The Dose Girls Interrupt This Broadcast…


It is us, for real, on your screens!

Gosh, we miss y’all! Seriously, guys, we really, really do.

It is definitely not you. It is us. Since we last posted to say we weren’t really posting, we have been trying each and every day to get back here to say hi, but stupid life keeps getting in our way!

This week brought that opportunity in a MAJOR way, and we had to share it with our favorite people…we tried our kids, but they were all, blah, blah, blah, dinner, where are my shoes, help me with my homework. We knew that the only people who would really appreciate it would be you guys!


So, okay, here is the deal. As women and mothers of daughters, we take very seriously the fact that there is pay inequality in this country. Knowing that Ashley recently returned to the health care workforce and quickly found out that even in that female dominated industry, male nurses are still paid more brings the issue extra close to home. Something has to change, right?

Today we have been invited to use our voices to help effect change for working women everywhere. Unfortunately, due to a bum ankle and the lack of availability of a Rascal electric scooter, Lisa has to miss out on the fun (and a total double whammy is that it is also her birthday!!), but Ashley will try her best to bring full Dose Girl enthusiasm!

Thanks to BlogHer, Ashley is attending the Town Hall Meeting with President Barack Obama in Charlotte, NC this afternoon!

It is okay if you need to take a minute to process this.

After all, the closest we have ever gotten to an important person with celebrity status is that time that Arie let us email him some interview questions.

But, here we are.

This is a link that will give you all the scoop on what is happening and also let you watch online if you choose. Ashley promises not to embarrass herself too much, although she does not rule out asking President Obama to lead the crowd in a rousing rendition of “Happy Birthday” to Lisa in her absence.

Here is the question we have for President Obama today: As mothers of daughters, how would he suggest we empower them to study and work hard if they know from the outset that they will be earning less than their male counterparts with the same education and skill set?







The Dose Girls Interrupt This Broadcast… — 24 Comments

  1. AHHHHHHHH!!!!!! First of all HELLO!!!! We have missed you! Second, OMG you’re going to talk to the President??? I just can’t even. Such an important topic for all women and love that you will be the one to be a part of this! I will be watching for sure!!! Hope there are more posts to come and Happy Birthday to Lisa!!!

  2. yup, absolutely made my day. Cap exciting to see you back here and love the reason why. Cannot wait to hear the answer to your above question and Happy Birthday to Lisa, too! 😉

  3. I’m so happy to see this post!! I have missed you guys! 🙂

    As for the potus- wow! Impressive! I was going to make a joke about that being almost as big as Arie, but you beat me to it.

    And happy birthday, Lisa!

  4. Good to see you guys back here! I’ve missed you! As for a question…BAM! You nailed it already! I want to see how that gets handled. Especially since he has two daughters as well. How does he plan on explaining that to them?? “Sorry girls, you can work really hard and rise to the top of your class, but you’ll still only earn 78% of what a similarly educated man will make!”

  5. Yay! Welcome back. I was starting to blame Obamacare for your absence (high-five!). Happy birthday and congrats on all the good things. Very excited for you. Obama owes Lisa a Marilyn Monroe-like version of Happy Birthday! It’s what my tax dollars are paying for after all.

  6. So happy you all are back We have missed ya. Happy Birthday too. Love the question there was a hashtag about this yesterday on twitter and I loved the comments and articles.

  7. Welcome back! So excited to see this. And woo hoo for the Town Hall (and boo hoo for Lisa–get well soon). Honestly about the Pres? I want to know if he’s still smoking and if yes, what steps he could take to quit for his health and his family’s sake.

  8. Welcome back!!!!! I have so missed y’alls hilarious quips!
    First, happiest of birthdays to Lisa and hoping that ankle heals up quickly! And, second – Good Luck today Ashley! And congrats! I sure hope you come back to post about the whole experience!

  9. Yay, you are back! What exciting news! This is an important topic and I think that is a great question you have outlined. One thing I would wonder about this issue is why the same pay inequality happens even at the White House level, because it does. I think in order to move forward that the government, private and public sector need to match on this issue. Good luck!

  10. Nurses are so underpaid anyway, it is really annoying that you are paid less than a male nurse. Have fun, it will be exciting just being in such a small venue with the president. I’m jealous!

  11. Yay! Yay! Yay! Such a day. The Dose Girls are back! Ashley’s having a natter with the President! AND it’s Lisa’s birthday!!! Happy Birthday Lisa! Break a leg Ashley. And your question? It’s a great one. May he give it long, serious thought.

  12. Happy, happy!! Joy, joy!!! What a treat to see you gals in my inbox this morning!! Happy birthday, Lisa!!!! (I already see that this comment is going to use up my weekly quota of exclamation points but I don’t care! I’m so excited to see you!!!!)
    I think your question on this extremely important issue is a great one. You have kind of boiled it down to the core. How can we convince our girls that they are as smart and capable as our boys if the paychecks tell a vastly different story?
    As the father of daughters and the husband of a brilliant and talented woman, I know that your question will resonate with President Obama.
    You go girl, Ashley!!!!!!!! Lisa, hope you are back on you feet again soon – or that you find a Rascal electric scooter to use!!!!

  13. I miss the hell out of you two. And I am so happy Ashley that you will get to be a voice for ALL OF US with the president this afternoon. I encounter gender discrimination EVERY SINGLE DAY, even as a business owner. I can not wait to hear how your afternoon went. Love you both. xo

  14. Was just going through my Bloglvin fee and I saw “The Does Girls” out of the corner of my eye and I was like “Squeeeeee!” So good to “see” you again and I hope that Ashely has an amazing time at the town hall meeting. How cool is that?!

  15. So happy to see y’all here!!!
    Happy birthday, Lisa – sorry about your bum ankle!
    Ashley, I know you represented well for women everywhere! I hope a recap of the day will be coming soon!

  16. Hello ladies! So sad I missed this yesterday! Hopefully they will update the link soon with a recording of the broadcast. Congrats on getting to be involved, and BOO to the fact that male nurses make more on average.

  17. Thank you all! You are THE BEST, and I totally knew I could count on you to get the excitement of this opportunity! 🙂 Will definitely update you soon on all the events of the day! 😉

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