We’ve Got A Spring (Break) In Our Step!

We are excited here at The Dose of Reality headquarters.

It’s our SPRING BREAK!!! Whoo Hoo!!

(Yes, it seems a little early to us too, but when the powers that be give our children time off from school–after we stop crying–we decide to LIVE IT UP!)

Ashley is having one of her blow out staycations that she adores so much. Lisa is headed to Disney World with her crew because being hot and standing in line for hours is more fun when you’re doing it in the presence of cartoon characters. We’re not sure which one of us will be more tired (or irritated) by the time the week is over, but we’re going to find out!

So, we bid you adieu for the entire week while we’re running around Spring Break style. We’re sure to have some good stories to share when we get back. (Let’s hope none of them have to do with Chuck E. Cheese or lost luggage.)

Have a wonderful week! We’ll see you next Monday!!



You Never Know Unless You Try

Raising a girl these days is really hard. There are so many issues to discuss and so many feelings involved with well, everything.Girls tend to take things really personally. When you attempt to point out that perhaps the friend who does not want to play four square at recess because she would rather jump rope is not actually a sign that the friendship is over, you are simply the mother who just doesn’t understand.Emma is especially prone to these kinds of moments, because she greatly struggles with self-confidence. She genuinely believes oftentimes that she is not good enough for something or that no one would choose her for a task because she wouldn’t do it well enough to be successful.

We talk a lot about putting yourself out there and just trying things to boost her self-confidence. We talk all the time about how even if she does not feel like she believes in herself, we believe in her. I write notes for her lunch box to remind her of this.


Sometimes it sinks in, and I see her rising up and wanting to try something new. Wanting to give something a shot because she sees the value in going after what you want even if you are not sure you will get it.

We saw the movie Monster’s University with Lucy, and we all spent a long time talking after the movie about why pursuing a dream is important and how even if that exact dream does not come true, it is okay. That life is about the journey, not the destination. The movie perfectly captured for their age group the feeling that sometimes you win and sometimes you lose, but more importantly that you always succeed because you tried.

When this school year started, Emma expressed an interest to me in campaigning to be the President of her school’s Green Team, which is the environmental club for the 3rd and 4th grade. Just between you and me, I was extremely nervous and felt apprehension and fear about her being disappointed if she did not win the election.

But, I told her that I thought it sounded like a fantastic opportunity to really step outside her comfort zone and go after something that she wanted. She practiced making a speech and was beaming when she got in the car after her first meeting. She told me that she had really tried her best and felt like she might actually win.

She said that Lucy told her after the meeting that she voted for her (BFFs totally rock!) and that she thought Emma was totally going to be the Green Team President because she gave such a good speech.

We spent the next week talking about how no matter what the outcome of the election was, the fact that she tried at all was winning enough. I could see as the week went on that she was genuinely feeling for the first time in a long time confident about herself. Excited about the possibility of achieving this goal, but also proud of herself.

The results of the election were announced at a very special lunch meeting, so I had to wait until pick-up time to hear what happened. It was all very nerve-wracking and anxiety-inducing, because in my heart of hearts I really wanted her to win. I wanted her effort to try rewarded with a victory. I did. I couldn’t help it. I wanted to feel the true feeling of victory, because I knew it would help keep her confidence up for the future.

Emma Green Team President

The picture says it all, right? That face is one of a girl who is finally feeling that she is worthy. May she always remember that.


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We Found A Third Dose Girl!

We have something to tell you guys.

It has really changed life here at The Dose of Reality.

We have decided to introduce you to the third Dose Girl.

Third Dose Girl

She wanted desperately to stay anonymous, but we are outing her.

In fact, our good friend Johi from Confessions Of A Cornfed Girl wrote all about it on Babble. Technically speaking, this means the third Dose Girl has been on Babble more times than we have.


Fame comes with a price as you can clearly see.

Click Here For The Big Reveal

Closing comments here today, so you won’t be spoiled on what you are about to find out!


