Spoiler Alert: Tony Dies

Lucy loves musicals. We’ve seen several — Wicked being her all time favorite– but we can only catch one or two a year. It’s pricey going to the theater!

But the best thing happened this past December. Lucy discovered you can watch musicals on TV! It all started when she saw NBC’s The Sound of Music Live extravaganza staring Carrie Underwood and Vampire Bill.  (See, something good came out of that travesty after all!) She loved it so much, I showed her the REAL Sound of Music with Julie Andrews. Lucy was in heaven. She has watched that movie no less than 25 times and can name each of the von Trapp children by sight or in perfect age order–whichever you prefer.

Once she figured out the magic of Netflix could bring musicals to our living room, the sky was the limit! She took in Mama Mia!, Oklahoma, The Music Man, Mary Poppins, Fame…you name it! If it was a musical, it was streaming on her iPad.  I even let her watch Grease (I forgot how racy it was. In my mind it was like my generation’s version of High School Musical. I only remembered that it’s really not when she asked me what it meant that Rizzo had “a bun in the oven”.)  Despite that little hiccup, we were both in musical heaven.

And then she discovered West Side Story.

She was immediately enthralled. She loved every single thing about the movie. She danced around the kitchen singing “I Like to Be in America” pretending to be Rita Moreno. Who could blame her? Rita Moreno is fabulous.

When Tony sang “Maria”, Lucy swooned. She recreated the rumble between the Sharks and the Jets on a daily basis. She’d always be a Shark (She’s naturally on Rita Moreno’s side) while making our dog, Daisy, be the Jet she would dance battle. She always won.

In fact, Lucy loved West Side Story so much, she didn’t ever make it to the end. She’d get to a song she liked and rewind and play it over and over again until she had the music and dance steps memorized. Then she’d simply rewind the musical and start back at the beginning so she could see all of her favorite numbers again.  She was just dazzled by the entire experience.

As we were discussing it one evening at dinner, Lucy told me that she loved the musical because it was like Romeo and Juliet but with song and dance numbers. EXACTLY!!  She totally got it!

About 25 minutes later as I was clearing away dinner dishes, I heard a blood curdling scream coming from upstairs and a thud that sounded like Lucy had collapsed on the floor. There were also cries sounding like Lucy saying “DIED…. DIED”. Both my husband and I raced up the stairs sure we would find Lucy gravely injured. As we opened the door, she was lying on the floor face down sobbing hysterically.

Had she danced into the wall severing her Achilles tendon?!?!  No. She had not. She had simply made it to the end of the movie.

You see, despite making the connection that West Side Story is like Romeo and Juliet, it didn’t obviously follow to her that the movie was not going to end well. In all of the previous musicals she watched, love always won in the end. Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer escape together into the mountains with the kids. Meryl Streep marries Pierce Brosnan. Heck, even Danny and Sandy end up together. West Side Story…not so much.

Turns out what Lucy was sobbing over and over was, “TONY DIED! TONY DIED! TONY DIED! YOU NEVER TOLD ME TONY DIED!!!!!”


She cried for half an hour and declared it the SADDEST MUSICAL OF ALL TIME. She can’t even listen to “I Feel Pretty” anymore without her bottom lip quivering. She was devastated.

Moral of the story… musicals are magical but ALWAYS warn your child if the male lead is going to bite it to prevent preteen hysteria… even if he’s just a Jet. (Also, skip Grease altogether unless you are ready to have some really interesting conversations.   (Just read the lyrics to “Greased Lightning”. You won’t believe it!!)


We’ve Got A Spring (Break) In Our Step!

We are excited here at The Dose of Reality headquarters.

It’s our SPRING BREAK!!! Whoo Hoo!!

(Yes, it seems a little early to us too, but when the powers that be give our children time off from school–after we stop crying–we decide to LIVE IT UP!)

Ashley is having one of her blow out staycations that she adores so much. Lisa is headed to Disney World with her crew because being hot and standing in line for hours is more fun when you’re doing it in the presence of cartoon characters. We’re not sure which one of us will be more tired (or irritated) by the time the week is over, but we’re going to find out!

So, we bid you adieu for the entire week while we’re running around Spring Break style. We’re sure to have some good stories to share when we get back. (Let’s hope none of them have to do with Chuck E. Cheese or lost luggage.)

Have a wonderful week! We’ll see you next Monday!!



You Never Know Unless You Try

Raising a girl these days is really hard. There are so many issues to discuss and so many feelings involved with well, everything.Girls tend to take things really personally. When you attempt to point out that perhaps the friend who does not want to play four square at recess because she would rather jump rope is not actually a sign that the friendship is over, you are simply the mother who just doesn’t understand.Emma is especially prone to these kinds of moments, because she greatly struggles with self-confidence. She genuinely believes oftentimes that she is not good enough for something or that no one would choose her for a task because she wouldn’t do it well enough to be successful.

We talk a lot about putting yourself out there and just trying things to boost her self-confidence. We talk all the time about how even if she does not feel like she believes in herself, we believe in her. I write notes for her lunch box to remind her of this.


Sometimes it sinks in, and I see her rising up and wanting to try something new. Wanting to give something a shot because she sees the value in going after what you want even if you are not sure you will get it.

We saw the movie Monster’s University with Lucy, and we all spent a long time talking after the movie about why pursuing a dream is important and how even if that exact dream does not come true, it is okay. That life is about the journey, not the destination. The movie perfectly captured for their age group the feeling that sometimes you win and sometimes you lose, but more importantly that you always succeed because you tried.

When this school year started, Emma expressed an interest to me in campaigning to be the President of her school’s Green Team, which is the environmental club for the 3rd and 4th grade. Just between you and me, I was extremely nervous and felt apprehension and fear about her being disappointed if she did not win the election.

But, I told her that I thought it sounded like a fantastic opportunity to really step outside her comfort zone and go after something that she wanted. She practiced making a speech and was beaming when she got in the car after her first meeting. She told me that she had really tried her best and felt like she might actually win.

She said that Lucy told her after the meeting that she voted for her (BFFs totally rock!) and that she thought Emma was totally going to be the Green Team President because she gave such a good speech.

We spent the next week talking about how no matter what the outcome of the election was, the fact that she tried at all was winning enough. I could see as the week went on that she was genuinely feeling for the first time in a long time confident about herself. Excited about the possibility of achieving this goal, but also proud of herself.

The results of the election were announced at a very special lunch meeting, so I had to wait until pick-up time to hear what happened. It was all very nerve-wracking and anxiety-inducing, because in my heart of hearts I really wanted her to win. I wanted her effort to try rewarded with a victory. I did. I couldn’t help it. I wanted to feel the true feeling of victory, because I knew it would help keep her confidence up for the future.

Emma Green Team President

The picture says it all, right? That face is one of a girl who is finally feeling that she is worthy. May she always remember that.


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We Found A Third Dose Girl!

We have something to tell you guys.

It has really changed life here at The Dose of Reality.

We have decided to introduce you to the third Dose Girl.

Third Dose Girl

She wanted desperately to stay anonymous, but we are outing her.

In fact, our good friend Johi from Confessions Of A Cornfed Girl wrote all about it on Babble. Technically speaking, this means the third Dose Girl has been on Babble more times than we have.


Fame comes with a price as you can clearly see.

Click Here For The Big Reveal

Closing comments here today, so you won’t be spoiled on what you are about to find out!