The Dose Of Reality Does The #IceBucketChallenge

Things here at The Dose of Reality have been really crazy the past few weeks, but that did not stop us from stepping up and accepting the #IceBucketChallenge to raise awareness for ALS. And by stepping up, we don’t just mean watching the video of Benedict Cumberbatch do the challenge on an endless loop (although, if we are being honest, we have done that, too!).

Every now and then we will get an email from the Dose children themselves random, anonymous blog fans who tell us that they would like to see more of our kids in blog posts!

What a better opportunity than this one to give the people what they want!***

***And also protect our very fancy yoga pants and our split ends from getting soaked***

It all started with Lucy being challenged by a fellow classmate.

Was Emma up to the task?

Looks like it is now Abby’s turn.

It should be noted that one of the Dose children is missing from this challenge (despite the call out from his sister). Bobby was not able to participate due to a broken leg (post coming soon). Don’t worry though, we all made donations on his behalf!

It was so much fun to participate in this challenge, albeit from the sidelines…hey, someone had to hold the camera!

As of the writing of this post, the ALS Association has raised more than $50 million dollars since this challenge began. During the same time period last year, it raised $2 million dollars.


We end today with this video. It is without a doubt the most heartfelt, genuine reason why this campaign is so important. And it is why at the end of the day, this challenge is about so much more than dumping ice water on your head.

Back To The Old School

We like to try to bring back retro things like blogging memes that are no longer a thing. It is just how we roll. You probably know that about us already. But we bet there are some things you *don’t* know about us. Like our answer for K.

We’ve noticed a new rage taking over the blogisphere! It’s Old School Blogging.

When our friends Kristen from Four Hens and a Rooster and Susan from This Happy Mom tagged us to participate, we thought we’d give it a go. We don’t usually participate in things, but why not answer a few questions about ourselves?! After all, it was quite clear that the masses two people were clamoring to know more about us! So we got together and here’s what happened:

A. Attached or Single?

We’re attached. At the hip.

B. Best Friend?  


C. Cake or pie?

Easy one! We love the group Cake. Especially their song “The Distance”.

D. Day of choice? 

We are crazy about Arbor Day. We go all out.

Happy Arbor Day

Johnny Appleseed is a personal hero to us both.

E. Essential Item? 

The only essential we can’t do without is oxygen (because we would suffocate).

F. Favorite color? 

We both love the color green. Except for bananas.

G. Gummy bears or worms? 

Ew! We don’t eat worms. On the other hand, who eats bears? They are surprisingly hard to catch.

H. Hometown?

Ashley is from Missouri City, Texas. Lisa is from Texas City, Missouri! PSYCH! Lisa’s actually from St. Louis, Missouri. Still it’s weird though, right?

I. Favorite Indulgence?

Pretty sure this answer will shock no one. See for yourselves…

J. January or July?

We didn’t use either of those names for our kids. If given the chance to name another one, we’d both choose June. (but spelled Joon, obviously)

K. Kids?

No thanks. We both already have two.

L. Life isn’t complete without?

Good foundation garments.

M. Marriage date?

Oh no, we’re both married. We don’t date anymore. Our husbands frown upon that!

N. Number of brothers/sisters?

Although we live in the South, we don’t have brother/sisters or cousin/uncles either. It’s not like Deliverance down here!

O. Oranges or Apples?

You can’t really compare them, now can you?

P. Phobias?

Our Phobias

Go figure.

Q. Quotes?

Laissez les bon temps rouler. –Harry Connick, Jr., Mardi Gras, 1998

R. Reasons to smile?

With the exception of humans, mammals bare their teeth to show aggression. Take that as you will.

S. Season of choice?

The Four Seasons, either Manhattan or Hualalai, Hawaii.  

T. Tag 5 People.  

We’d never tag people. We only tag overpasses and concrete walls with our graffiti.

U. Unknown fact about us?

Lisa recorded a CD as part of an all-girl a cappella singing group called the Fallopian Tunes in medical school. Ashley has a cadaver ligament in her right knee. Neither of these facts has made us rich…yet.

V. Vegetable?

Mineral! No wait…animal!

W. Worst habit?

Neither of us look good in a habit. They are wildly unflattering.

X. Xray or Ultrasound?

You get an x-ray when you’re injured. You are either ill or pregnant when you have an ultrasound. We don’t want to be injured, ill, or pregnant. We’ll pick throat culture.

Y. Your favorite food?

Our bodies respond best to anything with a vast number of calories and carbs.

Z. Zodiac sign? 

Ashley was born in the year of the dragon. Lisa was born in the year of the monkey. The dragon and the monkey make a good match with 100% compatibility. Famous dragons include: Bing Crosby, Shirley Temple, and Smaug. Famous monkeys include: Harry Houdini, Diana Ross, and Micky Dolenz.

Zodiac Signs

Now you see why we don’t usually join in things. We just can’t hack it. Even so, we want to thank Elaine at the Miss Elaine-ous Life and Jennifer at Jennifer P. Williams for the fun link up!



Look Out, Clark W. Griswold!

The Dose Girls are getting their Griswold ON!

That’s right! We’re breaking our streak of never doing anything fun, and we are hitting the holiday road! Plans have been made, bags have been packed, and we are out of here for the next two weeks. Ashley is on her way to the mountains, and Lisa is headed straight to the beach.

It’s a summer vacation!! Whoo Hoo!!

happy dance 1

Now, we aren’t amateurs. We fully realize we’ll be lucky if we make it out of the neighborhood before the whining begins. And we know it’s highly unlikely the first vacation hour will pass before we have to hand out a, “WE WILL TURN THIS CAR AROUND, MISTER!”. But for now, we are pumped.

We hope you guys have a great two weeks while we are relaxing (i.e. yelling at our kids in places that aren’t our homes). Enjoy yourselves!

We will be back and raring to go on Monday, July 28th!

We’ll see you then!



Would You Rather: Plan It All Or Be Surprised?

Did we ever tell you all about that time that we went to the mountains with our girlfriends and had hours and hours of amazing conversations about topics ranging from massage etiquette to men wearing ladies’ shoes?


As a blogger, I particularly enjoyed the weekend because we spent a lot of time weighing some interesting Would You Rather scenarios. I feel like that practically qualifies it as a business trip. Wonder if I can write it off on my taxes next year?

Our friend Sheri is about to have a big wedding anniversary, so she was talking with her hubby about what they should do to celebrate. Her hubby said to her, “I got this”.

A few of us kind of did a collective shudder when she told us, only because we are the planning types. We don’t necessarily want to be surprised. We like to know what we are getting ourselves into and have appropriate expectations for the event.

This is how we feel the moment anyone says that they have a surprise for us!

The rest of our group was reassuring her that it would be awesome and that surprises are fun. They liked the idea of not having to think about planning and to just sit back and relax and go with the flow. In fact, a couple of our good girlfriends said that the most romantic thing they could think of would be a surprise trip somewhere.

This is the reaction you want from someone when you are surprising them!

Half of us preferred to plan it all and half of us preferred to be surprised.

So, we decided to ask our Dose Peeps. Would you rather plan it all or be surprised? This can apply to a specific event like a special trip with your mate or just life in general. What are your thoughts?