Top 10 Funniest Ways People Have Found Our Blog

For those of you who are unfamiliar with blogging, you may not know that we get a great many readers from Google search terms. Every time someone types something into Google, they have a shot at finding us.

Sometimes these terms are obvious and don’t surprise us when we see them…for instance, when we see “The Dose of Reality blog” we figure they were looking for us. Others, though, can leave us scratching our heads and wondering just how that combination of words sent them here. And of course, many of them leave us laughing.

So, check out the top 10 funniest ways people have found our blog:

Woman Running In Pajamas: You know, we are women. And we love pajamas. Running, not so much. Although, if we are being completely honest here, we would be most likely to even consider running if we could do it in our pajamas, so maybe this search term will prove to be inspiring. Or make us millionaires when we invent the first line of pajama athletic wear.

Say Yes To Neil Diamond and No To Barry Manilow: The joy this search term brought us can be perfectly summed up with this Facebook status from Lisa.


Is Anyone Else Tired Of Hearing Stay At Home Moms Complain:  We feel like this might have been a disappointing search result. Chances are that reader probably didn’t permanently bookmark our site, right?

Hoarding Coffee Creamer:  Oh, the happiness seeing this search term gave us! Because, you know what, everyone needs to hoard something, so why not coffee creamer? If loving coffee cream is wrong, Ashley doesn’t want to be right.Coffee Cream PinFunniest Things Ever Said: No pressure, though, right? I mean our hats are off to Google for even suggesting us for such a topic, except it kind of leaves us feeling a lot of pressure. Hope that reader didn’t come here on an off day!

Moron Mom Cindy:  This one left us feeling a little bitter and hostile, actually. I mean, hello, neither one of us are named Cindy.

Never Let Anyone Steal My Sparkle: Oh Tierra from The Bachelor, thank you for the gift that just keeps on giving. Without your life lessons, how would any of us have learned the value of waterproof mascara?

Inside A Messy Car: Clearly, this person did not leave disappointed. Chances are good, they actually left feeling a lot better about the state of their own vehicle. MessyCarWhen Is Dose Of Reality Going To Be In Theaters: A question we obviously ask ourselves daily, as well. The invitations to the Oscars don’t send themselves, you know. And thanks for the vote of confidence Google…we would be happy just to chat it up with Oprah, but an actual movie about us…WOW!

What’s The Name Of Those Parachute Looking 1980s Shirts With Shoulder Pads:  Actually, we would like to know, too. Truly, though, if there is any better way to lead a reader here than our love of 80’s fads and our inability to dress ourselves in fashion less than two decades in the past, we don’t know what it is. Google, you rock.


So, tell us in the comments which search term is your favorite. Or if you really want to be bold on this Wednesday, share the craziest thing you have ever Googled!




Top 10 Funniest Ways People Have Found Our Blog — 35 Comments

  1. Moms running in pajamas just makes me think of an old kids show – Bananas in Pajamas. I love reading search term posts because it is pretty amazing what people will type into that little bar.

  2. The most popular search term that gets people to my site is “cake decorating” followed closely by “easy cake decorating”. I know people must be super disappointed when they arrive at my blog because I am very much not a cake decorator!

  3. Hahaha!!! I seriously think you should start a line of athletic pajama wear!! I volunteer to be a model 🙂 My search terms are always some weird combo of words like “marathon twin training” or something like that…

  4. Some Google searches just crack me up. I have a lot of underwear type searches, since my blog has laundry in the title. Also, searches for loud kids happens a lot, thanks to my many posts about Natalie.

  5. There was this one time I was looking for a picture of those cute little shoes that babies wear. I accidentally did a Google image search for “booties.” Needless to say, I did not find what I was looking for. And hopefully, IT did not choose that day to monitor my internet usage!

  6. I love these!! I don’t get great ones, but, I once did a post about taking my mother on a Sex and the City tour, you can only imagine (or maybe you would rather not) what some of mine are!! Thanks for the laugh!

  7. Moron Mom Cindy? And the connection is … Mom? Grinning to the tips of my toes with this post. Parachute looking shirts with 1980s shoulder pads is vying with inside a messy car as my faves. Hmmm. Think I’ll go with messy car as it is a sure way for folks to find my blog! Love it when folks get in my car and comment “do you have a dog?”

  8. Ha – Ok -I admit it – i was the person who landed on yalls site after typing in “Is Anyone Else Tired Of Hearing Stay At Home Moms Complain” 🙂 -Seriously, I bet that person had a big time change in attitude though! Y’all rock!

  9. I love the hoarding coffee creamer one. Can I tell you a meet cute coffee creamer story? At my old work, in the fridge, was this delicious caramel coffee creamer. It had no name on it so I’d use it every day. One day it was getting low, and I felt badly, and realized it must belong to someone. So I bought a new one and put it in the fridge. Eventually I met the coffee creamer person and it was a really cute boy.

  10. You aren’t a true coffee creamer hoarder until you have your freezer full of seasonal bottles as well. Not that I do that because that would be crazy, but I’ve heard of people doing it! lol!!

  11. There are all great and oddly specific. I think my favorite though is Never Let Anyone Steal Your Sparkle–sounds like the last line of a Hallmark channel movie about Bryan Boitano. Off to google it now.

  12. I was trying to research this odd fear I have of climbing down a ladder or steep staircase–it’s getting worse as I get older. Anywhoodle, I typed in “fear of going down” into my Google browswer. Woah, doggie, did I not get anything CLOSE to what I was searching for. Never hit exit faster in my life!

  13. 1980s shirts with shoulder pads!!! Hahaha. I’ve seen some random searches people hv come across my blog but that one wins!! I wrote a cellulite blog where I posted pics of my cellulite and solutions for it. That is extremely popular but I kinda regret th self portraits in it!

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