Waiting For The Other Shoe To Drop

It’s the time of year that strikes fear and dread in the heart of many a parent… it’s time to purchase dance shoes! Last September I wrote about the lengths Lucy and I went to as we attempted to fulfill our quest for the proper equipment. We got this year’s email and not only do we have 3 pairs of shoes to buy, they have added a specific practice leotard into the mix! Cross your fingers for us as we begin our annual tour of all of the dance shops in the Charlotte metropolitan area this week…


I am a rule follower. I’ve always been this way. If I have a ticket way up in the nosebleed seats, I don’t move down to a better view just because there are empty seats there. THAT’S NOT MY SEAT, you see, and it makes me uneasy. I have a ticket for my crappy seat, and that’s where I sit. That’s the way it’s supposed to work! I’m that way when I’m given directions about tasks, too. You tell me how I’m supposed to do it, wear it, or complete it, that’s exactly, down to the smallest detail, how it will be done by me and promptly to boot. This is just how I roll.

So in August when I was emailed a list of the 3 exact brands and styles of dance shoes that Lucy needed for her upcoming class, I got right down to business. I called different dance shops and found out that the 3 different shoes I needed (let’s call them Ballet Shoe A, Tap Shoe B, and Jazz Shoe C) could only be obtained by going to two different stores. Store 1 promised that the jazz shoe *they* had was almost the same as the one on my list and nobody would know the difference, but I wasn’t falling for that! I was told to get Jazz Shoe C and if that means going to Store 2, so be it!

(This is where I should mention that dance shoes don’t really correlate to street shoe sizes. You can’t just go by yourself or order size 3 online because you already know your child wears a size 3 sneaker. She could end up needing a size 1 ½ tap shoe, a size 5 ballet shoe, and a size 2 jazz shoe. My point is, you have to drag your child with you on this errand because you just never know. Yay!)

So, task completed right?! WRONG!

A few days before dance classes started I received a second email. It turns out they changed their minds! Now Lucy needed 3 completely different styles and brands of each shoe (let’s call them Ballet Shoe D, Tap Shoe E, and Jazz Shoe F). Hmmm, well, okay. It happens. I get it. The first set of shoes hadn’t been worn yet because class hadn’t started. I could return them. I did have to go to two different stores to buy them which was a hassle, but I gave a giant sigh and made plans for returning the shoes to Store 1 and Store 2. No problem.

As I called around, I found out that to get the new Ballet Shoe D, I had to actually visit Store 3 because neither Store 1 nor Store 2 carried them. So…Lucy and I set out to hit all 3 stores one day after school. We returned Tap Shoe B to Store 1 and bought Jazz Shoe F there. Next we were off to Store 2 where we returned Ballet Shoe A and Jazz Shoe B and picked up Tap Shoe E. Once this was complete, we fought rush hour traffic to head across town to Store 3 so we could obtain the elusive Ballet Shoe D. Confused? So were the people at Visa, I’m sure, but don’t worry. Although the receipts and credits slips were piling up, I had a list, and I was keeping track of the whole thing.

At the end of it all I’d been to 3 stores, bought 6 different pairs of dance shoes, and had returned 3 of them. It all worked out fine! She started class, which she absolutely loves, and that’s where the story ends!

Except, you know very well that isn’t where the story ends. Nope, not even close. After the second week of dance class do you know what happened? Sure you do! I got a THIRD email about dance shoes, yes I did.

You see, some people had trouble finding all of the different pairs of dance shoes on the second list. OF COURSE THEY DID! You had to go to three different dance shops to find them! This was a problem because nobody normal would actually go to three different dance shops to obtain dance shoes. So…(I know you are ready for this)…they decided to go back to the ORIGINAL list of shoes (That would be Ballet Shoe A, Tap Shoe B, and Jazz Shoe C if you are keeping track). You know, the shoes that I had already purchased and returned!

Yeah, that pretty much sums it up.

In the end, Lucy loves her dance class. We both adore the teachers and the program to pieces. We’d never, ever go anywhere else. After all if we did, I’d have to get her new shoes.