Sometimes Life Just Gets In The Way

And this is one of those times. We had grand plans of being back up and running today, but alas life had different plans for us instead.




Sometimes Life Just Gets In The Way — 34 Comments

  1. I miss you but I can be patient. Life is life and it seems to have a sense of humor, especially when we make plans. Happy New Year and see you whenever.

  2. I totally get it. Today was my day to get back into work, but I have a sick kid home with me. On the first day back!

    Hope everyone in your world is healthy, or on the way there.

  3. I am finally attempting to crawl out of my cave and wanted to check in on my two FAVORITE GIRLS!!! Praying for your FIL Ashley, and for You and Robert and the rest of the family… I am so so sorry.

  4. I really do miss you ladies and not sure when you are returning, but I had to check today as I was hoping that maybe just maybe the updates were just not working or something. But looks like you still aren’t back. Again though miss you and wanted you to know I was still thinking of you.

  5. OK, so I have two feelings here. Maybe even more. One is I’m really glad you’re taking care of yourself. I know that’s a good thing. And here’s the selfish part, I miss you. I hope you do return. Please, please, please.

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