cheer than you are finished. NEVER!! 😀

  11. Love this!! All pretty valid complaints too. I could totally jump on this meme. 🙂 Oh… I would be so upset if my husband forgot to put the turkey in the fridge!

    • That actually happened to me last year. I wanted to cry, Jeanne!! I hope we do better this year…but I’m not holding my breath!

    • Bwahahaha! Thanks, Leslie! It always amazes us how people so loving and thankful just 12 hours earlier can trample their fellow man for a good deal on electronics the next day.

  12. HAHAHA every last one of these is an absolute gem!! This is so brilliant. Ok wait I’m going back to re-read…. ok back again. Just bc this one literally pertains to my life tmrw– I’m glad im not the only one who tries to cram 6 months of flossing into 5 hours– the dentist always makes it like im the ONLY one she’s ever seen who hasnt flossed lately, like I’m some sort of animal.

    • Well, I belong in the cage at the zoo with you, Charlotte, because that’s how I roll with flossing! We dental freaks need to stick together!

  13. I’m totally in on this one!!
    Plus, this was just the laugh I needed today – love the full size Snickers issue and the way that problem was solved!!!

  14. haha! I hate shrinking jeans.
    And Scarlet and Cassidy do really have to go to the dentist on November 6th so they’ll appreciate that one.
    I haven’t seen either of them floss lately..

    • Good luck to Scarlet and Cassidy! Maybe if they floss non-stop for the next 2 days they will be good to go. (It hasn’t worked for me yet, but you never know!)

  15. YES YES YES YES!!!!! Oh dear… that sounds a little x-rated. Sorry ’bout that girls. 😉

    I am LOVING this theme!!! You need to start it on FB!!! I will gladly purge along!!! I mean, play along. Yeah. Play along. lol

  16. Great job! This is so fun. And let’s face it…all of this positivity does seem kind of false sometimes. I always feel like if you have to remind yourself to be positive every day, you aren’t really positive…you’re just faking it!

    • Exactly, Stephanie!! We love sincere moments of gratitude. They are touching and heartfelt…but some of the posts we read on FB are stretching it and have us eye rolling.

    • I agree. Today I was grateful that last yogurt hadn’t expired so I could have my breakfast! (I can do gratitude, too, it’s just not always as grand as what I read on FB) I will never, however, be grateful for common core math. It’s the WORST!

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